Rate my lunch fagets

rate my lunch fagets

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You should have ravioli instead

What are the round things?

big reeses puffs

Do you live in a fucking circus?

You will die before you're forty

i live in your mom nigger

Is that Mountain Dew Zero any good?

i hope

no tendies 1/10

Cigarettes can't kill people before their 40, I doubt a fucking corn dog is gonna do it.

only in the sense it tastes like dew

you're thinking of a carnival. those fucking carnies live on fried dough and carmel apples

but user-sama i have dewie :)

Cigarettes cant kill people before they are 40? Did you just make that up?



But there are two corn dogs

Needs a couple of bread and butter pickle chips

Are those taints on sticks?

>amerifat as fuck

watch your mouth sand nigger

Dip those potato sticks in a little ketchup or ranch. Yum

dont tell me you didnt knew that

well balanced, OP. itadakimasu.

Is this a plastic plate? Mountain dew? French fries?

Your breakfast looks like an snack on a children birthday ...

thanks broski! :)


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It's the "I will die with 40 from heart attack" starter pack

Sure they can faggot.

paper plate and theyre like fries but dehydrated

Mountain dew zero yuck... what are you diabetic

>I will die with 40 from heart attack

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Why? Do you have no normale plates? Do you have nothing in your kitchen which is actually food? Why do you prefer eating trash and sugar instead of making yourself some scrambled eggs, an fresh orange juice, bacon and some toast with cheese or avocado or whatever

Shit on sticks?

Are you too stupid to recognize that "I" is the person eating this?

What are they really?
Miniature hush-puppies?

That's complete bullshit

do personally know anyone who died of cigarettes before the age of 40?

I do

Enjoy your corndogs OP

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hard to believe. you should prove it.

Well....she’s dead...
I don’t exactly have a copy of the medical records or death certificate