Explain to me why race mixing is bad

Explain to me why race mixing is bad.

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Its literally communism, duh

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Because if two people hook up of of the billions in your race in the future your race will be reduced to the population of say Alabama.

ITT: scared white men. Maybe not now but just give it a little.


its not. you get genetic benefits from both races.
white/black mixing is the ideal genetic superior race.

Because it shows a form of societal self hatred when people on mass don't want their children to look like them. When I have kids, I want my little ones to look like me, if I mate with a woman outside of my race, there is basically 0% chance of that. So, since I don't hate myself, I don't want to have children with women outside of my race. I want to love my children, and myself. If an entire society (races on both sides of the fence) have collectively decided to have a generation of children that do not look like them, then that society is profoundly sick.

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Your kids might not look like you at all even if you are both the same race. It happens a lot
And your kid could look a lot like you if you race mix. Just because your kid has a bit of Asian in them won’t make them unrecognizable, what kinda logic is that.

And who cares that much If your kid looks like you or not? That’s a kinda weird thing to obsess about, especially when it’s so up to chance
Your idea that it shows self hatred is a massive assumption at best

It's not about the specifics of genetics, it's about how we, as a society, are programmed. Males, as an example, who look similar to their father, will search for women with similar characteristics to their mother (possibly looking for some upgrades in appearance, strength, etc) so they can have what will basically be an upgraded version of themselves. To have a child with a woman who looks NOTHING like the woman who made you suggests that you have an internalized hatred for yourself, as to not want to make a child that looks like you. I don't have this self hatred, so I don't want to have a child outside of my race (and even with a very small subset of women within my own race that meet my upgrade requirement.)

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It isn't inherently bad on a genetic level,but if your kid is half Black and embraces negro culture THAT is a problem.

it aint. its just niggers and sandniggers that should be kept away/cleansed

But I can easily tell you are trying to rationalize something you believe at face value with logic and assumptions that we both know are huge jumps
Your on some Freud shit, and he is largely considered a quak within his field, and nearly everything he has said has been disproved.

>When I have kids, I want my little ones to look like me
It sounds like that to you, having kids is just a vanity project. I think buying a mirror would be cheaper and probably more effective in that regard tbh

Yeah. Ok bud

He’s largely considered a quack inside his field of pseudoscience

You talk mad shit Cred Forumsro. Freud had a lot of weird theories. But most of his theories are the base of modern psychology.

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I'm a mutt myself and not trying to jerk myself but I've had white girls show interest without knowing me, so in terms of looks race mixing has a chance not to be bad depending on what your parents look like. That being said because I'm a mutt I have no community or anything to feel proud of in regards to my race so I wouldn't understand exactly why it's so important to white people.

Race mixing is okay if a male is white and a girl is nigger/spic/chink/kike. The opposite is not acceptable.

>When I have kids, I want my little ones to look like me,
Unless you were legitimately cucked your kid is going to look like you even if it's half of another race. If I had to guess then if that actually happened you would probably still love your kid even if they were mixed.

Hypocrite alert

It's not bad but there are consequences to it.

Nigger males should be slaves on in jail, while their women should lick the balls of a white master. No hypocrisy.

He literally isn’t though
Like how disconnected from the world of real science and psychology are you?
He is literally meme science because he says provocative shit

A Joke zoomer. It was one.

Because if we all agreed it was good for everyone there would be no more races until geographic separations again.

If the bell curve majority are not into it, so what, the fringe people are going to do it anyway and thats enough, its not like we need to, 1% of all genetic tests are pure.

If the idea was homogenously applied then you destroy one when we could have both.

>race mixing

Thats implying race is even real and not a result of excess melanin in the skin caused by your position on the earth in regards to solar radiation which results in pigmented skin and different eye colors to prevent damage.

Hypothetical situation:
Once upon a time, there were red roses and yellow roses. They came from different parts of the world. Then, in the fictional country of Parador, people began growing the yellow AND red roses in their gardens. They began naturally cross-pollinating. The offspring plants produced orange roses. After 100 years, almost all the roses in Parador were one shade or another of orange. There were very few, if any, of the red and yellow roses to be found.

Extrapolate that over to humans. Would it be a good thing to have one medium brown race, or better to have blacks and whites as separate races? Yes, there would be SOME benefits to a "uni-race", but would it be ALL good? Wouldn't it be sad to have either race go extinct?

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Just because people don't care about race-mixing doesn't mean they would actively participate everybody has their own taste

typical amerifag psychology. Feed them with xan and Valium and they'll be ok. Fuck off with you DSM-V Diagnostics. The american psychiatric association is the worst joke since Hitler. Here in europe you are threated like a human person. You get the necessary respect as an patient to grow and get well. Amerifags have subjects and if the subjects can't afford the therapy, the subjects get rejected. The best thing the Amis had done was the AA.

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From a biological standpoint, "race" mixing is only beneficial. A larger genetic spectrum only strengthens the offspring and reduces risk of inbred diseases etc.

And that's the only standpoint you should be caring about. Every other position is unscientific, racist bullshit.

But that means user might actually have to encounter some brown people in their daily life and work. How can you make him do such a thing?

mutts are uglier, that's why everyone makes fun of how ugly americans look.

Death Stranding (2019)

There are a lot of genetic diferences betwen races. Don't ignore them because you think thats racist. Race theory wasn't perfectioned because of what Hitler did. If you ever observed some real Africans, Asians, Europeans, Latinos, Aboriginies etc. They have minimal different face, muskles, skin and bone structures. At some, the regions for logical thinking (the prefrontal kortex) are better developed as at others. This doesn't fit for every specimen of a race, but for the most of them. The average intelligence of an African is 70 and that of an Chinese is 105. Some races are stronger than others and some are weaker. How i said. Not all of them but the most.

I don't want to ever have kids because im a psychological wreck. I don't want sick kids. But if i had to chose for reproduction, it would be a blond or redhead with green eyes. Blacks smell strange and it is less possible they're intelligent. Asians look strange. A latina where a aption but brunette girls are not my tipe.

Scientists say the people of the future will have green blood (because of co2 levels in the atmosphere) and red hair. How true that is, i dont know.