God fags must explain leap day. Use evidence. Really...

God fags must explain leap day. Use evidence. Really, how fucking hard could it be for God to make an exact number of days in every fucking year?

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God is the ultimate troll.

>God made the universe appear to be random on purpose. No way its just a random universe with no god needed.

Thats just what God wants you to think

Hypothesis a: God made the universe look random

Hypothesis b: the universe is actually random

Both hypothesis have the same result: your life appears random

One hypothesis has an extra step. Extra steps are dead weight in science.

shittiest bait from a kike ive ever seen. also, every reply before me has been a samefag.

truth seekers need to invent extra steps only when they can't deal with the truth being true

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If you can't refute OP's argument, you can always call it bait or gaslight

nigger, you are OP so shut the fuck up. stop trying to play games with me.

>I disagree with OP, but since I'm not smart enough to refute his argument, I play games

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Imagine being this obsessed with religion when you don’t even participate lmao
>rent free

>You believe that God fags are all the same

your arguement is literally just "why didnt god make everything perfect and good on earth". it has been answered a million times over and over by millions of people over thousands of years. if you actually wanted to know the answer to your "question" you would go read a fucking book.

>God fags never use terrorism or fascism to control other people's lives. Godtards aren't slowing down social and tech progress with their antiquated superstitions. Just let Timmy keep believing in Santa he's only 14, it makes him feel better. He'll still have normal friendships

>your arguement is literally just "why didnt god make everything perfect and good on earth".
Reading comprehension: F

My argument is, "why is there no evidence for God?" and "why do people persist in believing without evidence?"

God's calendar goes by milliseconds, not days. He doesnt give a shit about how many times your shitty planet spins in a circle.

Time is just a measurement of the rate at which matter changes. It’s an abstract idea. A man madd concept. Time is irrelevant to an eternal and immaterial being. In fact the Bible says a day is a thousand years and a thousand years is a day to God.

>Not all God fags believe in God without any evidence

citation needed

Keep thinking about Christianity all day lmao. Where did the priest touch you?

The story of the Garden of Eden teaches us that the world IS perfect so long as you choose to remain willfully ignorant. Once you choose the path of knowledge, the first thing you learn is that the real world isn't a paradise. You learn that you've been lied to.

>God made the universe appear to be random because he doesn't care, the universe does not appear random just because it is

there's that extra step again. reading comprehension skills not good among godtards

>Godtards aren't slowing down social and tech progress with their antiquated superstitions
you dont give a shit about 'muh progress', you are just scared of two things, death, and having to do work.

>reddit spacing

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>my only problem with your argument is the formatting

Thanks, kys kys

Godtards literally invent god because scared of admitting they die in the end.

u mad kike? did you even check those fucking trips on that? kek doesnt take too kindly to shills and samefags.

Your caps lock and your brain are both stuck

Whatever man, I’m gonna head out and enjoy my Saturday. Have fun seething about religion all weekend.

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Lmao holy shit go back to Cred Forums you memey 15 year old autist. Fucking Saturdays,

exact same person.

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Leap day is only one day. Anyone who understands how evidence works would figure that out.

Nope, cope harder loser

i find it extremely hard to believe all these completely different people all talk the exact same way and have the same shitty memes. the only difference is what side they take. its almost as if someone is trying to entice a human to waltz into the thread so they can be re-educated on god.

If you believe in God it is because you aren't educated about how evidence works, and therefore can not be "re-educated"

really, schlomo. so if you know that when you and your kike crew go out and make these threads not a single mind gets changed, why do you do it? i know why, its like advertising, if you see an advertisement for a coke its not to get you to buy a coke within the next few minutes. its to plant something deep inside your mind. this is literally what hiro meant by make Cred Forums more advertiser friendly, you are the advertiser

>You can get paid to tell the truth on 4chinz

what an idiot. people pay to spread lies and propaganda. nobody pays anyone to spread truth

>Really, how fucking hard could it be for God to make an exact number of days in every fucking year?
Are you insane?
I see a lot of people saying "god made this, god does that" People who say god exists must be insane as there is absolutely no cogent evidence for the existence of god but, equally, people say "God doesnt exist, if gos existed why does this happen"
Both are equally insane because on the one hand those who believe in god have no proof, but those who do not believe in god still persist in talking to insane people as though they are asking them to provide proof that they are sane.
Suppose a psychiatrist who works with insane people was told by a loony that a giraffe with a machine gun was going to kill everyone. The psychiatrist does not ask for proof of that. It would clearly be absurd to ask for proof. Suppose you are convinced that no giraffe with a machine gun exists.The disbeliever establishes their own systems to prove that no gun-toting giraffe exists, they are as obsessed by it as the man claiming gun-toting giraffes exist. It must be insane to ask, prove a giraffe with a machine gun exists, as there can be no proof. The sane man would look at the believer and the disbeliever as equally insane.

I look upon athiests and theists as equally insane, since the believer can establish no truth and the disbeliever is therefore merely taunting the believer to the point of insanity

My way of life is this: I have found no proof of god, so I merely act like there is no god. I do not taunt and deride insane people, instead I merely politely do what I can to excuse myself from joining in with their insanity
I do not taunt them, or rant at them. I simply ignore them
and that can be the only truly sane position of those who are not believers. To argue with the insane is to simply have a different form of insanity
When Jehovas Witnesses come to my door. I do not debate them, but merely tell them I hope they get well soon

yeah, so its almost as if when you have a thread full of one guy talking to himself and making arguements for himself to shoot down he isnt actually fighting for the truth.

>just dont think about it and the problem goes away

I'm sorry you find strong arguments that undermine your belief systems to be so distasteful. Don't worry though. In a short time you will have forgotten this thread and you can go back to your comfortable ignorance.