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This can't be real, can it?

This thread feels like it was made by a 15 year old.
Fuck, I hate weekend Cred Forums

just because you don't know of it doesn't mean it can't be real.

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I hate children in general.

and usually these threads are made by upstanding citizen's and smart adults?


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Stay in school, little buddy.

yes thank you for adding to the conversation by pointing out the typo that everybody can see and inherently understands what was meant.


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I was beginning to lose faith in this thread, but then I saw how bad OP got btfo. Rekt indeed.

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Cool man

That isn't a man, dude.

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Just more reposts.
OC is a dead concept.

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Rekt ist everything like

contribute then you whimsical faggot

.... what?

So you can repost it?

Restecp +

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you want oc in a rekt thread? please stop being a edgelord.

Thats how it is nigger

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The clones at the end get me every time.

Stop posting that SAVAGE cruelty. Reported.

What's wrong with a rekt thread with original content?
Ooohh, you didn't know what OC was.
You dumb little fag.

Lost. I know I'm a dipshit

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would this work for when coroners do an autopsy etc?

Post your OC then, faggot.

Yes, that's why it's a common practice for coroners now., you fucking retard.


what game is that?

glad they got run over I think it may be Syrian Pride week that is happening there

so you really are a malfunctioning member of the society if you don't see the obvious concept of people getting harmed as a bad thing. awesome edge there.

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when i was a kid i thought quicksand would be a far bigger concern than it turned out to be

think about it for a while....

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virtue signaling on /b? srsly?

If the body is frozen

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How is this rekt?

Woooooh I was only asking
no need to get shrill like a couple of homos
that get punched in the face by a real man

This is weekend Cred Forums. Kids thing anything and everything is "lol epic rekt dab troll"

That's quite a whiny reaction you have there.

think for a second that you have this one life and you choose how to spend it. you want to be a fucking loser and a horrible piece of shit?

Whoa, nigga. You don't know me.

you want to watch people die and then cry to your mom for being a depressed loser instead of having good time and fun? really sharp edge there duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude

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No, i usually cry to your mom. She cheers me up by telling me stories about you pissing the bed and having no friends.

manchild confirmed. i have nothing against you but for some reason you have the need to pretend to be an angry teenager edgelord. is it for attention? nobody knows who you are here. is for venting out? that is absolutely understandable thing this day and age

>Anonymous 02/29/20(Sat)15:15:33 No.82175
OP posted anti white cuck bait and you fags all responded like the nigger dick loving faggots you are

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The war economy is a trip

They have to get those uniforms from somewhere

And those boots are definitely either Rocky or Belleville boots, American companies.

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>bumping anti white cuckold propaganda posted by a hapa

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OP is a hapa who hates whites
stop posting in this gay nigger lover thread

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fuck you bitch

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butthurt maximum.

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It is not

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you are all black dick sucking cuckold fags posting in a nigger lover thread

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You mother fuckers call this a rekt thread? Kek

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It's that one game called reality

Please be more original


stop bumping this gay nigger lover thread

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this is the most trending gif on social media platform facebook today

stop bumping the cuck gif of a nigger beating up a white guy you cuck faggot

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why are you guys all retarded cuckold nigger lovers who bump gifs of niggers beating up whites
it's posted by people who hate all whites

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you are all gay nigger loving cucks

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this thread is full of nigger loving cuckold faggots

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Why yes, i do love niggers.

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then you should kill yourself

stop posting in this nigger loving anti white propaganda thread
learn to sage

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But I won't.
Cry more

most faggots vote for Democrats you nigger loving faggot cuck

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you would if i got my hands on you


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The only thing you'll ever put your grubby little hands in is a big fat nigga dick

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I hate niggers
they should be our slaves again

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>this is "big"

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nah im a transbian so, you almost got there .


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Fuck me, I didn't know the filename was that. I hate niggers and I want the democrats to all die of ALS

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faggot freak
chances are you'll commit suicide
I'm glad
freaks like you shouldn't exist
nigger loving race traitor

You're an edgy 15 year old. Prove me wrong.

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as do i. b/c im not an incel, some of the most beautiful folks b blacc

That's pretty hot.

hey retard
did you notice the op is a nigger beating up a white kid? stop bumping the thread you retard

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you're a cuckold race traitor
niggers aren't human

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but im a trap i already told you, i wanna fucc blacks and whites and asians and everyone becuase mixing the races is guuuuud. makes ya bones healthy

you should kill yourself cause you're a faggot freak

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good one Carlos Mencia

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WTF happened here?

I see an engineer or a doctor protecting himself from a nazi. I don't see race

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why would i kill my self ? faggot from the greek word faggosa meaning spiritual master of universe, kid you should really do your home work. and bby, you wish you where a freak like me ;)

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because you're a faggot freak and your parents don't love you

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Looks like a thing a nigger wont do, lol.

Asshurted whitey, the gif.

Saved for future "nigger hate" threads

Used to grab nigger dick

nerve gas

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Attached: trumptard1573452067417.jpg (997x593, 134K)

cherrypicking and could be a falseflag
stats say most fags are Democrats

Attached: antifa cocksucker.jpg (1280x720, 127K)

This cant be real

Attached: 1_500.gif (500x243, 987K)

stop responding to this anti white nigger lover thread made by a tranny race traitor

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It's real, I didn't believe it at first, but the more I watched it the more I began to believe

stop responding to this anti white nigger lover thread

nice cock bro

Only 2-5% of Whites in the South owned slaves faggot. You wouldn't get shit they'd be like 200k each and only to flex given we have machines and shit.


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stop responding to the cuckold nigger lover propaganda thread
learn to sage

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Why did he do it?

cause the nigger attacked him you cuck

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Why did nigger attacked the white man?
Source with sound?

it's old as fuck you newfag
who cares?

Attached: 1566444742962.webm (512x288, 856K)

I know most criminals are dumb but wow.

Because the nigger was from New York, you should see the video.

Yeh, you want to allow for giant cock.

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tf is this tame ass newfag rekt thread

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Your misspelled Buttigiegfag surgery.

>wearing gloves
>then entering naked

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i don't get it. it cuts with water?

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what a shitshow

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7-10 split is the hardest shot in bowling. Dude nailed it.


Attached: Red_Summer_1919_Omaha_Nebraska_lynching-5895c38a5f9b5874eeedd65b.jpg (500x368, 50K)


Attached: 20yroldstupidniggerslut.jpg (500x375, 36K)

Dude in the glasses and white towel was ready to go!

Thanks, John Mulaney.

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Who the fuck cares? Those people aren't important. Nope, not like basketball rapist.

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How is it those swords cut through meat and bone and then bounce off of their legs and don't even cut the fabric of their pants?

Attached: 1580395742627.webm (1280x720, 1.53M)

Yes. There is a YouTube channel on the topic called can water cut it.

At 0:23 or so the cop n the background appears to toss something into the vehicle.

>this day and age
what-everrr, Grandpa

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Waterjet channel

I love reddit humor


Attached: 1580394913142.webm (234x426, 1.12M)

No fucking thank you

Attached: received_601719150239622.gif (200x103, 398K)

Attached: 1580306733344.webm (360x640, 233K)

High-pressure water


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Attached: 1557699298703.webm (450x800, 1.96M)

dam bro ,y dog dick my nan sd cock pouss

Attached: chad vs croc.webm (460x460, 1.15M)

Attached: 1580394992846.webm (408x720, 1.95M)

This one is fuckin hilarious!

Attached: 1580392498510.webm (960x544, 1.62M)

and people say pitbulls are bad... brutal

fake and gay

Attached: 1580188241812.webm (640x480, 1.02M)

Bernie supporter vs welfare recipient

I am the machine

What the fuck? Is that real? What the fuck happened?

Yeah. 100%. A mass shark attack. When the guys tried to pick her up she was already so hurt that she just ripped right in half.

Attached: 1580158585117.webm (720x480, 1.48M)

I don't think he lived

Attached: 1580234223012.webm (848x480, 1.63M)

not gonna lie she is cute af at least

Attached: 1580234528874.webm (640x352, 1013K)

yeah, real stuff is always framed like a film.

yesterday some reject posted a frame of "wrong turn" in a rekt thread. you millennials are truly retarded.

I'm back. Niggers tongue my anus

Attached: 1391042261350.jpg (600x652, 164K)

Uh... Story?

Attached: 1570004728757.webm (608x1080, 1.68M)

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Attached: 2.jpg (854x1280, 215K)


Attached: 1580484831903.webm (320x400, 1.66M)

Attached: Shitpost1.webm (465x570, 318K)

Makes sense, as trump loves cock

pretty sure she's dead

Attached: Shitpost2.jpg (684x1024, 432K)

Attached: 1578082601471.webm (240x426, 1.96M)

This chinese shit is so disgustingly fake just fuck off

Obviously suicide.

bike cops are some BAMFs lmao

>committing crime
>leaves hazard lights on

This is probably the worst part. They're designed to draw attention

So you're trying to tell me that video isn't fake?

thats mr boomer to you son

Water cuts through mountains, no surprise here

someone got fired

WTF with the FAT FUCK on the left

The joke here is they were parked in the handicapped zone

Correct, the retard is to retarded to die

Smol Bebe Kots

Beat me to it. ISIS videos always look so fake

Like watching national geographic.





if white cops hadn't done their jobs two black hoes had died that day.
Is that like a negative white on blacks body-count?

Attached: 1568952864852.jpg (728x728, 111K)

chill nigger, no one cares other than you faggot

bikers are idiots

Attached: niggletdies.webm (404x720, 1.08M)

Attached: avrage_nog.webm.webm (698x384, 1.07M)

lost your pills?

massive brain damage is always kek

Attached: niggerban.webm (352x640, 1.86M)


Attached: 1568955227458.jpg (3000x2000, 1.02M)

>the dried blood

How long had he been there before the picture was taken?

Attached: 1570752225064.webm (400x240, 429K)

Attached: B16FF52106BD430698B861EB275E82DD_0.jpg (579x377, 69K)


Imagine letting blacks live in your mind rent free 24/7.

Most of the force has been used up going through the neck.

you sick fuck

Attached: smart_dude.webm (640x360, 1.25M)

Attached: 1574502640063.webm (480x360, 431K)

Nerve gas strikes again

Is he okay?


Attached: Crash DO NOT BLINK.gif (600x333, 1.98M)

you've never heard of a water jet cutter?

Attached: best_meme_ever.webm (222x360, 1.69M)

Attached: 1445112938812.webm (640x360, 706K)

A real swordsman only cuts that which he intends to cut.

probably thought he was so fucking cool walking underneath that. RIP Pajeet 1967 - 2008

>I lost

Shout out to this user posting some actual good shit

I'd colonize that

audio version is better

Gone in sixty seconds finally getting a sequel.

Seems like a tricky trick by one Ryan Rushwood. source for u faggots

Attached: 0d7020z3c4bd8d39d8e5885af34sd34.gif (277x202, 1.88M)

That chump deserves a beating just on general principle

No, no no.
Nope. Never.

Top TOP kek

You've been doing this for at least 4 hours, dont you have a life user

Attached: 1564248691487.png (882x624, 39K)

youve been here looking at his posts for for 4 hours. don't you have a life?

don't worry, lardlord, your fat ass wouldn't fit in anyway.

skinny whyte nerds

No I read through the thread you moron

fat black nigger slaves

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 92K)

The woman is like
"god dammit jerry you can't do anything right!"

Attached: default-1522234113-cover-image.jpg (720x405, 12K)

cope. no life.

Attached: 1577516670894.jpg (373x1920, 136K)

Attached: CaitlynOops.jpg (446x768, 145K)

Keep seething "white" boy

Attached: 1555742771092.webm (580x608, 347K)

He lived as is basically back to normal and other two got prison

he did the monster mash
>the monster mash
it was a graveyard smash

That fat fucker playing executioner got killed not to long ago

>calls someone a white boy
>implies they're brown as an insult

Attached: 2l0ahe.jpg (415x470, 39K)

Thinking that croc is big until shrek grabs it by the neck.

If you cut the right part of the neck, it goes straight through.
If you miss you don't get a clean cut, and the result is nowhere near what you see in the video.
They had alot of practice.

>newfag doesnt know white Americans are mutts
You can go back anytime

What even is this?

This may be the gayest thing I've seen all day

If you're happy and you know it hit your chest. Great thread. Love the webms.