I'm buying a home in the country...

I'm buying a home in the country. I was walking the property today to see if I truly could vision myself there and stumbled upon this. There is a barn that the previous owners had animals in kind of near the area but not on the spot. I also found several animal's skulls in a close proximity. The ground was uncomfortably soft in that area compared to others.

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Why don't you ask the property owner what the fuck it is instead of a bunch of retards on Cred Forums

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Holy shit. I tried making this post 3 times but the image size was too large. This was the 3rd attempt and I realize I didn't finish the post. I found >pic related. Do you suppose this was were they got the water for the animals? I was a little confused why there were pvc. Could it have been a well from a long time ago?

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its a water pump

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I also want to mention the records kept on this home are fucking non existent

I figured this much. With the location of the barn in comparison to this.

yes. old well water pump. instead of wasting tons of gallons of domestic and over working their filters, they gave the livestock regular ground water.
also, if livestock dies it's expensive to have it disposed of so people tend to bury them on the property line.

get a metal detector. maybe Jeb buried some firearms in PVC pipe with packing lube

Thanks for the serious reply. I figured that it was for the animals. The home has been vacant for a year and some but the information about the land and the home are slim to none.
I will be inspecting!

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looks like the inside of a septic tank. on the right is the top of the sewage inlet tee. on the left is the top of the overflow tee going to your lateral lines.


And the dead animals thing.. Welcome to rural farm life, it's really not a big deal.

I didn't put my face in it to smell for fear of a lock ness monsta pulling me in but I will look into that a little more. The actual septic for the home is much closer than this well is.

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I was a little surprised when I first found the skulls. I suppose unlike (you) I have not been raised around that type of environment.

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I did not smell any from standing over it

U ever left the big city?

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That's just a fucking water cistern you fucking n word. Nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever, the deer skulls too. I live out in the country and every other person has two or three deer skeletons littered in

I have traveled outside of the limits here and there but have never had immediate family with a country life to show me how. Please don't get me wrong. By no means am I a soy drinking big city goy but I have never experienced simple country lifestyle. I also want to mention the "city" I live is very small.

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Please see
I'm no nigger btw. I'm looking forward to being a rootin tootin home owner but I've never lived that lifestyle. I'm not afraid of the property maintenance.