Hey Cred Forums what is up with all these instagram teenage bikini "models" and why hasn't any "mainstream" media...

hey Cred Forums what is up with all these instagram teenage bikini "models" and why hasn't any "mainstream" media picked up on this yet?
i excpected massive outrage by now

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WHO knows!

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You're getting your supply why are you complaining?

im not it's just curiousity

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Anons keep posting

kylin kalani, fran ramme , isabella110022,..
use google for the rest


if any mainstream "media" would look at this they would be outraged, no?
im not saying i am or that they should

My cock is throbbing

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post your favorite

It's because you are a faggot

Kylin Kalani probably.

Give me some more names my fellow coomer.

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just look in their following they usually follow each other


Jews I'm sure

there seems to be more of them than there used to be lately

Jesus Christ. I'm going down this rabbit hole tonight for sure.

the platform where mothers willingly and eagerly sexualize their children for profit. Way younger than just teens.

Kaileygraceful1 is literally a child

I don't know names of particular kids, but from what I've seen, I sure saw a lot when I was on there. It's really sad.

It's a delicious rabbit hole to fall down. I had a thing back in the days with another guy I met off Craigslist where I'd suck his cock while he watched slideshows of these models. These very small models.
Hot times!

wrong thread faggot. There's trap threads all over Cred Forums for you to go enjoy.

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>fran ramme

gotta love south America

Pretty easy to just contact a news organization and tell them about it.

But IT's ArT DoN'T You GeT THaT

>why dont people case about teenagers showing tons of skin
Gee I wonder. Perhaps because it would be utterly impossible to police what kids do with the phone each of them have? Perhaps because 99.99999% of people (men and women) dont actually give a flying fuck?

Little of column A, little of column B i'd suspect.

ps fuck off

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She has sponsored access on her website.
We all know what that means...

What's there to be outraged about? What are you, a faggot?

They are like non-nude teenage model agencies, but are branching out to Instagram for popularity. Many of the models make extra money by selling subscriptions to websites with high quality, more sensual pictures of theirs, but they never get naked. Also, they can't emulate sexual acts.

You cannot get these agencies in judicial trouble because they are not comitting crimes in most countries. However, you should be able to catch one of the models slipping up. Sometimes the girls do livestreams, on Periscope and so on, to chat with followers and generate more engagement. There have been cases of some non-nude underage models doing things which would be illegal in those livestreams, from what I heard.

If someone exposes those cases, an agency or agent for this would be pretty screwed.