This kind Celeb Thread

This kind Celeb Thread.

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I approve of this one

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Is she having a litter of trolls?

fakes suck dudesky...

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oh yum

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tumblr poster
mod arrest this tranny faggot

dont stop



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mmm knocked up jewess is best

Rachel, can I please jerk off and cum on Your preggo tummy?

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top tier preggo

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please, no

mmmm fuck

eating Nutella m&ms nigga

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they good?

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Mommy Gal

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so fucking sexy

What a lucky baby to be sucking on them tiddies :O

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i wish it was my baby in there

they look delicious

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wish there was more preggo material of her

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So full :O

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so good bro

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Me too =( There is a shockingly low amount out there, do you have more?

ooh ooh it's maternity!

kinda hope she gets knocked up again, looked so good
and hopefully more nudes

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have you seen this thread? of course they aren't good.

Only stuff I got of her is that one pic you posted and pics from this event, which isn't my favorite look of hers
think she just stayed downlow while pregnant

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Well she's in her third now. I am not hopeful about some more nudes while pregnant tho, maybe cause her husbands a bit more conservative. Would love to see em tho

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Same. I'll keep looking.

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guess I didn't know that, wouldn't hold my breath for more nudes, but at least the one shot she gave us was really great

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this wank feels oddly OK and not guilty at all...

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I wish I could have cum in her pregnant pussy

its a shame but I guess wanting the privacy is respectable

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two actually All during the bloom pregnancy though, which raises low hopes for Spiegel pregnancy nudes, as the last 2 pregnancies confirm I guess

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...i'm not gonna lie, i didn't read what was being talked about

Isn't bloom with katy perry now? maybe he'll try making a somewhat honest woman out of her

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it happens

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wasn't apologizing, but true


Lil Ari!

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what? like i;m not telling you it's always gonna be me who does it? cunt.

do you even know how this website works?

gimme some chaddy

do you?

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anything for you sweetboy

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Man I'd destroy that asshole. And make that kids head look like a golf ball

>do dishes
>eat food
>dishes dirty again
why do I even bother
gonna kms

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>not buying the cheapest paper plates to use when eating alone
lmaoing at ur life

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what if I exclusively eat soup and porridge
what then huh

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keep it to the thread theme

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paper plates

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>not eating soup cold out of the can

just hang your dishes outside for a while and let the cats and birds lick them clean

you are supposed to eat those straight from the pot ffs
the thread theme is bad and you should feel bad
trips checked though

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Damn thats good

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paper bowl

The cheap temporary tupperware.

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clean while you cook

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Do Americans really?

I'm lazy not homeless

FINALLY someone offers a real solution

I'd need to wash the pot too dummy


And throw them out every time? Seems wasteful

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>And throw them out every time? Seems wasteful
No, just rinse them out and reuse. Use one only for your pooridge and one only for ur soup.

A-As y-y-you c-can s-see my m-m-m-m-mistress i-i-i-is a-a very b-beautiful woman...

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Ya, Maddie is pretty hot.

Paper plates? At gatherings usually. BBQ, kids birthday parties, camping. Times when doing massive amounts of dishes or the risk of breaking plates is too great

do we really what?

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I missed the first post. The solution is just to go out and eat, make other niggers clean up after you

oh or you wait until it's raining and just lay them outside

Do Americans really fuck their cousins?

>rinse them out and reuse
I already do that with the regular dishes, we're back to square one

Yeah that's when I'd use them too. Never known somebody to just use paper plates at home alone

Do you REALLY?


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OR you take them dishes with you when you're showering

na mate. we're too busy fucking yours

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>not leaving the leftovers in the pot to add taste to the next soup
what are you, some kind of savage?
now *this* is some smart thinking

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Yup. I personally haven't, but I do have some very attractive ones I wouldn't mind doing. Not sure about having kids though, that's a bit much unless they're second or third, I'd prefer a bit more genetic diversity

I want to see my Lipa. Please

How did you get so full of knowledge? I need to write this stuff down

Intriguing idea

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i know right
knowledge is my second name, ask me anything

What's your first name

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whats you're middle name

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OP here and I approve this still very fucking much

You float like a feather
In a beautiful world
I wish I was special
You're so fuckin' special
But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here

Tim Knowledge Knowledge

tim knowledge knowledge?


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yes, nice to meet you

you too timothy :p

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You float like a feather
In a beautiful world
I wish I was special
You're so fuckin' special
But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here

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just tim

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fucking outstanding

k timmy

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don't call me timmy

I'd very much like to get her thread related

hnng man, she's great

sorry timtim

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no preggo

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Shame she's a dyke

np, now do your dishes

don't tell me what to do

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i just did

I heard the sexual act helps determine the baby, so I guess if it's a girl, she'll be born with a bag over her head.

Can I at least cum inside her while she's on the pill?

be very careful mr k

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i wouldnt stop you

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I know where you live

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Would you watch?

tell me

would i watch k get fucked and pumped full? yeah

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dont wanna dox u m8 dw

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I'd put on a good show for you

Post dua

good lad

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thanks i guess


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one vodka and cigareet plz :-DDDDDDDDD

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did you know you could also wash your dishes with sand

the same 25 pictures over and over that you already have saved? go fuck yourself.

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I'll take them with me next time I go to the beach

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midgets here

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do her right

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now that's the right spirit

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thanks for all the help :3

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the pleasure is all mine

you based

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your boyfriend midgie is spamming black penises

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Fucking her doggy while she's facing you so you can watch her expressions as my cock is making her moan

humans not animals
disgusting groids

Good god. Karen does things to me~

the fuck you talking about lol

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you're in a mood today

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i know

Should I stop?

you heard me son of basterd bich

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mustard beach

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Fuck I want Karen to dom me so bad

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Good, because Kristen always puts me in this mood

don't cryin
that'll be 15 dijon dollars plz

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no cryin here broski

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What ever happened to the old celeb rp anons? I miss them. And the celeb wars

Hey :)

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people dont know how to rp the other side and it lost all fun

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She's fucking amazing. Watch on 8 out of 10 cats does CD, she's allowed to get a bit loose. Hot as fuck and sharp as a tack. can't dance for shit tho

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Rubbing her clit and fucking her wet pussy hard until she orgasms right in front of you

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very unlikely

cute lily and great song

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Attached: But I poop from there!Karen_Gillan_fuck__24_.jpg (900x600, 260K)

now that her show is over she is hamming back up again

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wanna disc with some naughty guys
prefer to rp but anything is possible

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Holy fuck I'm so hard for Karen

What's your disc and do you dom?

kloss time?

Then have her on her knees and fuck her mouth a bit, making her taste herself

yeah i prefer to sub honest but i will

Laura v#9395


Couldnt find you heres mine
Midland_Sutter #3535