Is $5 on a $65 bill considered an acceptable tip?

Is $5 on a $65 bill considered an acceptable tip?

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yes, about 10 % is usual, at least here in Europe.

any tip is acceptable you fucking leeches. tips are for exceptional service, if i wanted to pay your wage i would open the shop myself

No it isn, you dumb bag o‘ cunts

Depends. Was it me and my wife and 6 kids at the buffet? Then yes. Was it me alone at a restaurant where the meal cost 65? No.


If you want to get paid more. Get a better job.


Why to people choose a profession where there they don't get paid but are rather subject to generousity of others?

Do amerifats have normal fixed rate jobs for barkeeps/waiters etc too or is it always like this..?

And another take - if it is a tip-rate, is it usually better or why do people choose to work for tips? If it evens out to being better than a fixed rate on the avg then one or two tables who don't tip should not be that much of an issue...?

because it pays quite well if your pretty and depending how busy the place is

That’s less than 10%. The very minimum you should tip is 10%
A $13 tip is what you should really put down, but 15% $9.75 would be acceptable too

for a 15% tip, she'd still have my load on her face

Get a real job and stfu crying.

Why tip based on a percentage of the bill? Why does the guy schlepping plates at a fancy restaurant deserve more than the waffle house waitress?

exactly fucking right. takes no skill or effort to walk food across a room, but if you're pretty and flirt you might get a few bucks. waitressing is low grade prostitution and it needs to stay that way until we get robots to replace them. robots dont file sexual harassment claims or bitch on twitter

Ya. It's fine. 5 dollars should be the standard, none of this % shit.

>it needs to stay that way until we get robots to replace them.

Best service I ever had was on a cruise ship. You put in your order. Robot makes your drink, puts it on the little conveyor belt thing and it comes to you.


>giving a tip and not having sex with the waitress
Please, tell me the benefits.

>everything costs $5 more
increase the prices of everything by $5 and abandon tips entirely

How do we tip bots?


Cant get a job. No qualifications.
Cant get qualifications, no job.
Internship? The last time I heard someone talking about getting an internship, it was my rich friend who's dad has paid for every single achievement he made.
The lad hasn't lifted above 50 pounds for any real reason since he was 12.
All he does is complain about he "doesnt wanna be a CEO of a multimillion dollar company, that's just what his dad wants for him", whilst proceeding to fanboy over every aspect of the company's doings.

if the service sucked, then yeah.

I typically tip 20% even if the service isnt perfect. Not going to make a person suffer because they suck at their shit job. Im not their judge. I just wont eat at a place that hires bad employees so I wouldnt go back for a while.

Problem solved.

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Every fuckin' day

you are a class act and a gentleman

You're right. I've worked minimum wage in the past and tipped employees ALWAYS make more. It's an entitlement thing. I've seen drivers stay pissed off for over an hour because one person stiffed them on a 20$ order that they didnt even cook.

People are babies.

In response to OPs question, if it was several people and the server had to do a lot of running for your table, give em ten. If that was just you at an expensive restaurant, 5 is fine

If we lived in a rationally ordered universe, this would be valid. Unfortunately this is a dystopic nightmare where businesses are permitted to pay their employees less than minimum wage due to the expectation of tipping. Under that system, you are obligated to either tip, or to painfully murder any business owner that engages in this practice, and unfortunately I'm too chicken to do what must be done.

Depends on the service but it's usually not the waiter/waitress' fault. I just tip 20% which would be 13 on a 65 dollar check.

>the system for wait staff is bad
Hmm doesn’t sound like my fucking problem.

In europe a 0€ tip is acceptable
Feels good

depends on where you are going and how much they fuck up. Also the number of people matter. If you bring in 20 people and don't leave a good tip you are an asshole . If you go alone it's whatever.

>cant get a job, no qualifications, cant get qualifications
translate: school is for nerds. fuck college, fuck trade school, fuck learning
lolwut what is this 1960 giving a street urchin a chance at a small company or a 1980 1 spot is available with 50 people who want a comfy office job tier movie

>if life isnt handed to me like my friend I might as well quit trying

That's what I never understood. It's the same amount of back and forth no matter where you are. Especially drinks. It's not my fault your charging $15 for a mixed drink, still only tipping $1 per drink

Any tip is acceptable. It's literally extra money for doing your job, most people don't get a bonus just for existing.

At least it was a tip, tidepods often don't tip a penny!

sounds like you're a little bitch


>If you don't tip you are an asshole.

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>Not going to make a person suffer because they suck at their shit job

If they suck at their job, but they are actually trying, then yes, they deserve a good tip. But if they suck at their job because they are not even trying (being lazy, insulting the customer, etc.) then no, they don't deserve a good tip.

I went to a restaurant a while back, and the waitress that was working that side of the room never even took my order. She walked by me several times and didn't even speak. I was there for what must have been 15 minutes before the girl working the other side of the room came to me and asked me if I had been helped yet, and she took my order. There was literally no reason at all for me to tip the girl that was supposed to be my waitress.

How much you want to bet this fuck doesn't even work at the restaurant, just a Postmates driver that expects to be paid based on the value of the meal and not just the delivery.

It's $5-00 too much
Any attempt to extort mony out of customers, beyond the publicised cost of the meal requested, should be treated as felony and prosecuted as such.

Fucking preach

>allowed to pay their employees less than minimum wage due to the expectation of tipping
Sigh, this myth again. There is no such thing, under any circumstance, as somebody legally making less than min wage.

basically the tipping system is broken.
restaurants don't pay their wait staff well so food can cost less to get customers in the door. then the responsibility if paying the waitstaff falls on the customer. seems backwards.

*shits pants*

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This is why I cook at home.

$13 Minimum I'de leave a $20

>waiter busts his ass for no tip and makes less than minimum wage
>quits job at the restaurant for a fast food job and makes at least minimum wage, work is easier, and gets plenty of overtime, with opportunity to get promoted and the standard pay raise within a few months of working there
Problem, restaurant owner?

I live in Costa Rica no one local tips you earn enough America is a fucking third world shit hole.

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This shit is posted daily and yet you all act so new.

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According to a PayScale study, the median tip is now 19.5%. In recent years, some waiters and restaurants have suggested that 25% or even 30% is the proper gratuity level, and that a 20% tip, once considered generous, is just average today.Sep 19, 2014


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Agree. I went to the US and had a steak that was $1 a gram. Aussie bloke and was a Aussie Wagu. Table of 2 the food alone was $600. We tipped the waiter $70 and thought fuck is his job the most sought after job in the US? He literally just walked 2 plates and 2 drinks to us. I don't understand. I dont understand.

How did you get this stupid?
I would say "Don't breed" but we both know that won't be a problem.

This! Thank the god I don't believe in. Just be happy you get any money at all.

Wasn't 10% and I thought am I tipping bad or is it ok because it's a higher price???? I think it was like 6% but $70 I feel is crazy to tip for standard 'heres your food' sercice

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lmao what fucking fantasypand are living in where fast food workers get easy work and overtime with fair compensation?
it's easy as fuck to get promoted and get overtime sure. the amount of stress and shit pay is not worth it.

only if you feel bad, why

>fast food workers get paid min wage
>waiters complain their boss is allowed to pay them less than min wage because tips
>implying dumping frozen wings into a deepfryer is somehow more stressful than running back and forth carrying 50lbs of plates and food
The point is that if waiters are really gonna complain about not getting tips because "muh pay below min wage" and "muh hard work" and "muh excellent service" then working at mcdonalds should be a step up from their position. And mcdonalds is always hiring.

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them lazy niggers wanting free shit...working in customer service myself, expecting tip will only make you resentfull and bitter