If dubs your ex-gf will text you tonight whilst being drunk to make up

If dubs your ex-gf will text you tonight whilst being drunk to make up.

Trips, your ex-gf goes back to her ex-bf

Singles, roll again.

Ill keep you guys updated about my ex texts tonight

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Please God

It's a sign

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Dbl have been disabled


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I hope not.

Youre getting texted tonight

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Today is my mom's birthday, only happens on leap year. Last time she texted me, we had broken up some months ago. So it's been about five years now.

I hate that girl, she deserves to get lost.


But was your mom also your gf? Or what?


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i wouldnt touch my ex with a stick if i was paid to do so.

let's hope the bitch will be going back to her shitty ex bf


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Make sure you dont run out of battery cause youll be getting your dick sucked tonight

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If quads ops ex gf will get a sex change and will end up having anal seX with him in the future, after they get back together to have gay butt sex

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check is in the mail?

Nom nom nom, in that case im rolling for four repeating digits

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Aiiiiii, close