I fell hard in love for this girl, everything was perfect, but then I discovered that she's an athiest...

I fell hard in love for this girl, everything was perfect, but then I discovered that she's an athiest. What the fuck do I do?

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Admit that she has stronger faith than you

Be patient and lead by example? Or sever and find a different girl since they're identical

Fuck her in the ass, pull out before you jizz, jizz in her mouth. She has no moral framework, so use it to your advantage and debase her. Be as degenerate as you can. When it gets old, ditch her for a Christian virgin.

Post pics and I’ll tell u if she’s worth it or not

accept the fact that she's far too intelligent for you and go back to wanking yourself off over imaginary friends

Get bodied

do what you want user

deal with the problems as they arise

Continue crying because you can't get over yourself.

Meet Lacie

Remind yourself that getting your dick sucked doesn't require belief in a god.

kys, oh wait you can't, you racist cunt

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Idk pray?

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Pics or this is a larp and you don’t know a single female

>implying that you will even ask her out

But does she love you?

fuck her until she sees god

this is her, I took this after beating her, as is my God given right

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I sincerely hope you did not name that file.

Is she hot? Because if she's hot why do you give a shit. You're not marrying this bitch.

FUN FACT: this OP has been paid to post on this board in order to sway opinion.

Be grateful that she's smart as well as beautiful.

FUN FACT: this user has been paid to post on this board in order to sway opinion.

See what I did there?

thats simple.... FUCK HER!!!

>reddit spacing
when will you fucking learn?

That's cause she's better than you christfag. If I were you I'd let her handle the money cause she doesn't take anything at face value.

Accept that she has a world-view that is different from yours and try to empathize and bond with her rather than reject her. Regardless of whether you believe in the existence of a benevolent creator, the majority of people are capable of empathizing with one another. We are all conditioned from birth to accept certain ideologies that guide us on how we ought to live the best life, but I take an absurdist point of view in this regard: humans tend to search for patterns where none exist, and even if there is some kind of inherent meaning to be found in existence, who can say that we are a significant part of it in any capacity?

Nonetheless, we should live our lives everyday with a purpose. We should strive to connect with one another and promote the well-being of your fellow human being simply because we all come into existence searching for answers, but the universe doesn't seem to provide an objective answer on how one should actually live their lives. Regardless of what your actual world view is, I'll accept any philosophy that promotes attempts by human beings to help one another and connect.