Do any of you wear rings?

Do any of you wear rings?

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I do sometimes. I love some of the cheap shit they've got on Amazon. I'm easily impressed lol.

Check out some of the shit that's like 1 cent with 6.99 shipping.

Neat rings, and some are not actually bad quality.

God I hate accessories. They're so fucking unnecessary.
Incredibly unnecessary accessories!

Nope. Not married and wearing your high school graduation ring is not as prestigious as wearing a college graduation ring.

That's a pretty small cock ring. I'm sorry for you bro.


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posted from your smartphone, no doubt.

Kekkles thank you user May I coom in your boom hole?

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>wannabe badass detected

I'm sure this impresses the girls at Walmart while you are stocking the shelves real good user.

Why yes I’m a phoneposter how could you tell? We rising up against you incels

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not a faggot, so no

I wouldn’t normally wear a ring but I got it made from an old coin my dad owned, it has the year he was born on it

Did you guys used to fuck or something?

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My girlfriend got me a few that accent different dress shirts I have. I do wear a simple silver ring at management meetings

...I want to see the rest of you to see if it matches my mental picture.

I'm married.

I feel sorry for you, were you not brought up in a loving household with a father? Damn man you can tell us

I wear two

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If gay marriage kys


Show size of rock you got wife

Would if I could pull it off with out looking gay like a mobster. But I collect cool rings though. Only have 1 that's worth anything and it's a tigers eye.

No. Actually I did. My dad is one of my best friends. The closest I come to your cum-soaked situation is that most of my hand tools were my dad's or that I carry my grandpa's pocket knife. Didn't have to make jewelry out of any of it for it to matter.

Obviously but it's accelerating my English writing speed with the automatic typing.
You ain't me! I wouldn't use the word incel.
Also, I know that anonymous knows who I am. Anyone could be anonymous!

You seem to have pent up rage, if he beat you or if your granddad touched you or a family member in places you didn’t like it’s never too late to tell someone who will listen

I wear a $75 hammered Cobalt Chromium band.
The wife has a custom Tiffany's knock off with a .75kt princess cut center with .75tkw accents in 14kt white gold and a matching wedding band rimmed with 1.0tkw diamonds.
It's important to pay attention to details if you want to get and stay married.

That's all they do. They listen. They don't fix the root of the problem.

There's no rage. Just good memories. Just can't imagine paying to turn legal tender into ornamentations because birth year.

Back when I was semi-interested in Mormonism I used to wear a CTR (Choose the Right) ring that I stole from an LDS book store, but it didn't really last.

Seems counterintuitive, but cool beans.

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Yeah like the detail that your wife's a diamond whore lol. My wife was given free reigh to buy any ring she wanted and she did. Three diamond stores later, we end up at Walmart to get groceries after several choices were all but decided on. She comes back with a plain silver ring, and that day I learned the value of frugality. We had a blast of a honeymoon because our wedding cost two hundred dollars and the ring cost 30.

Lul like butt stuff

You misunderstand or just can’t comprehend why i did got a it made. His mother used to collect old coins, some dating back to the 1850s but when I was looking through them I saw the year on this one and got it made into a ring, not for any sole reason, just because I could and I have enough money to waste on shit like this

BASED wife. Cherish her ability to have rational thoughts instead of being a slave to the diamond industry which most women become sooner or later because they like to show off

It has the year he was born on it is significant to you how?

I designed the ring.
I was the one that decided how it was made. I wanted her to have something with a little value because she grew up like me. Poor. We're not that now, but in a pinch she would hock the ring.
So it was for your own vanity again?
Your explanation isn't helping.

Not OP, but that would fit mine perfect.

Only married men, women, and pimps should wear rings. If you aren't one of those then you're a faggot.