Be me

>be me
>been visiting Cred Forums regularly since 2006
>more and more coomers on Cred Forums every day
>despise it, close tab
>always come back
Maybe this time it will be better
>even more coombrained posters each time

It's all just so tiring. I don't know why I even come back any more, I just don't know anything else at this point.

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bring something to the table instead of bitching about the meal served.

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Pretending to be oldfag, and then whinge about things is beneath even the newest noob newbie newfriend.
Oldfags don't care.

i dont know what you want faggot, the summerfags are gone and we have an eccess on ylyl and trap threads and as many rekt and gore threads as your eyes can see. Cred Forums is as normal as it can be

>post something other than porn
>pretty much ignored and makes its way to page 10 faster than a speeding bullet

Thats why

Are you a candy ass? Or no

>Weh weh poast yellow! Weh weh

Fucking support the threads you like and ignore the rest, like an almost mature human being.

If you’ve been here long enough you know that it’s always been shit . Only thing I miss is raids .

He's a candy ass roody poo.

This thread is now a anal thread

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Right. What's the number to order battle toads?

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i only miss caturdays

Lurk more faggot

im with ya OP. us oldfags will only know the true glory of what this dreadful place used to be

On here for the first time after like 8 years, what is coomers?

just post . onion links

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If you've been here for 8 ears you should know the answer to every question like this can be resolved by the search engine.

fugn figure it out bruh

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fair enough, i know see what a coomer is (pretty much me)

gad this stuff is delicious

Does any remember calling the podcast named Ghost or some shit