Kaitlin Bennett did NOT SHIT HERSELF! If you look at the SJW in the photo...

Kaitlin Bennett did NOT SHIT HERSELF! If you look at the SJW in the photo, you can CLEARLY see it isn't Kaitlin's beautiful golden hair (and she is way hotter). That is clearly some LIBTARD who had too much to drink!

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Yah that is her you lvl. 60 autist.

The chick with no identity but "me lik guns cause week".

At least she has two identities now, lmao. Leave it to a republican.

I hate how nice those fat cheeks look, because I can't fap to this shit.

Fucking disgusting

That is a whole lot of shit, whoever that is really shit themselves.. gross.

That's horseshit dude

it's almost as if she's COMPLETELY FULL OF SHIT

1) Not her
2) Girl standing in back said she doesn't know Kaitlin Bennett.

3) Fake Troll = Fake

Kait Bennet didn't shit herself while she was passed out. But she definitely is retarded enough to accidentally shit herself while she's awake.

Have sex please.

That’s a ridiculous amount of shit too
Must of been backed up for a few days.

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>2) Girl standing in back said she doesn't know Kaitlin Bennett.
first time i've seen this,
Not exactly good evidence anyway, some random dude on the ground covered in shit i probably wouldn't know his name either.

It is really not her, frankly anybody who posts this garbage is mentally deranged and have not ability to debate with Kaitlin Bennett, they'd just look stupid.

> Girl standing in back said she doesn't know Kaitlin Bennett.

Literally never happened

>Oh I read it somewhere on the internet....
>let me find the thread where some anonymous person claims to know that chick and she definitely said it


Looks like she ate a lotta McDonald's chicken nuggets with honey mustard!

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I hope she sees this bro...

Seriously, take a step back and get a life. It's too short to waste on this garbage.

Okay? How do we know it's her on the first pic?

It's a Saturday lol

Pic is saying it isn't.
It was a meme with over 44 results, searching by hash, accounting for all the other variations probably over hundreds.
It was a meme years before Kaitlin's meme, nobody throughout the 2 years ever claimed her name to it till after 2018

>girl who shit herself has straight hair
>kaitlin has curly hair
>libtards are so retarded they ignore obvious things to further push a meme to discredit someone

>Curly hair, straight hair
I don't know much about girl's styling their hair but I don't think that's a good argument.

dear god you surpassed the autism spectrum buddy rofl inbred

Libtards are cute when they try to pretend they’re not just afraid of weapons and that’s all it is. Are you scared of butter knives too or do you wait until the DNC decides their bad before you’re afraid of them?

implying right wing edgy fags dont do the same thing
>implying changing hair texture is impossible
great job son

kill yourself

The amount of damage control these autistic virgins endure just to white knight for a jagged faced blonde.

I get it. She agrees with your sheltered beliefs. But do you realize how autistic you guys are being shilling for her till your blue in the face.

Aren't you guys supposed to be the nonsensitive party?

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It’s because they want to get angry and gang up on conservatives and when they all get together and realize they don’t have enough brain cells to actually counter her points, so they just skip to personal insults and acting like their positions are innately correct and they don’t have to justify the obvious flaws in their opinions

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You don't have half of the intellect this beautiful AR-15 wielding goddess possesses, undoubtedly you would be embarrassingly afraid to argue with this flawless siren on the street.

Big ass kek. Is that really her?

smh just zero self-awareness

Have fun worshipping your shitty pants goblin faced political attention seeker you virgin.

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