My girlfriend was cooking steak and came across these weird spots...

My girlfriend was cooking steak and came across these weird spots. The spots themselves are hard but all of the other flesh on that side of the steak is a lot like memory foam. If anyone knows what this is it would be awesome if you could tell me.

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Mad Cow Corona Syndrome

What the fuuuuuuuck

Corona crystals

Those are tapeworm cysts. Hope you had it well-done

I ain't eating that shi, Cred Forumsro.

They're probably tumors, just cut that part of your steak off and toss it. The rest of the meat is likely safe to eat since a tumor is just tissue that didn't grow correctly.

I used to work as a meat cutter and although it's not something you see often it's not unheard of. One time we found a tumor about the size of an eyeball inside a chuck primal that was being sliced into roasts and cut it open, it was full of a mucus-y liquid. Cows can get cancer too ya know.

How do you know it isn't those flies that lay eggs inside the cow's hide? A guy I know in the cattle business told me about them once - he said that is why he didn't eat anything but well done steak.

Bot fly larvae were there for sure...

Maybe some parasites, dump it, don't eat. Which corpse has Your girlfriend slaugthered, Cred Forumsro?

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enjoy your side of abcess with your rare steak user, i think you'll find the cheesy flavour of the pus makes it taste like it was aged much longer than it actually was

It's not anything related to flies or bugs, the cow would have to have been dead and decomposing naturally for a good while for them to get that deep into the muscle tissues.

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That was never steak to begin with.
That was a piece of 3-day old rubber you bought for $3.99/pound at Safeway.

That's why you don't buy Walmart steak

But from a better source
Meat looks rotted but got soaked in fresher blood a few times

it's called mold retard
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I wouldn't risk it (unless I was chinese). Just throw it all out. Then clean everything it has been in contact with well.

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holes in the plastic wrap dried out the exposed meat