Wtf is this shit? this is not Star Trek...

wtf is this shit? this is not Star Trek. this is a fucking SJW fantasy world where starfleet is a matriarchy and everyone is woke af. complete fucking garbage

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go back to Cred Forums faggot

Are you upset that Jean-Luc isn't all that interested in Making America Great Again?

i dont visit any board but Cred Forums

Yeah, it got pozzed

You mad bro?

Star Trek written by lesbians.

Did you know many of the TOS writers were women, like DC Fontana? They weren't pozzed though, they were real normal women writers.

same shit with discovery

Yeah it fucking suck. Shame on Stewart for agreeing to this shit. Hope Kurtzman gets #MeToo'd

Star Trek was always woke you dipshit. Go watch Star Wars if you want to jerk it to gay fascist shit

The producers admitted that Picard and STD are built from the idea that Brexit and Trump happened.
The Repurposers are destroying your IPs on purpose.
With the malicious intent of demoralizing you.
This is propaganda 101.
The intent is not to inform. But to humiliate.

Welcome to 2020.

Meh, It's kinda boring is the main prob I have. Every fucking movie & TV show is a lesson in Girl Powa! these days, not worth getting mad about it, it's inescapable.

Thanks for telling me this. I almost made the mistake of signing up for cable because I was interested in this.

Oh no, my 300 seasons of old Star Trek are worthless now. Three seasons of STD and 3 of Picard? My life is over

Star Trek has always been the most progressive TV show

First interacial kiss on television

etc etc

You just don't like that it's a progressivism you don't like. It's no different than OG Star Trek

Yeah but it was also good back then. Now it's just SJW wetdreams and self insert Mary Sue fanfic with crap stories and characters.

thanks for the recommendation. a must watch i am now convinced

Yeah, but at least they portrayed men properly - like if you were captain of a starship and could go anywhere in the galaxy, you'd be fucking every green chick and hot Borg you could.

Men: Explore the Universe looking for Other Things To Fuck.


SJW's have ruined every movie. I'm supposed to believe that a 105 lb. chick can beat up a 250 lb stacked negro, just because she knows karate or some shit? Fuck you. I'm ouuuuut.

My head canon, Jean-Luc's behavior and how he perceives reality have been have been fucked by a brain tumor. At some point, Q will appear and reveal that he grew that tumor to fuck with him and this is just another of his tests. It's how I explain anyway this nonsense.

All these assholes have shit on so many franchises and fans, but personally, the scope of how they fucked with the Star Trek universe fucking hurts feels. This was an idealistic future and they've shit on it with terrible writing and identity politics. I shouldn't let it piss me off this much, but I can't help it.

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Attachment creates suffering.
They know the "Fan" is attached to something.
Thus as part of the stepping stones of propaganda demoralization they hit another item. They compromise another IP.
It is not that this will end your life, as it were.
It is that it will become another brick in the wall of the prison.
Of the gulag.
In your mind.

I actually really like it so far. The serialization that Discovery and Picard have is more interesting to me, and I like the conflict with androids in this. i feel like you're just butthurt that Star Trek is being something progressive, which it always has been. first interracial on-screen kiss, one of the first on-screen gay kisses, yet it was nowhere near the first to have openly gay characters, it's just new. get over it, new things happen, times change, enjoy the story and stop being so boomer

Welcome to any popular show that a modern-studio gets its hands on

Shill alert.
Bot alert.
Failure alert.

The tiny waif beating up the 200 pound bad guy doesn't make her look bad ass it makes your villains look like pussies.

Do note Picard quit Starfleet and basically got called a motherfucker by that grand admiral bitch when he tried to come back.Has a male captain and male security dude now,I think he's red pilled...

"My Head Canon" right there? They wounded you.
They got inside your mind, and you had to build a defense against the mental infection of what they represent. The virus.
"Head Canon" is a mental defense mechanism against propaganda. It is proof that the mind is still alive and not domesticated and beaten down.
They want you to eat it.
They want you to be stripped of your creative spark.
To lay down and die, inside your mind.
Stay strong.

First interracial screen kiss was Kirk preparing to fuck a nigger - still Kirk wanting to fuck something.

Today, they'd never let a man want to fuck a female anything - unless it was a Tranny Nigger who teaches him the value of Medicare for All.

LOL Star Trek is literally communism, always was.

Precisely. I don't know of too many 250 lb. stacked and jacked negroes who would let a 105 lb. woman kick their ass.

Starfleet and The Federation under the original vision were never meant to be an objective ill or compromised system.
They are throwing the foundation stones into the trash.
You want to rationalize it but the wound runs deeper.
They are creating a new foundation stone to build the IP up from.
This goes beyond a coat of paint.
Or Blackwashing.
This is changing the metaphysics of the IP.

If they bring Q back, 'it' will be as a bisexual black woman.

Star Trek still had traditional male/female roles. Broads always needed help because their skirts were too short for them to do much of anything, and dudes still wanted to fuck them after they helped them with whatever shit the broads couldn't do for themselves.

It was solving the riddle of living in a Post-Scarcity Universe. What would become of humans when we stopped being ailed at every turn. Roddenberry had the idea that we would be okay. That we would Trek around and continue exploring an infinite universe (Compared to us) and be able to keep pushing, striving, and achieving. That we could be better than ever.
And not be consumed by Inner Vexations (Looking at you Warhammer 40k)
They burned the metaphysics to the ground and you're either too fucking stupid or too much of a shill for the "Progressives" to tackle that in Good Faith.

And the choreography is cringe. There might be a way to make the waif a John Wick killing machine but the actresses they hire are never up to it. The bad guys just fall over or throw themselves around like the worst WWE wrestler.

Don't forget the fucking. Roddenberry liked his heroes to always bone the girl in the end.

stay mad NAZI!!! If you cant handle diversity and LGBT awareness then just kill yourself because that is the present and the future.

Only redneck whites dont understand what progress is which is why you cling to your past of colonizing racist platitudes that have destroyed humanity by stealing from the black community which is a scientific fact.

Yeah - there's a lot wrong with some of the stuff in Wick. Tho the doggo's were cool, and I'd let Halle Berry throw me on the couch as long as she was going to blow me afterward.

So it's Star Trek.

Yawn. LGBTQ ain't the future, homo. One war, one food shortage, one pandemic, and the fags and bitches go back to begging real men for food and protection.

This has always been the underlying narrative of the show, taking current events and ideas that the writers dislike and telling an exaggerated story of how these ideas and events could lead to something bad, at the same time showing an idealized opposite of those views.
That was pretty much dropped after the original star trek and was more so to do with the male masculinity of the era.

If you don't like star treks progessive messages, but you have in the past liked the show, than it's your ideology that has changed or you didn't realize what it's underlying narrative was at the time.

played by maybe Whoopi Goldberg?

might be an attempt to turn the star drag universe into some kind of dystopian post-apocalyptic thing where evil and chaos reign.

>> wtf is this shit?
This is your defective mind latching onto anything external as a way of avoiding realizing that you're the one who is broken.

Excuse me... Decker fucked the bald bitch in the first movie.

Kirk still had to deal with the ex (who wanted to fuck him) when Khan interfered and killed his kid (best part of that whole movie, if you ask me).

Only fags who took over after Roddenberry died made Star Trek "woke". Roddenberry would have never gone in for this homosexual stuff. Fucking a Borg is one thing - at least she had tits - but fucking a homo? Nope. Not gonna happen while ol' Gene is still alive.

As they should. As that is part of the Heroes Journey.

You're an Apologist.
Get fucked.

Exactly. There is no Hero's Journey if the subject is a homosexual, since they cannot be Heroes.

I rest my case.

>(Looking at you Warhammer 40k)

40K is at least its own thing. Original ST is a leftist wankfest. Racism and sexiasm are just magically handwaved away. The subhuman shitskins would prosper if only they had the same resources white people did and then we would all join hands and explore the galaxy together. The mudslimes would totally leave their backwards superstitions behind too. Look, I can understand a need for escapist fantasy and a utopian vision of humanity's future but the Federation is just a moral Mary Sue transposing all the bad things in human history (and current events) onto aliens so the leftist can get on his high horse and preach about how they might have been as barbaric as these aliens but now they are so much better. They whole show was Virtue Signalling Iiiiin Spaaaaace.

40K looks back on all the horrific things we have done to each other in the past and presently and says "FUCK YEAH" more of that but with chainsaw swords and plasma guns and shit. Not even the Tau are the good guys. They just lie about it better.

Most intellectual shit I've read on Cred Forums in a while.

Cred Forums is the repository of some of the best and some of the worst of the internets.

the fuck are you talking about star trek was never not sjw shit

Because short form text replies and fears of TL;DR - I didn't fully articulate the background notions and motions of appreciation for 40k but was using it as a contrast.
My wordplay was poor ;)
However - 40k does have a large point of the Inner Vexations as part of the IP
Star Trek was not a place for Inner Vexations of the same regard. It was a place to describe the Federation as "Root Beer"
Sickly sweet, bubbly, and when you have enough of it, you start to like it.
Also, you do make some compelling and worthwhile points about the nature of the original metaphysics. As the question was the shift from Original Metaphysics to New Metaphysics? I was merely staying in the domain of disagreeing with the new Metaphysics as punitive propaganda.
Thus I cannot full even attempt to refute your assertions and would instead pass you a "Point Made" for a Good Faith criticism of the source material.
You have a pleasing day user.

No you're just realizing that something you might have held dear to yourself from the past and your current ideologies no longer mesh and take it as a personal attack. It's OK to change your view points on subjects but to think others will change with you is a mistake. Especially when it comes to a franchise that has always pushed the boundries of the social narrative of the times.

mary sue is kind of slut in this one

But at least it was good scifi. Now it just checks off the diversity quota list and the creative process stops there. You never see SJWs try to preach their trash with new franchises. They can only tear down existing ones.

However, for “Picard,” Steward wanted a show that reflected today’s world by centering the drama around how the Federation – the union of planets – takes “an isolationist turn.”

“[The show] was me responding to the world of Brexit and Trump and feeling, ‘Why hasn’t the Federation changed? Why hasn’t Starfleet changed?’ Maybe they’re not as reliable and trustworthy as we all thought,” Stewart said.

Here is just a brief description of the plot from Variety:

“Picard” finds its hero living in near-isolation on a very un-cosmic French vineyard. He is retired and estranged from Starfleet, the interstellar navy to which he devoted most of his life. He’s haunted by a pair of catastrophes, one personal, the other societal — the death of his android colleague Lt. Cmdr. Data (as seen in “Nemesis”) and a refugee crisis spawned by the destruction of the planet Romulus (as seen in Abrams’ “Star Trek”). When those two seemingly disparate strands of his life cross, Picard returns to action, this time without the backing of a Starfleet whose moral center has shifted…

Real-world parallels are not hard to identify.


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>It was a place to describe the Federation as "Root Beer"
That was Deep Space 9. An obvious Babylon 5 ripoff. That was the only time in ST history the Federation was ever portrayed as possibly having a dark underbelly (section 31 namely) and sometimes good guys had to do bad things so worse things wouldn't happen. the episode Pale Moonlight specifically. Sisko regretted doing what he did but he saw that it was the better choice. DS9 was way more nuanced than TNG or the original series.

Roddenberry was a shitty writer, his episodes were some of the worst. too focused on boning and machismo, not focused at all on good story

Thanks user. Have some rape/snuff.

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You've not said anything different. It's the exact same thing the franchise has done since it's inception. Taking current events and showcasing them in an exaggerated way to show how they could potentially be a bad thing. You're just angry and hurt because now it attacks your developed view points you might not have held in the past or were too stupid, young or ignorant to notice. These view points you have now are just as much propaganda as the ones you take issues with.

The previous star treks have pushed the social narrative to show an optimistic future, STD and picard seem to do the opposite. Just a reaction to current political events, with hyper emotional responses and black and white politics with dumpster tier writing. Pass

Daily reminder: Boning and machismo is what created the civilization where we get to watch Star Trek instead of fighting off indians or saber tooth tigers.

Rape and Snuff. Like the good ol' Star Trek.

It's the only way I'd watch that trash now. You know space pirates would be all about abducting females and selling them. Kill a few along the way as an example to keep the rest docile.

What...did fried chicken/Tom Brady asshole move on from The Witcher? Do we get ten Picard threads per day now?

EXACTLY. If women were in control of the world, there would be no spaceships or exploring or anything like that - they'd all want to sit around and trade recipes and talk about their feelings and how all us men aren't very helpful around the house.

Fuckin' broads.

You faggots like to argue a lot over shit you should have outgrown in high school.

I hate how they went back to having problems that the entire setting is based upon them having solved. There's genuinely a scene where a black woman bitches at Picard for living on his family's winery which is very nice, saying she has to go back to her "hovel". How the fuck? Earth is the center of a communist empire in this setting, there's no poverty, there's no money, society is classless. It's like without the problems they always talk about they don't know how to actually write conflict. What the fuck is and isn't this setting anymore?

Also the entire idea that Star Fleet wouldn't have helped the Romulans evacuate their planet is retarded, they have to reframe the federation is racist or they can't use the typical SJW writing beats they want to use. Oh, and everyone is angry and curses all the time, gotta have that even if it makes people in a highly advanced society look mentally diseased.

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Not always the girl getting it in the END...

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What's more retarded is that the Romulans couldn't evac their own planet. They are an EMPIRE with just as many planets and ships as Starfleet. If Earth blew up the Federation wouldn't need outside help to evacuate it. It would be the equivalent of Moscow needing to be evacuated after the Soviet Union collapsed. Why the fuck would they need to be refugees in their own empire?

Haven't seen the series, not even a teaser.. however, don't you make it seem that the perfect society they set up, isn't perfect after all? Maybe they're actually criticizing communism, if they genuinely try to portray a communist society?
There certainly seem to be a contradiction somewhere, if society is classless, yet people still live on someone elses farm and work without money or valuables?

I can't imagine how dreary life must be for you Cred Forumsholes. Enjoy your Tim Allen/Scott Baio film festival and Kid Rock concerts.

You clearly haven't watched series one of TNG or DS9... some pretty ropey stuff there. And in TOS, there has to be some of the worst fucking episodes ever made. Go watch The Way to Eden and tell me that it was all good, you fucking Herbert...

Apart from when the dudes were wearing skirts in TNG, eh?

Obvious, piss-poor bait.

>just magically handwaved away
apart from the whole world war that led to near extinction and caused humanity to reassess its path. Hardly handwaving...

Literally every fucking series has corresponded to world events. That's why TOS has race relations stuff and TNG has a fucking 80s counsellor on the bridge...

Seriously can't understand this supposed 'fan base' who pay literally no fucking attention to the franchise at all. Picard may have a bit of a silly Matrix-y martial arts vibe in areas, but that doesn't mean it's not ST.

Nah, they don't explain shit. Earlier series are careful to depict Earth as a paradise and even to point out that most humans are pursuing art and science and are militarily useless. People can have personal property but the desire for material goods has given way to other modes of thinking, nobody would even want his family's land, his wine doesn't sell for any money. The closest thing to a currency is the social prestige of having accomplished something great. They even go into detail about what happens with humans who aren't elevated above the need for blood and treasure, such people are free to leave and usually do and at least one is shown to be a major player in organized crime in other star systems. Also, many human groups left to found their own small governments on other worlds, the Federation often protects and rescues them even though it doesn't have to because they're duty bound to all humans even if that group of humans response is "fuck you".

I don't get how this careful situation could have given way to an earth where black people have to live in the ghetto. There isn't even a ghetto for them to live in, there is not even a "hovel" for her to return to because food, medicine and even gold can just be made from thin air.

So basically every one of those Romulans could just ask for a nice apartment to sit on their ass and drink in, people don't even have to work.

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But I liked it back then! Now I'm an old, irrelevant middleaged fart, and if modern popular entertainment does not cater to my exact needs, I'm being oppressed. That's the only kind of oppression that's real, btw, so don't draw any race cards.


How many more franchises must liberals ruin with their cult pushing?

I've been a fan of sci-fi space shows for quite some time. Be it B5, battlestar, Stargates, treks, wars, andromeda, farscape, lexx, etc. Here is how I viewed Star Trek
Star Trek: Entertaining and well thought out, loved the hippies with the vaccine episode.
Star Trek TNG: Fantastic to watch and loved wesley being told to shut up. Also guys wore dresses, kinda funny.
Star Trek DS9: Concerned about the idea of a space station at first. Hooked me immediately.
Star Trek Voyager: Liked it as well, new characters were well thought out and worked perfect.
Star Trek Enterprise: Fucking opening song.. I dont know whos dick got sucked for that but terrible. Show really picked up later seasons and then cancelled. Wasnt sad until I saw what came after.
Star Trek Discovery: SJW bullcrap. Then find it was also mostly stolen from a game developer. I was pissed all around at the whole thing.
Star Trek Picard: 4 episodes in and I was bored. Everyone new on that show could be killed off and it would have been an improvement. Havent seen anymore episodes since, heard it still sucked on episode 5.
The other problem was the last 2 were just shoved in your face SJW. Screaming anything else was wrong think. Not showing how or why or giving both side views. just SLAM! YOU BAD MAN.

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What exactly is so 'SJW' objectionable about the recent stuff? The fact you have more lead female characters? The fact that you have openly gay characters? Genuinely struggle to see what so many people get so worked up about, given the history of progressive politics at the heart of ST.

STD SJW stuff was more based on strong female, weak evil men. Trying to make the Klingons look bad for wanting to stay racially pure. Forced gay characters just being shoved in your face even if copied directly from a game. Not eased or suggested, just in your face level of writing.
Picard wasnt even trying. Women only in charge. Talking down to the guy who basic existence is the only reason the federation is still around. All female assassins never taking a male, yet adopting a boy and get along perfectly with Picard. Then they forced swearing, graphic scenes that were completely not needed and the force romance and how easily random strangers get along in the whole "dark" times is annoying. Captain Picard was always a hard ass about his title. To have someone in uniform call him "JL" when he was an admiral trying to put together a fleet irked me to no end. It is just all around bad writing. That sign at the bar at the planet was just about what did it for me. You respect other cultures boundaries, I know because he did it properly and put heavy throught through out his career at the federation because of the prime directive. The show basically pushed all their agenda on the show throwing out subtle good writing methods that made it work so well in the older shows. Not weigh the pro and cons but this is why better but more bashing the point that their think is the right think.

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Why do you virgins always come here to screech?

This bullshit "my stuff > the new stuff" commentary you're offering?

50 years ago, when TOS was new, the people who didn't like it were saying the same, tired old bullshit about TOS that you're saying now.

Go fuck yourself.

Found the Trump voter. KYS thanx

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Posted for relevance

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Please. You idiots will die off soon. Once people wake up about soy intake their won't be much faggots left.

At least 98% of you deserve to be kicked until you're dead.

Fucking morons pissing their manbaby Pampers about SJWs and "wahmen" and "wokeness" all while claiming to be fans of a series that, if it aired today just as it was then, would be calling it "woke" also. Trek's been doing this shit for nearly 60 years, but all of a sudden, it's too "woke" for you fucktards.

Just shut the ever-loving fucking hell up, you inbred Trump-suckers, you. Either that, or just admit you're fucking racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and theophobic so we know to ignore your stupid asses.

lol okay incel

you’re trying too hard. tone it down

Dude it's hopeless. They're too stupid to learn the truth.

this guy watched Kirk kiss a black chick.

>Broads always needed help because their skirts were too short
lol. this guy could use a little help with his skirt
why don't you given him a hand, incel-kun?

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dude... remember how men walked around in dresses in the first few episodes of TNG? That was Roddenberry.

TNG only evolved past that horrible first season is because Rick Berman wrestled control from Gene.

Exactly my point. Gene was huge into putting dudes into dresses

>Shame on Stewart for agreeing to this shit

He's pozzed. sorry to break the bad news to you.

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Next Gen ep.01?

Star trek society is a meritocracy. The people who hold power are selected based on their skill level and education. But it's also a utopian society where everyone receives education, health care and it's a world without any currency other than reputation. I haven't seen the show but if someone can explain to me how this show discards those foundations, please do. I will consider wether or not to watch the show.

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star trek never delves into the actual government of earth or how it works. the whole thing is a giant volunteer military in space, trying to diplomatically push freedom to everyone.
they also have free use 3d tactile rape simulators, so everyone's pretty chill about everything. as one with access to a rape simulator would be

They indeed do delve into it as a point of fact.

you are the reason this board is trash

aside from some boring shit with a blue president in the recent films, I don't remember much. maybe there was more in the old what movie? it was always just "the admirals this" and "the admirals that"

This board isn't trash, you haven't posted a pic of yourself yet.

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Soooo,do they have a holodeck 7of9 rape simulator?The older MILF Picard version preferably...