Ahem, hyena

ahem, hyena.

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go away, child

>the grin
so she used to say
very angry every time

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you obviously don't got the mental capacity to understand a show so genius and unique as "lion guard"
i got the same camera!

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> you obviously don't got the mental capacity to understand a show so genius and unique as "lion guard"
Thinks a cartoon for children has poignant hidden meaning.

as i said, you'll understand it when you become an adult, it can pass over a child's head, you can't even understand when i explain it simply to you

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You can't explain what isn't there...

yeah i can?, i can easily explain about leprechauns.

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>hand on the pockets
>stupid question
>everybody looking and laughing
>wish to die
and it was in 2013

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go away, child


haha same!
you lost, friend
this indeed looks like a corner, nice observation!

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time for me to sleep, good night friends, i'll continue to argue with most of you tomorrow!

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>>haha same!
>Zzzzzzzzzz what are you doing frog? zzzzzzzzzz
so she said while pretending to sleep
the guy was spreading her vagina open at that moment

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I'll try this once more...
go away, child

i'm sorry for you not having any friends

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a a a a aa a a a a

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This is a new level of cringe, even for furry fags.

Feel badly about something real, like your limited intelligence, not my social life.

this is really damn cute user, thanks
nah, cringe is in the eye of the beholder
why are you like this, for real now, feel free to come back and chat me up tomorrow, i'm seriously wondering what triggers you so much

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a dog fucker is still a dog fucker.
Also, kys ffs furfag

What do you possibly get out of this cartoon for tiny babies?

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>appreciate the thread, keep on yeening!
i will, thanks friend!
this cartoon is no different than the lion king movies, look it up
if you're actually looking for the reason you should pop a visit tomorrow, as i got to go

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nice feet!

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the clock is ticking

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hey friend, did you wake up alright after last night?, no hangover?

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>watching cartoon for 6-8 yo.
>attracted by animals and fictionnal character
>nothing wrong
It's rope day guy, be an hero, you will be not missed, even for your mom, degenerate.

female hyena's have dicks

Don't worry, it is a feminine penis, thus perfect for sucking without it ever being gay :).

Anyway, in real life, hyenas are actually extremely friendly, thus it is safe to meet them in the wild and enjoy the cuteness and fluffiness in person. (perfectly safe to pet them)