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Currently playing 3.5 Dragonslayer monk Lvl 8
with a group of 7
I've been playing for 21 years off and on.
I mostly DM original stories just so I can actually have some NPC's that players get attached to due to their development over the course of the sessions.

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>group of 5 autistic blokes and 1 crippling alcoholic dude
>play every other sunday from 4 to 10, order dinner to my apartment during session
>homebrew campaign rn
>my character is a plague doctor half-elf artificer called Carl Cyanide

>pic related is our gay character group pic

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that's the point of DnD innit. dafuq you expect


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Oranges are orange

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When Hulu first went legit they had a DnD documentary following a group.
They played one game for 21 years.
The DM killed them all after the final boss with a simple portal that lead to limbo they willingly walked in thinking it was there to get them out of the hole they were fighting in

tbh most proper DMs wouldn't just kill off a group like that. the goal of every player should be to have as much fun as possible, which means that the DM is supposed to be merciful at times

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There’s an opening on the path and you come upon a small bridge going over a stream, and towards a gazebo on the left, but notice a fork in the path to the right aswell, what do?
>I shoot the gazebo with my shortbow
It’s a gazebo user, it’s not going to do anything
>I equip my fire arrows and shoot the gazebo
user it’s a gazebo, stop trying to kill it
>I actively try to put the gazebo on fire with the arrows
Alright user, roll for initiative, the rest of the party doesn’t need to
>rolls a 2
I rolled a 18 user, so the gazebo takes his turn, he gets up, and kills you user, your dead now, and the gazebo burns down around your body making it unreclaimable, here’s a character sheet, you play the squire now

Eww gross
Not even one lantern and I can't see a 10 foot pole anywhere. Do you even adventurers toolkit?
2/10 would not dungeon crawl with

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story of how one of my characters died:

>Garry Goodbarrel, lvl 5
>Chaotic evil dwarf. disliked by most of the group
>we were debating with a witch over a quest
>inb4: i was high as fuck on shrooms
>decide to cut off the witch's head without warning and store it in my backpack
>natural 20 oppertunity attack

>walking off arguing with my team, while the witchhouse rises from the ground
>absolutely splatters me
>the witch house had a soul

>i rise from the dead as Barry Badbarrel
>my teammates immediately murder me again

>lose saving throw

garry goodbarrel. he wasn't all that bad.

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I'm going to be DMing an Eberron campaign for a group of friends to give our forever DM a break. I think they're playing as a Warforged Paladin, a changling rogue, and a halfling/raptor combo with a mark of healing.
This will be my first time DMing so I hope I do well enough.

Well yeah.
He was proper the whole 21 years they played until the end i guesss.
I want to say the dragon opened the portal before he died.
The DM said he thought epic level characters would know better.
I mean yeah its fucked up but you have skills for a reason. There's no way I would have went in without a few roll checks.

Don't trust shit in DnD
Roll them dice first

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>all those diaper boxes

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Yeah fuck having kids.

now that's some serious dungeon graphing paper

Probably that 1x1 inch sheet you can get from JoAnne Fabric's by the yard.

currently playing monarchies of mau (5e light variant, spin off of pugmire) where we're anthro cats in a fantasy land of other anthro creatures, billions of years after humans vanished mysteriously after hyper evolving animals. still find relics left behind from humanity, currently fighting a demon worshipping cult & ending their shit in various ways.

What's a good D&D or D&D style game for the Xbox 360? No I don't have an XB1. Do I look like I'm fucking made of money? Fuck...

Yeah I own a few myself. Small and big. They're great

Had a DM kill the entire party because one player killed his monk last game accidently.
He was a monk fighting a frenzy berserker one on one in a small room he was trapped in.
The DM didn't know the Barbarian was immune to crits due to whatever abilities he took, he was a warforge.
The monks hits didn't even do a dent in that massive hp pool.
The monk died in one round.
After that we all decided to only let new players play berserker.
Which by the way is a great way to reel people in.
Even though they're new they will feel like they're pulling their own weight and new players don't have to feel bad for not roleplaying as well as the vets just because it's a point and kill class.

The DM thought he would use quivering palm him and be done with it but he forgot to check immunities and we try hard to stick to shit once it's been established. Though he was upset about the death he didn't want to fudge it. We don't let him DM anymore.

Closet you will get would be like fable, dragon age, oblivion, skyrim, Diablo.