HOLY SHIT, Cred Forums

HOLY SHIT, Cred Forums



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that's hot

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Epic sacks of gold

Nothing wrong. Just how time person of the year works. Don't know why people bitch about it. It's not like how and why they choose who they do has any impact on our lives whatsoever.

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Don't know about the US but this would still be illegal where I'm from.

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Finally a quality thread
Time for shitposting

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Fuck off to /s/
Cred Forums is for frogs and logs! Ultima Shitpost!

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i dont want to see that ugly kikes feet

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damn, i've been cheating this whole time at uni and didn't even know it.

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Jewish girls always seem to have giant tits.

Must be because they're desert people and that's where the tribe would store their spare water.

oh shit!

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Looks about right

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Star Wars introduced movie cross-merchandising, you can't complain unless it's all of it
>when user realizes decades later they fell into the trap

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why doesn't that picture tell the viewer about the most interesting relationship in the regular hexagon: that its side is equivalent to the radius of its circumscribed circle?

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Because that's not what the picture is about


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