How does it feel knowing i could crush your head like a grape?

how does it feel knowing i could crush your head like a grape?

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Old shit is old

nice abs faggot

Makes me horny.

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On a serious note, what the actual fuck.medical condition is that?

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how does it feel knowing I can sneeze and not worry about my life being over?

You shouldn’t exert yourself when pregnant

you look like you got a beer belly with abbs implants.

You look gassy.

Scientists suggest this new simple trick for washboard abs! /FIT/ bros BTFO!

Something looks wrong with his abdominals and looks more frail than he should

Its pretty sure its a female to male tranny

Congratulations on the baby sis, who's the father?

You can't crush grapes?

Seriously though. Stop working out and it will disappear.

Sarcasm obviously

This is old

But this is what synthol injections into your "Adonis belt" looks like

Wonder if he would have internal hemorrhaging if he got slammed on his stomach

I've never seen a FTM before.

fuckers who think they can fight cause they have got muscles. lol.

is that a medical condition?

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This nigga has a sarlacc pit for abs

What is that?

You look alike an idiot. I wouldn’t be showing my belly if it looks like that. Just threw up a little bit in my mouth

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