Goth/Alt thread

Goth/Alt thread

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Sauce on op

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i love chicks like this but good god, this is an accurate depiction of 95% of their rooms

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if any of you faggots are lurking, pick a number between 1 and 32 for more sg


I like the number 8 :)


tried to fap and then got depressed cos i this reminded me how bad mary elizabeth winstead looks now

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oh my god fuck yes



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I wouldn't mind having a goth gf, but I have no idea on how one goes about acquiring one. Bumble hasn't been any luck for me either. Maybe I need to join some sort of wiccan cult.


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Step 1: Live in NYC
Step 2: ?????
Step 3: Profit

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Chicago has a semi decent punk/goth scene. you just need to know where to look

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Nope, I'm in South California. All I've gotten for matches is spanish girls and fatties. I'm not interested in either.

This is now a real Gothic Only Thread

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"First Forget Pie"
What did she mean by this?

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>just forget me


i respect your architectural tastes but anons didnt come here to fap to buttresses

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Wherever you are, they usually hang around urban areas. The best advice I can give you is to hang around the local music scene.

It really does look like it says pie


How should you look and act to bang a goth girl? I don't wanna be a goth fag too

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lmao yeah its "me", i do see how you thought it was pie tho
I remember one chick i was with had a tattoo above the cooch that said "unforgettable"
idk why thats a thing though. imagine a dipshit with a tattoo above his dick that said similar.
every chick would call him a tool
back to number 8 for the other user

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I've had 3 and they were all stupid into anal. Honestly had my anal then reg vag for a while with them. Shit is so cash. Keep looking brother your dick needs it

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Based and logpilled

Andy, I'm ready!

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youd generally have to peak their interest somehow which would primarily involve dressing the part, goth/punk/etc. its superficial af but if you somehow catch the attention without that, its pretty much in the attitude of not giving a fuck and having similar taste in music. that being said, find venues that play music that said girls would be into. thats a start.

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more more more plz

also, pick a number between 1 and 32 (excluding 8 and 27). first response wins and im done dumping after that.

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24 this ones for mamba


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honestly this set sucks imo so if more than 3 say "next" to this post, ill move on to the next winner

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Ramona Flowers



Emily from London. Wish I had her nudes

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wow im surprised yall are cool with this plainjane

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Nudes are not her virginity

I have a nice reward if anyone has more of this goth hottie.

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More plz!

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sorry babe but heres a few for the road from 18 since i thought these were pretty spicy
8.Discordia.Indoor Smore

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18.Discordia.Indoor Smore*

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The pie is a lie

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fuckin lying thot
enjoy comfy smores instead

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These are amazing thank you

nobody? i hear she's got some bdsm stuff out there

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sebastian melmoth its time to get off Cred Forums you know better

Hnnng fuck that’s hot

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i gotchu bro, ive done my fair share of lurking.
gotta return the favor.

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Does this count ?

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Yooo she was cute af. Still hit it now though

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last one, ill probably share the collection sometime in future if i spot more alt/goth threads in future.

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Face it this Cathedral is thicker than any girl here.

Look at those Holy and Pontiffcally Approved Curves

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wow fuck those typos

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I have EVERYTHING on mynaughtselfies and xtremeplaypen - looking for trades

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Bars flirting out of her ass

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What a waste of a body. Fucking hideous.

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That's cake ya new faggot

that took forever for you to get back im about to leave.
here this is for you. one of my favorites.

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>unironically calling someone a new when they missed the joke
follow the replies guy.
also leave it to a btard to argue when he intended to fap.

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and first name? just for the folder

I just told her your still posting her fucking pics. Who the fuck are you and you need to stop


you have to be a goth bf. i got my nose pierced & changed how i dressed & it’s significantly easier. i haven’t fully committed & im a 6/7 out of 10 at best so i’m not going to lie and say i’m crawling in goth girls but i certainly do alright and much better than i used to.

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Damn. Well, that sounds impossible for me then.


i’m also 21 and go to a liberal arts school so i have pretty easy access. i assume once you get to be past 25 or so and the alternative look is no longer professionally acceptable you have to just have a bunch of money & put in more effort or choose not to be professional




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She doesn't want to be posted so fuck off

how are you dressing? I usually find its harder to show that youre "into" the scene being a guy compared to a girl

God that’s so hot


She’s fucking hooot

she doesn’t wanna fuck you so you should probably fuck off from her

Lmao, thanks for giving me a reason to save that pic


Should we all save it ?

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i go to a lot of house shows so that alone gets my foot in the door that we have similar interests musically & are in similar circles but i try not to go too crazy with the style. no striped eboy shirts or padlock necklaces. i’ve always worn black jeans & ive had some band t shirts for years that have worn in nicely. something like that with an old vintage fur coat that i thrifted along with a little bit of jewelry goes a long way. you don’t necessarily have to dress scene or goth in my experience but having an interesting or fun style with interesting / vintage pieces in colors and cuts and materials you don’t typically find on most other guys helps too. thrift shopping is your friend. just be a little adventurous with what you’re wearing and you’ll stick out to anyone and it just becomes a matter of actually talking to them. the nose rings i have help too & get a lot of compliments but that’s a pretty big commitment. additionally i find that i get more attention from non alt / goth girls. i kind of fulfill their alt boy fantasy. win win without committing too hard.

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Mfw I have near 400 hours of ink and sluts like this drip over me but I'd rather an innocent looking girl next door

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post pics of tats i’m in the process of getting some soon

>I'd rather corrupt the pastor's virgin daughter
We know, Satan, no need to tell everyone.

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If she didn't make me choke her when she came I might not be so into it :)

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Seriously quit fucking posting her pics. Quit making thread where she's the big picture. Fuck off dude. Your getting annoying

Couldn't figure out a more constructive way to spend your money?

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monami frost

yea I always think you have to wear ultra tight jeans and other sissy looking stuff, necklaces bracelets and whatnot. I usually wear dark colors just never got into wearing band shirts personally, but thats probably a big signal piece

I own a tattoo shop in Australia and my gf is a partner in a law firm I'm good bro

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mine aren’t ultra tight but i’m tall and slim so skinnier just looks better on me. too many accessories is corny. one or 2 is probably the sweet spot because you don’t look like you’re trying too hard but you also are still putting in effort. a plain black t is probably just as good as a band t. how you dress isn’t as important as being overall attractive & having similar interests. especially for a one night kind of thing.


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Satan's trips.

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Nice. You apparently "own" a shop where you, I assume, and "your" employees needlessly inject people's skin with ink. You seem a Really clever guy with lots handy skills. I guess your gf is smart for not being married to you, or maybe she's dumb for being with you. Whatever the case, you'll look like a hilarious clown by the time you realize that your a moron.

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Bro you dont even make sense

Sauce?or moar

Best cock sucker I've ever seen

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Idk why I would lie to strangers on the internet. I'm not a tattooist I just manage 4 artists and have a 75% stake in the business, it's a bit dicey over here with the 1% clubs hard to be independently owned. Cool story anyway.

how'd you get these?

How much did that all cos???

honestly i don't remember her name, and i only had those few, im sorry: (

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All good she's so hot


yea I know its just something to help get their attention or open up for a more receptive conversation

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want more?

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fucking weirdos

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Well? Let’s see em?

say if you want more user

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50kish but I'm nearly covered maybe another 40 hours and I'll be done with my body suit.

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YES! THAT'S IT! i forgot hahaha
i have a folder called naga but i didn't think it meant anything lmao
it's 46 files if anyone wants it just ask

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ill take it

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She is amazing

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Stockholm Midas

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that puckered asshole though

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amazing body, and perfect tits, ruined with stupid tattoos

She’s gorgeous but fuck me what a mess

actually you are in for something special a law firm you say

ty user


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no problem!
enjoy the rest of your weekend: )

Why a lawyer would fuck a tattooed bogan, assuming you're a retarded jocked and not a smart guy with a special taste for body and looks ?

Cathedrals are fucking gay. I don't go to them, and neither do you.

I think women are attracted to "danger", they're fucking idiots.

Yea, do you really think someone would do that? Just go onto the internet and tell lies? Never happened once.

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Where did you find her ?

Meh people put lawyers on some pedestal she's only on 150k a year, I used to make that when I was a tower crane op. Also I'm 6'4 and white, most chicks love tall dudes.

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Weirdly enough on a Simpsons fan group page

Anyone like this goth girl?

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story ?
Shit, aussies make ton of cash in construction or you were lucky ?
Why she makes so few ?
How many jobs you had till you became investor in the parlors ?

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Is her name Lizzie?


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Ah, a man of taste.
She has a new set due out in mid March.

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Attached: 81-z4iBdpQ.jpg (1280x720, 166K)

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simp faggot, I hope he posts more and I'm very sure I know her lmao


you dont know her you cuck

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funny thing is i actually do know her lol

I posted a meme in the group and she commented, we got to talking and she asked me out for a drink, been together 4 years now. She got the meme painted in oil colours for our anniversary last year.

I was lucky in a sense, I got work as a crane op offshore after I worked in Port Hedland for 3 years so was on massive money and was away for a month at a time, used to just fly to Thailand for my month off it was great.
Most construction workers are on 70-100k a year.
150k is nothing to sneeze at but she only works 4 days a week, if she knuckled down we could retire by 40.
Bought the shop 6 years ago but didn't work there until October last year when I got my redundancy.
Pic related, it's the meme she had painted for me

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It's really wholesome dude. She's a true keeper

keep going...

Also, "the sopranos sessions", noice

sauce? name?

Last one. Be a good boy and pay her if you want more.

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thats what i thought fag

moar of OP fresh from her

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any more?

I just might lol she from the south? :)


I bet she has a kid with a shit head baby daddy with a drug problem.

You wish lol stay mad kid. Maybe one day


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oh god.
moar? name? anything?

Please let this prune. Didn't think she would be up this long

fuck no

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Attached: dhgk7BeQt1tvcaz7o8_1280.jpg (1280x1920, 635K)

Don't be a dick. Not trying to get caught.

Gotta think before you post next time

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She aged so badly. That wall hit her hard.

....Uh, guy, you know that everything posted here is automatically archived?

Even if you, or mods, delete the images or posts, they're automatically scraped, and archived, and available always in the future.

What a fuckin dummy.

Yeah but only people with no life ever check the archives.

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Attached: 3.jpg (600x744, 94K)

Attached: 76-eCOupZ8.jpg (720x1280, 179K)

Guys let it die

Never happening sorry

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And only idiots post their woman on the internet and expect it to not get around. You played yourself, bubba.

You're talking to the wrong person if you think I'm one to care.

That sparkle filter really brings out her asshole.

I just don't want OP pic to get around i can't delete


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Probably too late for that

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HOLY FUCK KK i fucking know this slut

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Attached: ELs90PKUUAA4CsA.jpg (1536x2048, 305K)

Attached: EOn7vy-UwAAmM9J.jpg (1536x2048, 325K)

Attached: EP3-3SOUwAAg2qC.jpg (1125x1519, 170K)

Attached: EQmyX0jUcAYT8tR.jpg (939x1331, 143K)

Attached: EQWhKKZU4AAe7nm.jpg (1536x2048, 295K)


need you guys to spice this place up!

gg/KudC8u share thred

how do i check archives?