What's Cred Forums drinking tonight?

What's Cred Forums drinking tonight?

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Gin Tonic with Cucumber


die in a fire with your cucumber

Dubs of truth

Im drinking everclear and redbull at work rn

Dubs aren't truth. You're thinking of trips.
Lurk moar

Only 2:45pm here. Drinking sour apple four loko like a poor fag. Getting some weed soon

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Absolute shit
what gin, what tonic?
It's not often I see a rating this bad on untappd. Must be undrinkable.

Recovering alcoholic/drug addict checking in

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water, cause i'm sick in the head

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African wine that tastes like plastic.it has a reality to it.

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Same here from opiates/benzos. How are you handling sobriety? I found I can handle alcohol and cannabis, but I can't be around hard drugs.

>original taste
>less sugar
nah fuck that.

If you're poor, just buy Dark Eyes 100p. Or if you dont like liquor, King Cobra.

Thanks user

>absolute shit
Dude, I only earn R7 500 per month. Just happy not to be a neet

I only have water with my booze. Mixing coke or pop of any kind is so goddamn gross.

no idea what this, but it looks fancy
i wanna try some pliny

Wellington VO comes from the vineyards of the Western Cape in South Africa, and yes, it's not the best, but it's affordable and is ok. There are tons of top wines that come from there, though, and have achieved international accolades, too. The Western Cape province is the only province in South Africa that has not been under the ruling ANC party since 1994, when the NP gave into international sanctions. Every other province is ruled by the ANC, and the ANC is also the nation's party by way of a majority. The Western Cape is sort of like a white enclave, and whites have maintained it effectively.


Oh, and Elon Musk comes from South Africa, if you don't already know. Love the guy (no homo)

Ungodly amounts of beer, and some vodka.

bacardi and coke

And i'm opening oxycodone caps every hour or so and snorting them.

Life is temporarily good

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Stick to one, then you won't be so fucked in the morning - or at least not nearly as fucked as you will be after having drank different types of alcohol

Pepsi lime
Without calories

Meh, hard drugs (heroin) was my main problem. I can handle alcohol these days and have a better grasp on moderation, but choose just not to drink at all. Also quit smoking not too long ago. Still have depression pretty bad, but at least I'm sober and depressed kek

the mixing thing is a myth

Properly distilled vodka won't fuck you up the next day.

Everything else you drink pretty much will fuck you up, regardless of mixing

I don't drink. So I am just drinking cold 2L Irn Bru for me. Tastes good.

Klippies and coke reporting in from PTA

it's not even 3pm here yet
rye/kentucky whisky and coke zero
because i can see weight gain caused from processed sugars, but i can't see the brain tumours caused by aspartame

bleach and beer...

Cherry mead

Not much of a mixer kinda guy myself but cheers to you and your choice, OP. Pic related: what I’m drinking.

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Howzit, boet! Wat maak jy?

I just drink like a liter of water half an hour before I go to bed and that works like magic.
Yeah? One time I drank half a liter of vodka in about 10 minutes and the next day was fucking awful.


Reporting in from Devon, England? Bloody hell la', good on ya bruv

Maybe you had a shit vodka

Maybe you were dehydrated, or some other physiological imbalance

Good vodka shouldn't fuck you up unless something else is factored in

>Reporting in from Devon, England? Bloody hell la', good on ya bruv

I'm from Devon, don't see many anons from there tbh. I live in Bristol but go back alot because that's where I was born and lived up until a few years ago.

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just trying to stay alive, you know

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alcohol and opiates? Why?

Opiates will dull the effects of alcohol, and vice versa, no?

I'm from a small coastal city in South Africa, called East London, and not sure if I'd be able to get any mead here, but I'm sure I'd be able to find it in the bigger cities.

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I know that feel, bro, I really really do. Wish we could all have a meetup, would be lekker

Kaas bra. All the best!