Have you ever been in LOVE ( not jerking off to a girl every day but in an actual relationship)?

Have you ever been in LOVE ( not jerking off to a girl every day but in an actual relationship)?

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Once, long ago.

yeah. with a hapa chink and then I decided to cheat on her with a hot white woman and ended up marrying the white girl.

Yes but I fucked it all up

Meet Lacie

I have, several times. In my teens, I was insanely in love with a girl in my class. As the true b-tard I am, I didn't do shit about it. Back then, I thought she was the very definition of a ten. When I look at pictures of her, she's a seven, at best.

to be honest the same happened to me but as corny as it sounds if she was a cool ass bitch even if she is not a 10 I won't regret it

I hooked up with a girl once, who was the sister of a friend. We met at his 30th birthday party. She had a smoking body, but a butterface not of this world. I didn't like her at all at first, and we had just about nothing in common. But she was a good fuck and that body, Jesus Christ. She, on the other hand thought the world of me, and did just about anything for me. One day, several months into the relationship, I discovered I was madly in love with her, and everything changed. Suddenly she lost interest in me, and I had to end it before it got really ugly. Lesson learned: Never let your guard down in a relationship. They want to fight for your attention every day.

Yeah, I see what you mean. She was the sweetest, coolest girl you've ever seen. Petite and extremely feminine, which I happen to like. For decades afterwards, I've compared every girl to her. My favorite celebrity is Mila Kunis, because she kinda reminds me of my crush.

Yes, but then she ended up joining the Navy and getting filled with seamen semen.

as somebody that has been in a 3 long term relationship the tought of my girl losing interest over me if I'll do everything for her disgust me. Fuck her and her weird perception of relationship you deserve better anyway.

not gonna lie tho nice bodies got me thinking " I could make it work" but life is not porn so to make it work you have to have some of the same values about relationships I think

bump ..

that's the girl that fucked me up and I never experienced that ...

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This is kind of nice. Just writing about your past crushes not caring if someone reads them or not.

I played in a band in my teens, and the guitarist's girlfriend for some reason thought I was hot as fuck. She looked ok, but a little chubby. The main problem with her was that she was the guitarist's girlfriend, but even worse, she was pregnant with him. I thought nothing of it, and she lived in another town, so it was not like we were bumping into eachother every day.

One day, when I was on my way to a party with my friends, she and her bff was sitting outside a local fast food joint. I went up to them and asked what they were doing there. "We're waiting for you", the girl with the crush on me said. They had been sitting there all day, with the hope that I would magically appear, which I did. I was stumped, and went on my way. Later that night, I went back. She and her friend was still sitting there, and I took her home and fucked her. She took my virginity, but I knew enough about it to fool her into thinking I had done it before.

I didn't like her at first for all the reasons above, but after a while I fell in love with her. After a couple of months, she had second thoughts, with the baby and all, and we broke up.

I just came here to say OP's girl has beautiful boobs. i'd love to sleep on those

Btw, regarding ops pic; she was the one who made me a feet lover. She was sitting in the grass at some event we both were at, barefoot, and she had the cutest feet with red painted toe nails. I couldn't take my eyes from them.

>Have you ever been in LOVE
Yeah, I sure have. I think everyone gets one real deal. Everything before is fantasy or puppy love, and everything after is just trying to capture that first time feeling. I had an on and off relationship/eventual affair with the love of my life for nearly 7 years, starting when I was 15 (her being 18). Skipping through the meat and passion of the story, we had a child when I was still 18 and by then we had just been through too much for it to continue on not long after he was born. She married another dude not long after, and is genuinely happy with him and 3 other kids (after a few on/off affairs we had as well as him initially hitting her and cheating on her once). They figured their issues out, and the past is the past. Her and I still get along well. No court, and we haven't had an argument since I was in training in the Army (about 6ish years ago). Hell, I helped them move into their new house 2 weeks ago. Her husband and I have become friends somehow out of the mess.

Just a few hours ago, she came and picked my son up after staying a few days. Everytime I see her, my heart turns into a racecar and a frog hops into my throat. My room mate (an Army buddy that I am helping get out of his financial disaster with free rent) told me the tension he feels when we are in the same room is incredibly strong, like he can actually feel it. He isn't the first to tell me that either. So, as I said at the start, I fully believe true love is a once in a lifetime deal (if you're lucky to find it). I have dated since, but nothing ever came close to her in my eyes. Even proposed to a woman thinking she was the closest thing to real love I was going to get again. Of course, that one failed too.

I thought I was, but no. Even the most beautiful woman cannot move me to love.

Fucked some girlfriends though

that's fucking sad

Why does his dick look like a sea cucumber...

Yes, it was horrible. Thank God she moved to California.

I've been married four time sso ya I've been in love ..


Yeah, but then she turned out to be a controlling bitch.

I'm sorry about your losses and entirely awkward situation but here's a little unsolicited advice

1. You can fall in love any number of times in life but it takes a stable mind and reciprocation of a second stable mind to make it work (not as easy to achieve/find as spoken, admittedly). So you gotta ditch your current mindset because you'll pre-emptively fail everything ahead of you, even developing affection properly, because you'll never be 'all-in' since you convinced yourself you are beyond your romantic peak

2. DITCH THE BITCH. I learned this one personally the hard way. She has to fade from your memory a bit if you're still feeling anything romantic or intimate around her. Even if you've accepted you'll never be with her again you need to allow your attention to get bored and move on to someone else and that will never happen if you keep kicking around those butterflies in your gut with her coming and going. Ditch her, her man, that entire situation. Get a third party to pick up and deliver your kid. You're living in someone else's life doing hanging around theirs so closely anyway.

3. Gunna sound corny but love yourself first before going to another woman. It's no surprise that your proposal failed when you never moved on to begin with, and moving on means building more of 'you' up for someone to be attracted to. Could take years, but shit, love will come around if you have a strong sense of self respect, plus it gives you time to dull the sting and memory of the chick holding you back.

I'm rambling but this sounds a lot like what i went through years ago and brother whether you realize it or not you're the one putting the shackles on. Wishing you luck

Iam right now.

no wonder, wtf is it with everyone and rating women when we all look like Shrek and haven't showered in 6 days??

Thanks man. I totally get what you're saying. I think your last point was the most beneficial.

In reaponse to 1: I really think I have moved on at some points in time, but then I get hit with it all over again. It's something I actively work on, and hope to overcome it for good as soon as I can, but I am in no rush because of your 3rd point actually.

Response to 2: other than me helping them move, I never hang out with them outside of when one of us picks up/drops off our kiddo. His step-dad and I used to hate each other. I wasn't allowed in their house for quite some time (sure made being over her feel more real). But I patched that up for my son's sake. You're right saying I am living in someone elses life. I can't ditch the relationship entirely though. We live in a super small town and it's rare for 2 parents that didn't end up together to get along like we do anyway. I can reduce a lot of our already short interactions, but my kiddo is better off with 3 parents that get along (even if i'm not better off per say).

I'm not as happy as I could be, and I do live in the past or fantasy world like a turd too often, but my son has a much better life than I did (parents divorced when I was 2 and weren't great to/for me). His happiness matters more to me than mine. I'm only 27 and he is barely 9. I have a while to go yet before me not finding someone real gets a little too depressing, lol. I appreciate the kind suggestions and sentiments for real, how rare on this site.