Is being "VEGAN" just a cover up for mental illness/severe depression? "Gluten Free" is even worse

Is being "VEGAN" just a cover up for mental illness/severe depression? "Gluten Free" is even worse

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>some people like stuff I don't like

mental illness
Every step you take you crush about ten visible animals, a hundred barely visible ones and millions of microscopic ones.
You also digest those every second.
Some of those you actually need if you want to go on living.
Vegan is all about size and furriness, aka rabbit quotient.

If you didn't forget to add "raw" before vegan you would be right.

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No, nigga

There are trenders in both cases, but generally speaking, vegans nowadays are well-meaning and people who need gluten-free food do so because of a biological intolerance (sort of an allergy).

Basically. It's a manifestation of "I hate myself so much" meaning "I feel guilt for everything" which then becomes "NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS!"

everyone covers up severe depression, bitch

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Your average vegan

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meme diets. buy and eat local. eat more fish and venison(in reasonable amounts) if you really want to be healthier and do something for the enviroment. fruits and veggies from across the globe are not only bad for the planet they also taste like shit.
>handpicked selection of athletes running on expensive supplements to even be able to compete

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except for the people who have an intolerance to gluten,retard

but we all know trump supporters have the biggest mental illness of all

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It's a out reducing harm nigger. This is a non argument aka cope

That projection

is this real? lmao

The strongest man in the world takes suppliments. You probably don't even lift faggot.

:* love you too

Vegan is worse than gluten free as Celiacs Disease exists.
People who make up the allergies however are faggot hipsters like vegans and deserve to be permanently raped


I'm vegetarian, and I have no problem with friends and family that eat meat. They gave me the business when I was young or course, but it tapered off as we got older.

They had concerns, and I get it.
Is this a fad?
Is he going to be a faggot about it?
Is he going to give us shit all the time for eating meat?

Been vegetarian for 20+ years, stopped counting after a while. Not once did I give anyone shit for eating meat. This choice is mine alone.

It's not a political cause, it's not a fucking moral jihad.
It's a diet. I didn't like that one day growing up on the farm I ended up eating one of my only friends for dinner.
Being vegetarian makes me feel better about going forward in life after watching the family that abused me KILL and force me to eat the only creature in my life that brought me joy.

I was a teenage vegetarian in the 90's when it was still fucking weird.

It's about as weird to spot a vegetarian option in a restaurant as it is to see a female nurse with a tattoo.

If someone in my family thinks about trying the vegetarian diet, then I'm happy to give them my assistance in knowing what brands of food are good, but that's it.

Not all people are like me though. I suppose my final thought to anyone in this thread is to take vegans/vegetarians with a grain of salt. Not all of them are fucking retarded.

>eating one of my only friends for dinner

Excuse me? You did what to your friend?

>gluten free is even worse
I'm allergic to gluten user, what do you expect me to do?

It's partially some people wanting to be special, and partially some people who don't want animals to die for their food.

If you wanna argue that "People wants to be special" as a mental illness, well then I can assure you most people have a mental illness. Because most people are trying to fit in, just with different and various groups. Being edgy and making jokes of mental illness is for example, a way to fit in with the edgy tribe in the land of Cred Forums.

People are different OP.. Come to terms with it.

If you follow the vegan mentality too extreme you end up with halal meat. I'm for it

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He obviously means the animals, libtard


lol my mistake, I didn't specify that my only friend was a duck.

I lived on a farm, and had no neighbors. My brothers treated me like shit, and I had nobody to talk to. I had a duck that was always nice to me and happy to see me, and I loved holding him and talking to him.

He never mistreated me, and my dad killed him and made us eat him for dinner, and I kind of fucking broke.

Yo this dude is a saint


Are you vegan?


See now... Clarification helps. Your sentence makes much more sense now. I'd have problems too if my dad killed my ferret and made me eat him.