Ask a black introvert anything

ask a black introvert anything.

also, I'm looking for a hentai game that I played a long time ago. it was one of those first person undressing games, that featured a black haired girl in a white t shirt getting undressed in public.

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The tits on that thing look like what a kid would think tits look like. Doctor should get his eyes checked.

What's the furthest you have jumped a stolen bicycle?

they're not bad. I'd say that they're the best pair of fake tits I've seen on a trans girl.

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what would your homies do if they knew you want to fuck a white fat boy that dresses as a girl

it wouldn't be a problem if they were my homie while we did it.

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This pic is so fucking hot

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This one has a nice rack.

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Why do you like making this thread so much?

Do you like to suck white cock?

idk, maybe I like posting porn too much. I also still want to know where to find that game.
I don't, because I'm still a virgin.

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>I don't, because I'm still a virgin.
Are you saying you want to suck white cock?

if it belongs to a tgirl, then yes.

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Don't you want to suck my cock? I'm nice I promise.

Guys are just like (t)girls when you close your eyes anyway.

nah, I'm cool.

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why are you black?

Because he’s a dumb nigger

I see this ts post on escort pages and get so tempted... she has a hot face too.
I'd love to see some hardcore with her.

if you can, you should go for it.

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I haven't been here in months and I can't believe you're still posting this retarded thread.

well believe it.

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need names black introvert bro

Jen kewl
Rae lynch

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Sorry bro, no nigs allowed on Cred Forums. Unless they post more Bailey Jay. Then we'll overlook your niggerness. Maybe. Anyway how old are you? Don't see many black introverts

I'm 21 years old.

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Well shit, you'd better be having a beer at least. Got a job, in school, what? In the US? At 21 I would try to fix that introverted shit.

Bailey has a better ass though. Your pic's ass looks like that fake implant bullshit.

I'm currently unemployed, and at home. and I'm slowly working on my social skills, it's progressed quite a bit since last year.

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At least you're working on it, don't give it up. You just have anxiety talking to people or what? Unattractive or something?

yeah I get anxiety when I talk to people. and I'm not the most attractive person on the planet, but I'd like to think I'm average looking atleast.

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Well I'm not advocating getting plastered and doing stupid shit, but do you have some friends you can go to the bar and have some drinks with? Even just being in social situations will help. And a a few drinks to loosen up. Although not having a job can make that hard

I don't have any friends, and I also don't drink. I usually socialize in games.

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Nice pic.

Also, that's gonna be a problem in a few years, but you know that. Maybe go to a local game league or something? I mean online friends are all good but it ain't gonna cut it. Don't they have video game lounges or barcades or something where you are?

Post bailey feet pics if you gottem

I haven't checked, but I doubt it. I live in a rough part of town in the south.

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Check around. Bigger cities are probably gonna be a better bet. You smart? Get into school somewhere not there, you don't seem the type to handle the gangbangers and shit. I grew up in that type of place and I'm glad I don't live there anymore. Mainly because I was gonna end up in prison like a lot of my friends/family but whatever

I might be going to a public college later this year.

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That's a start. So, why the fuck aren't you out doing something right now instead of sitting on here? Looking for a job or some shit. Gotta be supper time, go help cook supper. Good skills to know

I mean I get it that you're introverted, but is it that bad?

I've been learning some skills here and there. I might start helping my dad out with things this summer.

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You are always so vague and boring. Love your pics of Bailey, but you need to develop a personality on here other than the boring "introverted black guy."

you're probably right about that. I do need something that makes me stand out more.

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Yeah I got bored talking to him

More into hrt tits than silicone ones

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