What's something smooth to say if you ask a girl if she's single and she answers that she's not or that she has a...

What's something smooth to say if you ask a girl if she's single and she answers that she's not or that she has a boyfriend?

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"Well you look like the kinda girl that could use two boyfriends." - Johnny Bravo

Cool, can i fuck him while you watch?

"oh alright"

"Oh you thought I was interested in you lol? I'm not into ugly sluts."

"Why don't you ditch that loser and go out with me tonight instead?"

Something you retards need to understand is that unless a girl is a hamplanet, there is no such thing as one without a boyfriend.

Your goal shouldn't be to find a single woman since they are like fucking unicorns. Your goal should be to take a desirable woman away from another man by proving yourself to be more capable and dependable and charming than him.

Oh you have a boyfriend? What about a manfriend?

"Oh. Well, sorry to bother. Have a nice day."

Then turn around, walk away & never talk to her socially again.

>only thing you CAN do in a situation like that

BTW OP, that girl in the photo you posted? Smokin' hawt.

I want a loyal woman, not a slut. You are a slut so you wouldn't get it.
Legit good answers lol

No such thing.
Women are instinctively aware of the turnover on men.

Your job is to show that you are the best option at all times. Otherwise she's gone. You will learn this after the first few.

Here's something to consider though. Say your knuckledragging, "dominant alpha" approach works and she leaves the guy she's in a committed relationship with just to hook up with you.

Now, say some other manlet shows up in her orbit a few months from now & says something similar to her that you did. What's to stop her from ditching you to hook up with that guy?

I mean, let's be fair: in this example, illustrating how YOUR approach is the "best one", she's already demonstrated her willingness to say "fuck the one I'm with, I'm gonna go hook up with this new one bcuz his pickup lines are so smoove". By that precedent, there is absolutely nothing that would keep her with you should some other Neanderthal make an overture towards her. And if you think there is, you would be wrong. Can you live with that?

Now, if all you wanna do is get your wick dipped & never talk to her again, by all means, have at it, and make sure to come back here & tell us all about it (and don't forget the pics). But if you're looking for a serious relationship, this is the worst advice anyone could take and fuck you for giving it.

I just go with "Damn, that's a shame" and end the conversation/ walk away

I've never had this happen to me. Either you are an asshole yourself, or you date shitty girls. I'm guessing both.

Try dating women and not being a chauvanistic piece of shit, it actually works.

There are loyal women, they just don't hang around in bars or clubs or want anything to do with guys like you.

The goal is to present yourself as the best option, like I said. Assuming you do this correctly, another man won't be able to do the same thing you did since you will be smart enough not to show weakness in her presence, and undermine her image of you.

Whether you like it or not, this is how the subconscious minds of women work. We have not evolved for 200,000 years; we are still stone age creatures. Deal with it.

Anecdotal evidence is not avidence.

No there aren't. This isn't their fault though, it's built into their subconscious. A womans natural instinct is to seek out the best man who is most able to care for her and her children. You can't begrudge them for that instinct; you have to work around it.

>The goal is to present yourself as the best option

That's the problem with "the best" or "the biggest" or "the fastest": there's always something better/bigger/faster. Acknowledging that is the first step to not failing at life. And insisting that "you're the best" is truly falling down the rathole of logical fallacy.

Besides, you said NOTHING to refute the point I made above: by "going with you", she's already proven that all someone has to do is impress her with a song & dance and she'll dump whoever she's with to go with them. If she did it to him, she'll do it to you.

Oh, I know why you didn't make an attempt to refute that: because you CAN'T! You're fucking wrong and you know it.

Do us all a favor please, and never breed? If you can manage that, consider your debt to society paid. Pic related.

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"Do you wanna hang out sometime"

Generally you stop trying to say smooth things when you find out she’s not single. Or you can be creepy and pushy and keep going, But usually “I have a boyfriend” is a nice way of saying “fuck off dude”

This is why I dislike humanity

t. Not an evolutionary psychologist or a historian
Yeah I’ll totally believe your made up bullshit based on anecdotal evidence and your life experiences. Faggot.

So his anecdotes are just anecdotes but yours are facts? God how can anyone be this oblivious? You’re actually a retard.

Hey, it's me: Just wanna clarify & say that what you're saying is pretty much true in the animal kingdom, and at a very base level is also true in humans. But humans are different than animals in many ways, one of which being definitive, varied forms of communication with all kinds of subtlety. We're also unique in that we verbally express our needs, and in most instances, one of those needs is one of loyalty. Animals don't do that.

To a degree, yes, females do what you're talking about. But one of the beautiful things about our varied forms of communication is that we can absolutely make clear our needs, and those needs go beyond the "provide for young/birth & raise young" that is so prevalent in the animal world.

Chief among those needs is one of commitment. Some animals make a commitment, others aren't capable of such a thing. We can go either way. So in a situation where 2 people have made a commitment to one another, it's a fucking commitment: you better have a damn good reason for ending a commitment you've made because, part & parcel of that commitment, you'd absolutely expect your partner to do the same for you. If they're gonna end it, it better be for a damn good reason.

Ergo, leaving her man because you showed up with "leave that loser & date me" is a piss-poor fuck reason to end her commitment. And again, if she did it to him so she could date you, she'll do it to you so she can date someone else.


> if she did it to him so she could date you, she'll do it to you so she can date someone else.
Hit the nail on the head

would it turn him to know that I try to hook up with you or should we keep it a secret ;)

> I have a boyfriend
> Don't worry, I'm not a jealous person.

"Well let me know if you want a husband"

"Nice! How did you met him?"

one merely says
>so, you're ready for an upgrade

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if you can't be clever or witty on your own, no one else can help you.. you're gonna fail no matter what

lmao who hurt you dude

One antihero movie comes out and suddenly every antisocial autist starts channeling them.

His mother. Next question.

Heh, I'll watch porn all day by myself then. Cuck.

Got on elevator in my building. Gorgeous girl inside. Say hi and never saw her before. She says just moved in. Ask if she’d like to go get a drink sometime. Says there’s a boyfriend. Tell her if he’s out of picture sometime look me up and tell her my apartment number. Week or so later I’m sitting around. Knock at the door. Her. Tiny shorts and t shirt on. Comes in and we fuck all night. Turns out boyfriend always hanging with his boys so I fucked her for a couple months off and on. Then she started talking about wanting kids and I was done.

"Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact"