Dubs tell me what to do

Dubs tell me what to do

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send picture to family

commit suicide

so close

This is the correct answer. Re roll

Fuck a hamster

Get fat and an hero


Go to /fit/ and get made fun of for being DYEL.

Peen in own ass

Start folloing a compound barbell training program such as Stronglifts 5x5.

Start eating a high protien diet free of junk, sugar and red-meat.

Call your family and tell them you love them.

shoe on head.

Poo in the Loo

cut your dick off

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Start lifting weights at the gym

eat your own feces

Make a timestamp dipshit. Dubs or not

spread your vomit on your face

Send pic of your asshole to your mother

shit in your own mouth

go to your mother's room, dig up all the dirty underwear she's got in her hamper/laundry bin and take pictures of them on her bed.

pic related

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dildo on ass


Do it, i got dubs

Dildo or finfer in the bum


Put your clothes on, stop being a degenerate, gain marketable skills and contribute to society.


Put a weight on your ball. Like a full big bottle.

Take a closer picture of that nice dick

might as well tell him to go win the lottery and become a billionaire, since both have the same odds of happening.

Post the cum box

Put American flat in butt

spread more

castrate yourself

wasted DUBS

Flag in pooper

cut your balls off

Get a tattoo on your forehead saying 'Hitler did nothing wrong'

Can I suggest the vore pride flag?

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slice deeply into your taint to form a makeshift pussy and fuck yourself with your alcohol covered fingers

Dildo in the ass


jerk your cock for us bro

Take a picture of that junk



cock and ball torture

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go fuck yourself

Take that flag off the wall because you're not a real american, brown boi

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Stuck dick in vacuum and show us


Put up a sign that says "I'll suck Cucereavii dry"

ngl that looks fun

Go back to Calcutta and live happily ever after with the rest of your slumdog family.

kill yourself

shave your head and body then jam all the hair way up in your butthole


put something metal down your dick and fuck the wall socket while the power is on.

key word: "ON" not "IN" xD


fuck is this shit
we asked you to kill/castrate yourself

op is a faggot
that was obvious tho