ITT saddest songs ever

ITT saddest songs ever

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extremely based user, human sadness is the high point of julian's career
i like this right now

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But Y'a won't understand a thing.....

what is it about? sounds good
reminds me a bit of Tryo
the song is not actually true, but it is about how matt tuck said he was a jerk and left his girlfriend and newborn child for about a month

nice! everything of him is kinda sad^^
good taste

On loneliness,existantialism and disillusionment


La Rue Ketanou !
That's not getting old, ever.
It's from a fado bye Amelia Rodrigues

Love this song and the video makes me so uncomfortable. I'm horrible at "analysis" but to me it seems like a car of teenagers that crashed and each person is slowly coming to terms with the fact they had just been killed.

song is "one million miles away" by j ralph
made me cry

I FUCKING love you bro... this song. man it kills me

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OP here, if only I had friends like you...

Noice !

I am kloot! True bro right here. Though I think "Sold as seen" is their saddest.

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Love that one from them.

I'm from another country than yours, another neighbourhood, another loneliness.
Today, I Invent side roads for myself. I’m not longer from your home. I’m waiting for mutants.
Biologically, I work with my own personnal idea of biology : I piss, I cum, I cry.
It’s first instance we shaped our ideas like manufactured goods.
I’m ready to get you the moulds. But
The loneliness…
The loneliness…

The moulds are of a new texture, you’re warned. They’ve been made tomorrow.
If, at this present day, you don’t have yet the feeling of your lifetime, transmitting yourself is useless, and it’s of no use to look forward, cause forward is behind, night is day. And…
The loneliness
The loneliness
The loneliness

It’s first instance corners streets’s laundromats to be as unperturbed as the red or green lights.
Detergent’s cops will show you the box where you’ll may wash what you’re taking for your consciousness, and which is only a « neurophilian » computer’s dependence of what you use as a brain. However..
The loneliness
The loneliness

Despair is a superior form of criticism. At the moment, we’ill call it « hapiness ». Words you’re using not being considered as « the words » anymore but a duct of some sort illiterates go through to have a clear conscience. But…
The loneliness
The loneliness
The loneliness, The loneliness, The loneliness…
The loneliness !!

We’ll talk about the Civil Code later. At this time, I’d would like to codify the incodifiable. I’d like to mesure your danaïds democracies. I’d like to insert myself in the absolute vacuum and become the unspoken, the un-virgin by a lack of lucidity. Lucidity is standing in my frocks.

In my frocks !!

Some classics, folks ??

Also, this.

This for god's sake

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Not much posts in this thread... There must be not enough traps, bbc and gore....