Hey round earthers! I’m not done yet

Hey round earthers! I’m not done yet

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You guys are lucky the last thread was removed. You had you all in checkmate

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But seriously some of you guys are smart but clearly dumb enough to get all serious about on Cred Forums while it was so obvious you were getting trolled hard. You guys were getting so mad. “Smaller sun but closer to the disc” KEK!

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Go on...

flat earth theory is the ultimate test to see how open minded or closed minded someone is

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earth is a realm space is fake and you're a faggot zoomer riding off the coattails of a superior generation

The lesson is that flat earth is a troll topic. People are dumb enough to be ignorant to the truth and some use it as retaliation against biased sciences and such. Plain and simple. Ignore dumb shit when you see it. The more you debate a troll topic, the more they win no matter how stupid the explanation is. Just treat it like it doesn’t even exist. When you fight it you give it power.

Yes, and?

It’s a test to see how much you allow ignorance to win by giving it the time of day. It’s clearly a tactic used to rouse people you are against.

retards don't know when to stop, we know this.

Don’t give it the time of day. We can’t move forward as a collective if we allow the backward thinkers to even have a platform. That backwards thinking isn’t about flat earth but about stopping productivity.

Okay. What else?

Every flat earth thread is just a troll. It shouldn’t even go on unless your just playing a game of trolling the troll. Thing is you can’t win over the troll because getting you to respond is the win. Not the debate in knowledge and science.

I see what you did there


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Keep talking. Explain more about flat earth.


Honest curious questions:
1. How do flat earthers explain circumnavigation?
2. In the void of space, how exactly does Earth keep its flat shape? I mean, due to its mass, the gravity pull would make it extremely unstable in the borders, which leads me to the next question,
3. How do oceans stay flat as well? As explained, the gravity pull is always towards the center of an object, thus oceans would be more unstable towards the borders of the Earth and significantly higher towards the center.
4. Basic geometry: From a fairly high distance it should be possible to see the full area of any 2D shape. So, why is there not a singlepicture showing this? And don't call on the NASA conspiracy, because in this era of technology the Flat Earth Society would actually have enough funds already to at least build a simple rocket with a mounted camera and make it fly high enough to take a full picture of the Earth.



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Here's the deal: there are three types of Flat Earthers who regularly post to Cred Forums: the rare prankster intellectuals who challenge your knowledge and debate skills (they will call your errors with some interestingly challenging responses), the occasional literal Bible interpreters (they sanctimoniously promote blind faith), and far and away the most proliferate: the juvenile-level troller (they routinely claim you're stupid, yet respond with exasperatingly flawed memes and blather).

None of them provide any evidence of phenomena that *require* a flat Earth model to explain, but rather place the onus on you to prove the round Earth (again, and again, and again, ...) while belligerantly disavowing or ignoring any science or proofs put forward. They will post memes that ostensibly 'prove' some flaw in the round Earth model, but containing geometry, maths, logic, and facts so absurdly wrong that you are compelled to display your superior intelligence and knowledge. By responding, you've taken the bait.

They don't care whether the Earth is flat or round. The game is all about the luls in getting you to spend time responding. They will provoke you with insults and the classic, "If you don't respond, you prove me right." If you reference web-based information (that they would have looked up, had they interest) they will accuse you of being a shill for a conspiracy. Either way, they will post even more silly nonsense to bait away from their previous blather.

It is challenging to keep pace with their barrage of flaws, and the anonymous mask of Cred Forums removes culpability irl and enables the prankster. Arguing is akin to painting over mud - you just end up with a dirty brush.

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