Claims the rich don't pay their fair share

>Claims the rich don't pay their fair share
>The poor literally pay nothing
>Millions of niggers and spics are on welfare and food stamps, and will never stop demanding more and more handouts

Why does Bernie the Kike Sanders say nothing about this?

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> Millions of niggers and spics are on welfare and food stamps
Did you just go full retard? How are you supposed to take money from literal homeless people?

What are agricultural subsidies?

Those "people" are not homeless. You're not American are you?

What are porch monkeys?

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how are you gonna get welfare without an address to receive the check dumb fuck?

what are petroleum subsidies?

the rich are taking way more of your money than the poor

They pick up the check in person from the welfare office. You are too stupid to exist.

Wrong, it's the poor that take far more money. But again, why does your Jewish hero refuse to say anything about that? Because he needs the porch monkeys for his vote?

I wonder why he didn’t release his tax forms.

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That comparison requires you to equate and compare lining a rich guy's pockets vs. letting millions die in the streets. Just go away if you don't like living with other people in a society.

no matter what, no one should have to pay for someone elses shitty financial decisions

majority of the people in the US on welfare and food stamps are white.

is 'fair' the same amount from each or the same percentage?

I pay about 25k in various taxes including sales tax -- works out to about 26% of my income

when I was working minimum wage, taxes (including sales tax) ended up being close to 33%, which was about $3000 dollars.

If I was making 7 figures, my tax would be around 150-175K a year, being about 15-17% -- because a good part of my income wouldn't be cash, but rather capital assets like stock.

so about that 'fair share'?
...IDGAF if you like or hate Bernie, we are back to the era of the rail barons, a new gilded age. this isn't a good thing

Entire point moot, Normy fags only care about the nominees vocal diarrhea from politicians. No one in power cares about anyone but their own elitist circle and voting literally and I mean literally means nothing because it's all chosen by the electoral college and they're in no way bound to listen to popular votes which are nothing but false crowd appeasement.

Live your lives and do what you can, the country will circle the drain until another regime takes over after another civil war.

Yes, we MUST give all of your pets welfare and food stamps or they'll "die in the street", as if we would lose anything of fucking value. All they do is make life miserable for everyone else. So why don't you donate your own fucking money if you're so generous?

And what is the breakdown per capita, or are we not suppose to ask you that question? Are questions not allowed for you on pride day?

Ah, this again

Are you formally representing a white supremacy group here, or do you just do the hate thing as a hobby?

Why should anyone be paying more fucking taxes? Just so it can be given to some nigger or spic who refuses to stop selling drugs and having kids they don't raise, then those monkeys wanna complain they are poor and can't afford daycare. Like anyone should feel fucking sorry for them. But the slave masters do nothing but pander to those subhumans and promise them all more gibs that everyone else is forced to pay for. Anyone points that out the democrats play stupid.

Lol why would he? His supporters don't care. The MSM would just make up some bullshit to lie about just like they always do. There's really no good reason for him to release them

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Ah, those facts again. Facts that you don't like about your pets. Facts are not allowed for you, as you lead the pride parade.

Yes, here comes the "facts are racist" argument

about the same time as we stop giving no-bid contracts to military contractors, and farm subsidies, we should totally stop other, cheaper welfare.

no one wants to pay more, but it's fucking stupid when other assholes who make more than 10x as much as me pay half as much.

So why does your kike messiah say nothing about that? Or are you just going to keep on dancing like a faggot, refusing to actually address a SINGLE fucking thing I am saying? Are mean things that are said about your pets not allowed in your world?

>Millions of niggers and spics are on welfare and food stamps,
It's white trash hicks that make up the majority of welfare recipients in the United States. Primarily in red states. Google it.

And once again, what are the rates across the races, or are you gonna run away like that other dancing faggot after I asked you this question?

>no good reason for him to release them
Except precedent and transparency. You know - things that are important for a Democracy to exist and all...

They are per capita higher due to systemic racism. You can google that too.

Still doesn't change the fact that white trash hicks in red states are the main drain on the welfare system.

Because the US is a white country but PROPORTIONALY niggers and spics are much bigger drain... google it, retard

>They are per capita higher due to systemic racism
Oh yes, dem lawds b raycee n shet. But do tell me, where is the "systemic racism" in refusing to wear a fucking condom? Are condoms raycee n shet too? Please break that down, why your pets refuse to wear them while refusing to stop stealing my fucking money?

That idiot is just gonna continue to play stupid, saying hur dur white trash but please don't pay attention to my fucking pets. Anything he can pull out of his ass to protect his monkeys.

they are for the most part stuck in a violent lazy culture that doesn’t value education, family and achievement.. I guess that is Systemic Racism and it’s tragic

cool, Bernie has my vote

But you have to remember, the solution for the slave masters is to allow the monkeys to do whatever the fuck they please. Stealing and robbing any person or store they want, and if you defend yourself or your property is it YOU that will get in trouble, not the monkeys. And if one of those future Harvard graduates ends up killing somebody because the KKK democrats encourage and embolden them, we all must play fucking stupid.

As a conservative I am beginning to wonder if I need to change my philosophy, but not nearly as extreme as that fucking idiot Bernie.

Like, I'd probably be on board with a much more harsh marginal tax rate on earnings past $5M annually.

You should be allowed to become rich in this country and build a fucking castle of wealth. But at the same time I'm probably okay with higher marginalized tax brackets because I don't think Bezos for instance needs to save more money for his great great great great great great x 1000 grandchildren.

In 2019, there were 34 MILLION people on food stamps, 65 MILLION on medicaid, and about HALF a million homeless.

And guess what? There's a relatively small overlap between the homeless and the other two categories. And it's not just because the homeless don't have an address or a place to keep things, because there are work-arounds in place. It's because most of them are suffering other problems like mental illness.

This is typical of the "but what about..." screeching of the left when cuts of any kind are mentioned. The people being helped are always portrayed as down on their luck people, who are literally starving and living in filth because the US has no safety net.

When in reality the safety net is so expansive, it mostly helps people who already have things like apartments or houses, cars, cable TV, smart phones, and the like. And the real people who need help are mostly ignored, because effectively dealing with things like mental illness and drug abuse requires more than just more money.

>As a conservative
>Proceeds to say a bunch of communist bullshit
You can go join the rest of the commies and faggots voting for Bernie, you fucking kike

You're not getting it. These people will NEVER stop demanding handouts, more welfare and programs for their pets. You bring it up they will dance around like a faggot, pointing fingers at the rich and making sure you don't focus on what their pets are doing.

so you think those 34 million are on food stamps because of fun? They need foodstamps because shitface like Bezos doesn't pay amazon workers enough so they could buy their own fucking food, you retard

>Like, I'd probably be on board with a much more harsh marginal tax rate on earnings past $5M annually.
>You should be allowed to become rich in this country and build a fucking castle of wealth. But at the same time I'm probably okay with higher marginalized tax brackets because I don't think Bezos for instance needs to save more money for his great great great great great great x 1000 grandchildren.
Congratulations, you came up a solution that will have no effect whatsoever on the person you're targeting. Jeff Bezos's salary is $81,840/year, and has been for the last two decades.

That's why a higher marginal income tax rate does shit, because the rich are rich because of investments, not because they have a high taxable income. All more progressive tax brackets do is punish lawyers, doctors, and other high salaried working professionals.

you're a delusional magatard and I feel sorry for you

Those 34 million are on food stamps because it's free money, not because they can't afford their own food.

And how much should he pay someone to work in a fucking warehouse? 500k a fucking year? How much you paying your employees these days, or are you another nigger lover who works at a fucking burger king? And by the way, because it's worth asking this question because it makes dancing faggots like you run away, WHY do your pets refuse to stop having kids if they're "poor"? Real funny how they're funny but have no fucking problem having hoards of kids. You wanna break that down or are facts and questions not allowed as you lead the pride parade?

So you have no argument. It's okay, you can go back to your pride parade.


Well, what is the breakdown per capita? You said that like it was gunna be a huge counterpoint but then never followed through? Do you not actually have receipts

bernie is not that extreme he says the same you're saying lol

>Ignores systemic racism
Sick argument, you dumbass nazi cuck

its funny how trump supporters will complain about niggers and spics on welfare.but are perfectly fine with white rednecks on welfare

>If you defend yourself you'll get in trouble
[Citation needed]
>Blacks are allowed to get away with more crime
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you're fucking retarded. Also [Citation needed]
Kys nazi scum

Well my friend, since you have the balls to ask me this question, the answer is that your pets are on welfare and food stamps at a much higher rate, given their population. But if you bring this up the slave masters play stupid, making every excuse in the fucking book for their monkey pets.

So demanding your pets wear condoms makes me a nazi? I knew you wouldn't be able to answer that though, instead dance around like a faggot saying dem condoms b raycee n shet. Condoms are not allowed on pride day for you.

lol right?

I'm glad you're having fun, laughing and dancing like a faggot as you lead the pride parade. But as to your concerns, how about you turn off the nigger porn for 5 fucking minutes and pay attention to one of your masters' speeches, where "criminal justice reform" is now turning out to be allow niggers and spics to do as they fucking please. You call them out on that they will play stupid, similar to how you are doing right now.

And who said anything about being fine with that? But I know, you're now going to go on some faggy rant about trumpshits, bump stocks or some other bullshit that doesn't make any fucking sense. You wanna kick that off or did I ruin for you?

>Blacks have a higher rate of welfare
Why do you think that is? What is redlining?

And why are you talking about condoms? It makes no sense. We were discussing systemic racism. Actually, some other user mentioned it and you went full retard spazzing about condoms. What makes you Nazi is your racism and nationalist fascist tendencies. I'll say it again:
Kill yourself you worthless Nazi cuck. When your body is being eaten by worms the world will breathe a sigh of relief because nobody will ever have to interact with you again. Your family probably hates you and doesn't understand why you're such a racist. How long was your longest relationship? How long do women stay with you once they find out you're a retard white supremacist? Or maybe you can't even hold a girl down so you have to try physically

>Criminal justice reform is allowing minorities to do what they want
[Citation needed]

Different user, but it's a basic fact that blacks are allowed to get away with more crime. Due to negative publicity for high arrest rates or high profile incidents, police tend to withdraw from high crime areas. This disproportionately affects blacks and black communities, because blacks commit a higher proportion of crime than other groups.

And you know who it hurts most? The majority of blacks, who are honest and law-abiding. They end up having to live in communities where violent criminals aren't kept in check by the police.

>Police withdraw from high crime areas
[Citation needed]
What algorithm is used to determine neighborhood officer deployment? What factors does it consider when assigning officers?

>What is redlining?
I dunno, actually. How about you tell me what the fuck that is, because apparently your team thinks loans for homes and businesses should be given to all of your pets, no questions asked. By the way, how much of your money have you given to your pets so they can buy homes and start businesses, or are you only Mr.Big Heart with OTHER people's fucking money? And it's worth discussing condoms, because your fucking pets refuse to wear them. So why don't you ask them to do that so they can stop being fucking poor? Or are you instead just going to demand everyone else pay for your pet's "children" as you steal their fucking money?

Oh I see, you're just going to dance like a faggot and play stupid now. Okay, I'll play along with you. Where is the "citation" that Trump is a white nationalist? Your team LOVES to claim he's one, so where is it? And no, telling your monkey pets to stop crawling their asses across the border illegally is not it.

No reply yet? Where are you Nazi-chan? Did I touch a nerve?

...and still waiting for those tax returns

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Citation provided
It's not an algorithm. It's someone screams racism, so the police withdraw.

I just want people to go to a hospital without having to file for bankruptcy afterwards, that's why Im voting for Bernie

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I heard Bernie sanders molests kids

Can confirm.

And still waiting for Pelosi's donor list

OOPS, that's right I forget, those questions are not allowed on pride day. Questions are not allowed as you lead the pride parade, buttplug and all, your nigger boyfriend by your side. Mommy and Daddy watching you with "pride".

>I don't know what redlining is
No surprises there
>How about you tell me
Historically black people were systematically denied loans or access to neighborhoods of affluence, properties which then appreciated significantly over time, doesn't have lead in the water supply, you name it.

I can't quite make out what you're saying in the rest of it. You should really try calming down before you reply

Also, I don't have to provide a citation about Trump being a white nationalist if I've never claimed Trump was a white nationalist. Still waiting on your citations though

>protip: You'll never provide them

Millions are not dying in the streets in America

>it's a basic fact that blacks are allowed to get away with more crime.
But that's a white people problem. Karen's buy the disingenuous bullshit spouted by charlatans and make life hell for cops doing what needs to be done so the cops just don't.

The rich pay way more than you.

Policing deployment is handled by an algorithm. It deploys officers based on predicted crime rates

Chicago has a history of police brutality. It wasn't someone screaming racism, it was an entire community retaliating to decades of systemic abuse. If the races were flipped and it was you in Ferguson you'd be doing the same. What's worse, getting shot by a gang or getting shit by a cop? It's no different. Pulling back policing in areas like that until they can manage to not murder everyone they try to detain is a step in the right direction, even if it means increased gang activity in the meantime.

>I just want people to go to a hospital without having to file for bankruptcy afterwards
Well how about you get a fucking job outside of Taco Bell? Did you at least attempt to do that or are you too busy with Fortnite?

Ever stop to consider they were denied because they have no fucking money? Poor credit and evictions? So why don't you give them YOUR fucking money if you're so fucking generous? You think a bank should just hand out free money to your pets, whether they can pay it back or not? I know I just bombarded you with question you WILL NOT answer, instead you will dance around like a faggot, but I just think it's funny how fags like you wanna complain hur dur why are my pets denied for loans. But if they don't pay that fucking money back you will play stupid, dance around like a faggot and blame Trump or "systemic racism" for the reason they didn't pay it back. But when it's come to put on that fucking condom and stop acting like a fucking retarded chimp for once, fags like you parade out and say no you can't demand my pets do that. Any excuse in the fucking book to not put on that fucking condom.

I live how Bernie bros handwave away any inconvenient truth with "racism"

As it should be. Still not enough.

When they start talking about people starving to death if we don't immediately massively increase funding, I always ask for a name of someone who died in the US in the last 50 years, because they couldn't afford food (not because they were mentally incompetent or trapped or something like that).

They've never given me a single name.

The systematic racism is the welfare state.

t. billionaire

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t. faggot

While they have nice cell phones, home internet, and a car payment.

and yet i'm still voting for Bernie so that my fellow anons get the help they need, even you

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>>Why do you think that is?
Because they're conditioned to think they're oppressed and that they need welfare. Meanwhile other minority cultures are killing it instead of whining about white people.

How much is enough?

>White pedophile make up the majority of people on welfare
Kill yourself along with Bernie, cuck

Are you claiming that the reason they were denied access to affluent neighborhoods -wasn't- direct pressure from residents onto real estate agents to maintain the "purity" of their street? Because if you are, I have terrible, well documented news for you

Also, before you refuse to Google that, let's assume you were right on that. Why didn't blacks have any money or credit? What was slavery? What were Jim Crowe laws? What is institutional racism? I know I just bombarded you with questions you won't answer, but it's only because you're an incompetent neonazi who's so afraid of his worldview changing that he'll actively avoid facts, and substitute them with hurr durr I call black people pets because I am so smart and superior to them, hurr durr why blacks so dum amirite fellow big brains?

>Still talking about condoms
You're nearly incomprehensible at this point. Seriously, take a breath before you start to post.

>What's worse, getting shot by a gang or getting shit by a cop?
762 people were murdered in Chicago in 2016, a record
70 people were shot to death by cops in Chicago over 5 years, another record

That's a 50:1 ratio. Which do you think is a bigger threat?

A 110% on earnings and wealth

When people aren't dying on street, whilst, on the same street, some richie does a month of food's worth of cocaine off a hookers asshole in the penthouse suite of a hotel

[Citation needed]


>>Slavery and Jim Crowe laws
Focusing on bad shit that happened decades or hundreds of years ago doesn't help. Especially when there's nothing even close to that happening now. You realize there are plenty of wealthy blavk people now, right?

But that's not true. Bezos sold 3.5 billion in stock this month. Treat capital gains past $50M as normal income then, idk. To pretend there's no solution is just dumb.

I fucking hate taxes like the rest of us and I will always vote republican but there are some minor laws we can change that will really only impact a few thousand people in the country who I have no loyalty to.

That is unbelievably stupid. Do you really think that would have no negative impact

this is your brain when the only thing you do is suck other magatard cock

He does have an argument you clearly deny reality and think you know anything about people when you sound like a elementary school drop out, fuck off kike.

Who's dying on the street?

Shot to death seems pretty specific. What about thrown in the back of a car and rattled around until your spine is severed at the neck, are instances of that included in your statistic? If it was, how often are gang crimes reported and catalogued as opposed to police brutality? How reliable are those numbers

Different user, but if you're seriously interested in the topic, this might be worth a read.

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Oh give me a fucking break with this fucking BULLSHIT. Now you're gonna give me the dem jobs b raycee n shet argument. Get the fuck outta of my fucking face. Also, it's REAL funny how whites and otherwise normal people didn't want niggers and spics moving into their neighborhoods. Turns out those same people were right the whole time, given what your pets turn those places into. Or are we suppose to just ignore that? As you dance like a faggot, leading the pride parade and making sure the rest of us don't pay attention to your pets?

That's the point, user. A 110% tax rate means their earnings will be negative.

Slavery became Jim Crowe became the institutional racism we have today. If you sent the same resume to a company twice but one had a white name and one had a black name, who gets the call back? Does the existence of wealthy black erase the systemic obstacles the rest of the blacks face?

You think that faggot is gonna read anything that doesn't relate to nigger porn?

The poor

It's always worth a chance.

Ah yes, two dancing faggots are here. Are you both in a serious relationship?

I don't need to cite shit, it's obvious. But here.

We should have the rate of net income growth be on some sort of sqrt function. This should only be after significant government spending reform though... Need to make sure the gov isn't spending ass loads of money on ridiculous spending.

How are they going to get welfare without as social security number?

How are they going to have a job without paying payroll taxes?

>Racists are actually this retarded.

The only institutional racism today is Leftists peddling this garbage.

If you sent a resume to the same company twice but one had a black name and one had a white name who gets the call back?

We forced people of color into communities with lead in the water and then wonder why they act like they have lead poisoning. What are the symptoms?

What leads to a community being underserved? Is Chicago violent because they're black?

you sure do love to talk about pride parades don’t ya? Maybe you’re a closet faggot

Lol triggered, seethe more Nazi cuck

>just google my kike answer
>it totally holds up bro
Shut the fuck up faggot.


>>all Democrat policy

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How does this article argue that minorities are conditioned into welfare dependency?

If you sent the same resume to a company twice but one had a black name and one had a white name, who gets the call back?

Maybe the "white name" has more education and experience outside of selling drugs on the porch he doesn't fucking own? You ever fucking consider that or are those facts not allowed on fucking pride day?

Well I'm pointing out literal facts. Does that trigger you?


even if everyone got a basic amount of foodstamps and some basic minimum allowance of universal income, that amount still wouldn't come close to the amount of money wasted by corporations and dumb-ass politicians playing their stupid god damned games.

You get mad at a penny when some dudes at the bank are setting fire to your 100 dollar bill.

But yeah stay furious at these "libtards" because they're clearly the problem for being fans of the other sports team.

How fucking stupid are you

Bernie thinks if you make more than $29,000 a year you are rich, and thus taxable.

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>I need a source to know the poor are dying on the street
Half a million people are homeless. 35% of them are unsheltered. Off that alone it's just a matter of time

I grabbed these numbers from

>Half a million people are homeless.
They're all crazy. Welfare is doled out quite liberally in the USA. People are homeless by choice because they're mentally ill and/or strung out on drugs.

ITT: programmed people who knee-jerk to words they don't understand

we'll drag your crying asses into the 21st century whether you like it or not... and then you'll thank us for pulling off your blinders

No, if you sent the same exact resume to the same company twice, where the only difference is the apparent ethnicity of the name, who gets the call back? The white person or the black person? Same education level, same experience level, who gets the call back?

>I'm posting literal facts
Haven't seen one from you yet, just reeing about how superior you are

you've never been to a big city apparently... there are 40,000 homeless in san francisco ALONE

wtf, you are really that retarded? There have been numerous articles about it, amazon, walmart etc pay so little, their workers literally can't afford food and you're talking here this shit? My god how ignorant you magatards are.

Apparently so stupid you have to explain the argument your making. That article was about the relative increases in minority spending power in Georgia

>People are choosing to be homeless
>Because they're mentally ill
Is that choice
>Because they're addicted to drugs
Not always choice either

yes, there are literally no options between 20k and 500k a year. fucking redneck moron.

Oh yes, the evil banks are the problem not your pets. But when it's time to finance that fucking $1500 iphone or that fucking BMW you have no business being in, all of a sudden you and your pets are not complaining. You LOVE bitching about the banks until it's time to buy more fucking bullshit. You need that money to lead the pride parade later this year, clearly. Banks are evil until it's time to finance the pride parade.

Have you actually conducted this bullshit "experiment" of yours, or are you just dancing like a faggot on for fun? Next you'll tell me Tyrone gets denied entry to Law School even though he has a fucking 1.4 GPA and terrible LSAT scores, but it's because of rayceem

Maybe you should go back to read the thread again, kid. It's moving a little too fast for you, I know, but can you at least try to keep up?

Tell that to the user that doesn't believe people are dying on the street

Dude, you might be retarded. If you have ever paid for any education, you should show them this post and I'm pretty sure they would refund your tuition.

Poor people are poor in american because they drink, smoke and waste their money on un-necessary items. You can't un-teach a person to not be poor, its a mental state.
We hand out free apartments, free heat and air, free electricity, free phones, free health care, free food, free clothing, etc.
People who can't get "by" are generally druggies and/or mentally ill.

>most ppl in prison are blacks
>but somehow at the same time they are the entitled ones, who can rob a bank any time and YOU get in trouble if you try to stop them

just...stop talking, mkay?

Answer the question cuck, who gets the call back, and why?

I didnt perform the experiment. They did. Google it. Actually don't, we wouldn't want you to be in danger of fixing your worldview, or being exposed to facts you don't like

Point to one fact you've posted in this thread

no he doesn't? where the fuck do you get this shit?

Go ahead then and keep voting against your own self interest.

Different user, but that's a tricky question with a very complicated answer. Let's say you have two populations, A and B. They're immigrants from different countries, with two different cultures, and tend to have names that identify their origin. The A people come from a culture that values hard work, while the B people come from a culture that doesn't. This isn't a false stereotype, it's a fact that can be statistically demonstrated comparing the two populations. (German, Chinese, and Armenian immigrants are classic examples of type A.)

What happens when an employer who has no animosity toward either receives otherwise identical resume, one with a name identifying them as belonging to culture A, and one with a name identifying them as belong to culture B? The employer will hire A.

That's the problem we currently face, when it comes to black culture, which devalues hard work, showing up on time, and many other basic work skills. So names strongly associated with that culture will be discriminated against in employment, even by employers who harbor no ill will and would be perfectly happy to hire the better worker based on their individual qualifications, if they were in a position to know them better.

Which is a fairly accurate reflection of what's going on. There are exceptions, but we've largely gotten rid of explicit racism. Almost all people are willing to have friends of all races, and treat people they know as individuals based on their own merits. But when hiring, you don't have that information. All you have are a few hints, and your business depends on making a good decision.

It's not racism in the traditional sense, because these are rational decisions, rather than decisions based on hate or a belief that certain people are inferior. It's also not systemic racism, because it's not the system that's the skewed, it's a reaction to actual behaviors. That's why it's so hard to address.

The poverty level in the US for a couple with 2 children is $25K/year. The average Amazon worker earns $28K a year.

You have no idea what you're talking about. You're just repeating irrational and false talking points.

>Black culture devalues hard work, showing up on time
[Citation needed]
>It's not systemic or racist for hiring decision makers to systematically introduce their own racial biases into the decision making, because their racism has a rationalization behind it
Haha ok, you're wrong but it was actually a good faith attempt so thank you

So let's cut food stamps from 34 million people to 5 million people who need it most, and then use that money for treating the homeless for mental illness and drug abuse.

>The poverty level in the US for a couple with 2 children is $25K/year.
welfare benefits tends to be 200% of poverty level so I figure all those poor amazon workers are also getting free medical and free food courtesy of the state they live in.

Why cut tho? Why not just start a cohesive mental health and substance abuse program and work it until those people are off food stamps on their own?

What are bank buyouts

That's not really true. Wasting a few bucks on smokes and drink doesn't make anyone poor. What makes people poor is a lack of basic life skills. Show up for work on time, work hard, develop a useful education or a skill, don't have kids before you're married, watch your budget, don't run up credit card debt, save 10% of your income, don't pay more than you can afford for a house/apartment/car, keep enough in the bank to tide you over a month or two, and so on.

Still waiting, cuck

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Citations are abundant, just google it. Read any of Sowell's books on discrimination. Compare crime rates among the richest blacks and the poorest whites (it's higher among the first). Look at how the number of hours spend on homework by upper middle class black kids have changed compared to white kids in the same strata, over the decades. Or just consider the toxic effects of being accused of "acting white" because you study.

It's not rationalization, it's an actual measurable difference. And it's reactions like yours that make it impossible to address these real disparities.

Do you want to help the half a million homeless who really need it, or continue to subsidize 34 million people who don't?

I used to date a poor girl. She was an idiot, could never keep money in her pocket. Her main objective was making sure she always had a supply of pepsi to drink, and blew cash she won in a contest on an overpriced computer.

>Citations are abundant, just make my argument for me!
Cool statistics. Now you have to tie them together to make a point. I think you were trying to argue blacks are lazy, so let's hear it

That would make them undocumented and illegible for welfare. Whats the problem here?

>34 million people are on food stamps unnecessarily
[Citation needed]

I made the argument, using extensive examples.

I'm not going to cater to your racism.

I made 90k/year and I went and got EBT
I paid into it, fuck you I'll use it.
Socialism benefits everybody, right?

We've covered this repeatedly, in this very thread.

the no bid contracts usually go to minority owned small business btw.

if youre an 8a business and the contract is under 5 million they can do a sole source. You really have no fucking idea what youre talking about.

No, you implied that a collection of statistics can be used to infer blacks are lazy without explaining why those statistics mean that. That's not an argument

Then it should be easy to provide a citation

>That would make them undocumented and illegible for welfare.

>Claims the rich don't pay their fair share - Many get away with paying nothing. Some even use loopholes to recieve money back in silly grant programs.

>The poor literally pay nothing - I am poor and I get gouged with taxes and fees as do most low wage workers. Sorry this is dead wrong.

>Millions of niggers and spics are on welfare and food stamps, and will never stop demanding more and more handouts - The largest rate of welfare recipients are white southerners.

I'm not going to provide the same citation every few posts, just because you're trying to distract from the argument. Go back, read the thread. It's covered, multiple times.

The mental gymnastics necessary for making yourself believe every poor person is a mexican druggie must be insane. You sound quite troubled. I hope everything is ok with you and you live without bitterness user.

>I'm racist!
Yes, you are.

Hahahahahah ok, what's next, Breitbart?

If you already posted a citation, then it would be very easy to link to the post

Cool strawman. Still not an argument

So it comes down to you being an uncaring, selfish asshole who thinks its cool to get to live in and participate in a society that includes those less fortunate and are in legitimate need. There is only one answer in terms of which entity deserves to be yeeted from said society. Hint - you

Check? What year are you stuck in?

>Why didn't blacks have any money or credit? What was slavery? What were Jim Crowe laws? What is institutional racism?
I love it when Democrats, Commies, and Leftists cite their own policies to prove that Republicans, libertarians, and Conservatives are racist. Cognitive dissonance is fascinating.

I made my argument, you just responded with insinuations of racism. That's not an argument, that's bigotry.

Still waiting for the overwhelming evidence that Trump colluded with Russia.

What is a political realignment?

My feelings are indisputable evidence.

You didn't make an argument. See

What is revisionist history?

What % of Americans file for bankruptcy because of a single hospital visit?

What is collusion

How about the government just spend less.

When you try to pretend modern Democrats are the same as Democrats from another era to avoid the fact that your ideology and party are the oppressors

ANd that is illegal. ANd if a company gets caught doing it they get fined and potentially sued for millions of dollars.

In USA richest 0,01% have more than the rest. Alone Jeff bezos has over 150 billion which is 150 000 million. Which is 150 000 000 000 $.

It's unfortunately not illegal in practice. Companies don't get punished for it because it's nearly impossible to pin down the exact reasons for a hiring decision. And still very prevalent today

Sigh. That's quite literally an argument. You asked me to defend the statement that black culture devalues hard work, and I provided both a citation and various points of supporting data. You just said that data and sources don't say why (they do), and made the kind of ugly and very racist allusions that have suppressed any criticism of a highly destructive culture, and made life immeasurably worse for decent black people for decades.

Like I said. Cognitive dissonance if fascinating.


Who is Robert Byrd?

Most likely the minority as management is pushing diversity in their hiring goals.

Their choice to put that needle in their arm the first time when all of society has told them not too and it is bad for them.

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>I bet if I shake this salt shaker hard enough I can get some water out of it!
fucking kys polfag

Its that thing the Democrats said Trump did with Russia and they had all sorts of evidence that was going to come out that he pressured Russia to interfere with out election on his behalf. Yet no evidence ever surfaced that proved it.

Its hard to prove but not impossible. Since its illegal what else do you suggest the government do?

$2,500 can buy a lot of shill threads.

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Maybe because it's not a requirement?

I get paid $2500 per YLYL thread

dear god calling hime a kike is so immature, can't have a Cred Forums political discourse without being completely biased and derogatory, Jesus y'all were dropped as kids huh

>I have claimed this in this thread repeatedly, so it must be true

Keep in mind that this site is not encrypted. Meaning anyone can see what you type, how you respond, what kind of porn you download, because the hash of the images on this site are also in the body of the website. Cred Forums is just a data mining center on social delinquents.

This is possibly the stupidest fucking argument I have ever read, go sterilize yourself and I pray your gene pool fades from this world. Faggot

Not a response.

what has Russia to do with him promising to show his taxes?

Its a talking point of the democrats. They said his tax returns would show he was a puppet of Russia because he owned them money or something.

neither was your original post

well why doesn't he show them and prove them libtards wrong?

Probably because his taxes show he isn't the great business man he wants everyone to believe he is.

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So you want people that have no money to pay... More?

This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Christ, suck some more billionaire cock why don't you.

stop posting this stupid bait

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Is it accurate though?

You misheard, 52% taxes is only for people making more then 1million, and only on everything over that 1 million in income.


they will pay 12%, the same as it is now.

Bernie does not lower anyone's taxes, only heightens millionaires.

But he does want to get ride of the Trump Tax cuts, The Bush tax cuts, and then still raise the tax rates on everyone at least 4%. So how much more would the poor and middle class be taxed?

If they have no money, how are they buying cigarettes and lottery tickets everyday? Why do they keep having kids?

From bernies own mouth “Yes, We Will Repeal the Trump Tax Scam”. Those Trump Tax uts gave a tax break to the poor and middle class. So their taxes would increase.

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Such a lack of class consciousness is alwayd disturbing to witness, regardless of the forum.

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The Democrats don't lower taxes, ever. They only increase them. Anyone who refutes that is an ignorant tool.

Horrible analogy. IT would be better if they were in a different boat and the leak was cause by something the idiots did, and all they had to do was plug the hole with a cork that they had. but instead someone else was in the boat telling them the leak was the other boats fault and to save them they needed to dump the water in the other boat to make sure it was equal.

You forgot the cigarettes, lottery tickets and 5 kids with 5 different "baby mommas", and you'd maybe have a point

Objectivism < Altruism

>>Claims the rich don't pay their fair share
>>The poor literally pay nothing
Taxes are extracted from your money flow (and real estate etc).

Fun fact: below some country-depended threshold, taxation produces more burden than State income.
Also, when your resources allow for luxury life, your taxes are extracted from your money overflow. If you make 5 millions/year, your lifestyle won't change if the State demands 300k extra taxes.

This is why taxation should be:
- zero, if your household is below a reasonable income
- fixed, if reasonable income (that is, middle class)
- progressively bigger, if above.

This would also have a welcome after-effect: a multimillionaire wouldn't try to become a billionaire "because increasing taxes".

Now, these things get immediately labeled as 'Communism'. And that's not true. Communism is pure utopia (everything in common, hence the name); Socialism - with or without Soviet - means the State holds everything, so the bureaucrats get unofficially rich, and everyone else stays poor.

Note that your country produces a massive GDP that gets insanely destroyed by Pentagon's wars and other shit (fun fact: NASA funds are in the order of millions; why the fuck Pentagon gets bilions off taxpayers money and NASA barely gets 350 millions and cost cutting?)