Just one minute!

Just one minute!
What if I told you...
That masturbating and porn is bad for you?

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cooming is bad,
ejaculating about once a week is healthy.

Abstaining from ejaculation for 1 week increases testosterone up to 145%. Why let the benefits stop there?

Im sorry that picture is the dumbest bullshit.

Also no it fucking doesn't. ACTUAL studies have proven that there is no noticeable change in T levels whatsoever. Fake news bullshit based on sexual insecurity. Nothing more.

It's your reality though.

Think about what your saying. By your logic you would have a hormone disorder within a couple of weeks. If you want to use science at least try to use real logical science. Such a post fact world we live in.

because the prostate recycles the old sperm and this process is what causes prostrate cancer,
ever wonder why guys over 40 should start having regular prostate checkups?
by that time their natural drive has diminished so hard that they probably dont even crank one out every month.

Nofap is still about not being a slave to your own lusts and desires. I refuse to be an animal with no free will, and i will make my life based on what I want it to be.

most things are bad for you in extreme excess, but nobody wants to ration anything.

They want to turn you into human cattle.

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>fake news bullshit
who actually says that LOLOLOLOL >muh faek news bullshit
>post fact world
facts quite literally don't give a shit about your insecurities

I can stop anytime. I just choose not to.

Holy shit David Castillo has no fucking photo of him at all on the internet. This is how shadowy and evil the industry is.

And you never will choose to stop. You are a slave, an animal, and a creature that is driven by lust and desire. Admit it already. If you could stop you would have long ago and your life would be back to what it used to be when you were a kid.


Porn would be more wholesome if not for jews.

Don't regret!
Don't seethe!
Learn from your mistakes!

Thank you, jews! From the bottom of my heart and the base of my penis.

Thank you for the porn!

>Porn would be more wholesome

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You dont have free will, instead of doing what you please your a slave to some bullshit you read online.

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