Doctors of Cred Forums please help

Doctors of Cred Forums please help

I have this blister on my foot for about a week now. It hurts to walk on it. I got it from running on treadmill. Some liquid has started to form under the skin. The thing is I don’t know if it’s pus or pool water that just collected inside since I also regularly swim after my runs.

Should I pop it? Or just leave it alone?

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dude, pool water, or any kind of water doesnt just collect under your skin. That's impossible. it's probably just a normal blister. just leave it alone and it'll go away.

just pop it. the skin is already dead, and if it's pus its better to be rid of it

pretty normal, might want to review the soles of your shoes

You should never pop a blister. its a protective layer. so let it be.

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Just pop it and clear it with alcohol if it is making a trouble when you are waking or leave it

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Just because he has a blister it doesnt mean the skin is dead.

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I thought maybe through mitosis the water went through the skin.

It starting to itch badly, I’m putting near a heater to see if I can dry it out.

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Use a needle to pop it. Don’t go straight in. Go in parallel to your normal skin as close to the normal skin as you can. And drain it.

Get better running shoes.

its itching cos you're walking on it and irritating it, either put a decent bandaid on it or drain it

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Drain it, disinfect it with alcohol and topical antibiotic, and bandage it with duct tape.

Drain it by poking a small hole in it and put a bandaid on it so you stop irritating it every step.

I wear nike Vapor Max’s They cost over $200, I don’t know how I can get better ones.

Most likely a friction blister, caused by poor fitting footwear, walking without shoes, etc.

You can just drain it by pushing a needle in it from the side. Don’t go into the meat of course. You’ll feel pressure but not pain. Get all the liquid out, and don’t be surprised if a little blood comes out. Add some antibacterial cream and put a bandage on it. Do this before you go to bed so it has time to close up while you sleep.

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Put some mole skin over it if you have to wear shoes and walk anywhere.
Will give it some cushion.

Disinfect the needle first with alcohol or by putting in tip of a flame.

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this is a coronovirus infestation. if it pops you will be infected.

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