The things I would do to sniff Greta Thunberg's farts

The things I would do to sniff Greta Thunberg's farts.

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a neck made to be kissed

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Air travels around in the atmosphere. Chances are, you might have already smelled her farts in a way. Even if it is just an atom.

Truly one of the most gorgeous women on Earth.

not greta

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post more of that beauty please

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isn't banging tards like against the law or something?

I'm DOWNs DOWNs DOWNs with it.

>complains about global warming
>still farts methane

The fucking hypocrisy.

So what?

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that did it, thanks user.

Greta is a qt.

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that face is missing a cumshot

She can shit in my mouth any day

Greta stole her dads sign.

That smile does something for me and I really don't know why.


Oink oink

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You guys probably wouldn't care about her if she wasn't a potato.