Does anyone here have a history of getting their wives or gf's naked in front of friends before? Not to have sex with...

Does anyone here have a history of getting their wives or gf's naked in front of friends before? Not to have sex with, but to let them see.
One of my favorite things to do.
Not a lot of porn on the subject.

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>One of my favorite things to do.

go on

>Not a lot of porn on the subject.

>Mostly after drinking.
>Getting the shy to show her brother and friends her tits
>Former Wife to go skinny dipping with friends
>GF to flash friends during Mardi Gras.
>GF to show friends her tits on her phone
>GF to show work mates her tits on her phone
and more

But you all are anons.
Not prople who know her irl.

do they take a lot of convincing?

If they are a little tipsy, not too much.
The gf showing her brother was the toughest.

Most just need liquid courage.

enjoy hell you degenerate faggot

Did this to a gf in college. I knew I was going to break up with her so I agreed to let my roommates have some fun first. Basically made up the rules to a drinking game we were playing and made her strip

Someones a little jelly


Good times.

Not the same but similar. Booked a hotel across from a stadium with a corner room. Stripped my girlfriend down completely naked, then fucked her while she was kneeling on a chair in front of the full length window on the 2nd floor. A bunch of dudes leaving the game looked up and started cheering me on, girl tried to hide her face, but I pulled her hair back and ordered her to look at them while she was fucked. She said she never came so hard - I busted a nut, flexed my arms like Arnold to all the assembled dudes, and closed the curtain - show over.

She was reluctant at first but we turned up the peer pressure and eventually she gave in

Fucking nice. What reactions do the friends give?

Ahhhnold!!!! Arrgh!!


Made everyone's night. Forgot to mention that copious amounts of liquor were involved, and that I pressed her face against the glass which made her cum even harder.

Only a couple were wild and enjoying it.
Most were really reserved and low keyed.
But thanked me later.

Haha nice I used to love getting sluts to give me road head then exposing them to truckers

Love driving with naked girls while fingering them.

Used to? What changed faggot?

Did they know people could see? My favorite was the naive sluts I convinced no one could see. Then while she was busy bent over the center console working my knob I’d slide her dress up or pants down and finger her while pacing beside a trucker

All the tine

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Not the user you are asking, but I know my wife isn't into that shit much anymore - usually because we have 3 kids in the car.

I did get her to bend over in the waves on the OBX last summer and take it in the butt at night. Salt water splashin' on yer balls, lads, that'll tip you over the edge every time.

Majority of the time, they were so worried about being seen by people driving in the opposite direction, which is just stupid.
But would eventually become used to being naked in the car, and become oblivious to cars next to them.

noice. This user has some class. Share the wealth.

Haha that’s great. I loved that they didn’t have a clue how many guys had seen their ass and pussy. She freaked when an s-10 with a couple hillbilly’s in it started beeping. She didn’t realize they wouldn’t have even seen her face if she hadn’t freaked and sat up

Yeah it's hot to control them in public dude.

The best time was a movie theater and some high schoolers were ahead of us. We went to matinee so we could fuck in the back (think it was Ma). Ex liked that shit. She lifted her skirt up and starting riding me reverse cowgirl when one of the HS teens looked backed. She tried to get off my cock but I grabbed her hips and kept her on. The teen started talking with his other two buddies...then all 3 turned around and watched as we fucked. She had nice D sized tits with pierced nipples so pulled her tits out so the teens could check 'em out. She squirted all over the floor and I busted a nut. We got up and left as one of the teens said "nice fucking tits". It was awesome

Some real life sex ed. Awesome.

Women like to be dominated - its in their genes. So making a woman perform for other men isn't that hard if you work it right. One of the most common female fantasies is being fucked while also being watched by men who are lining up to fuck them next. Women fantasize about being objects.

Want proof? Just go to any magazine rack or Instagram. Women posing all the time, trying to make other people look at them. Least you can do is help them live out a fantasy by inviting your friends to come a take a look.