Every race that has had their shit together at some point, was/is successful, or had some sort of massive empire

Every race that has had their shit together at some point, was/is successful, or had some sort of massive empire.
>Indians (India)

Every race that has literally done nothing but been conquered or destroy the civilization they get imported into

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>But...muh Egyptians
Egyptians were not black.

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But why tho?

Ethiopians also there was a successful kingdom in Kongo in medieval times.

because africa is mostly a desert wasteland so they never were able to progress past subsistence, hunter-gatherer lifestyle

>because africa is mostly a desert wasteland
Tell that to the Islamic Caliphates where water was a precious commodity
Tell that to the Scandanavians where its mostly icy wasteland

Some people get shit resources. They still pull it together.
Nogs dont

That's bullshit man!
Egypt was ruled by the blacks. Back then there wasn't a clear definition of races between whites and blacks.


Africa is full of massive domesticatable beasts of burden
>But muh zebras cannot be tamed
Tell that to this 100lb white girl
Nearly every weed in Africa is edible.
The ground is rich in iron, diamonds and god knows what else
Lumber grows so dense that slash and burn farming is still viable to this day

If Africa was such a shithole it wouldn't have been so covetously fought over by foreign powers.

The Sahara is a giant wasteland sure, but no one lives there.

Forgot my pic
>Lol zebras cannot be tame and thats why Africans never tamed them
Or maybe they were just too lazy or stupid to do so.

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>Egypt was ruled by the blacks

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What you see is the breeding of front rock carriers. They stood in front of the rocks that shaped the pyramids that protected the Egypt people against the cool winds of the night.
This is an early prototype of an ancestor, getting bred into a horse. That's why his arms are so long. Enslavement is not ok!

They cut back the skin of the dick so they could tie a rope to the penis for extra grip strength.
That's the difference between one generation of brutal enslavement and breeding of humanity.
How would the world have looked without horses? Better or worse? What do you think?

kingdom of mali had so much dosh they broke the value of gold when they visited the arabs

The symbols above him are what he had to eat. They cut off limbs off other Jews and force fed them to him. The best thing a horse can do to himself is to not gnaw bone pieces and this kills him. They have inherited memory.

Sauce please?
I want Cred Forums to go back to its containment board



africa invented peanut butter you racist bastards

The Chinese are taking over Africa

It's nothing. It will all be over soon. Stop resisting.

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But they were African.
So Egypt - but let's not use that example only.
There was the Axum, in ancient Ethiopia.
The Benin Empire situated in what is now present day Nigeria.
There was the Kingdom Of Ghana.
The Mali Empire.
The Nok Civilization - lost now for at least a 1000 years.
The Kingdom Of Kush.
The Songhai Empire.
The Land Of Punt, so ancient we know hardly anything.
The Zulu Empire and Ancient Carthage...
Now, don't take my word for it.
You can gogle all these things for yourself and maybe, in time, as maturity occurs, drop the childish racism.

The earliest kingdom was the kingdom of ab

They learned how to crack coconuts with rocks and suddenly their diet changed.

More and more monkeys collected into a group and began using rocks as tools against animals and as weapons against each other. The different monkey races still exist today. The most dominant monkeys were in charge. The Gorillas. Others were good at climbing trees and taunting animals. That's where mankind came from. They ran away from the kingdom. The rest were scattered by the lions and other mammals that learned to hunt by night.