I truely believe that if I get digits in this thread my ex-gf will invite me over tomorrow to watch 'farmers searches...

I truely believe that if I get digits in this thread my ex-gf will invite me over tomorrow to watch 'farmers searches wife'. We always watched that togheter ;(

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Check em

you mean doubles or trips?
Because digits you have...

Also, helping a fellow Dutch man.
I think you should let her go and move on...

I meant dubs.

Thx bro, its still very recent, im in my denial/will get ok again phase

And look I have dubs!!! Everything will be ok

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It's a sign man.
Move on, get out and get a drink or something.
Don't go back to her, she will fuck you up even more.
Trust me, i have been there.

The sign says she will invite me tomorrow.

How do you eventually come to realisation that its better that wat?


No man, the sign says you should get over her.

The only way to heal is time.
But you can speed up the progress.
Have fun and show yourself that your life is also nice without her in it.
And when you have fun, new girls will come. Better girls.
Any girl that fucks you up, is not worth your time.

I know this is true and that she and I would probably never ever be togheter for always I still want it to happen ... And the digits did speak ...

If I get dubs my ex will hit me up too op. Woo-hoo thanks for your thread there's hope right


Don't fall for her trap, that's the only thing I will say.


Send a text asking if she wants to fuck. Post results.

No, she is probably fuckin some other dude atm

Don't be a fucking pussy. Ask to join in and fuck the shit out of her. Get your life together. Probably why she left your ass. Do something brave for once.

This is too close for comfort. This is excactly how she sounds and something she could say ;(

farmer searches wife, wat een kankerdomme tyfusnicht ben je ook, met je kutprogramma's en je ex huilverhaal

faggot. she's your EX for a reason and that reason is stil there so what are you thinking is going to happen if you could have a second try?

more than one dick == faggot

Ja, wat is er nou romantischer dan samen Boer zoekt vrouw kijken?

I see digits. We'll ... ill tell her that I'll change and that im working on getting my life on track but that it does take some time and that i cant do it without her. Or something

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Stop being a coward and change or forever be a cuck.

I have to change but i wrecked my car while driving while I had a few drinks. I cant do shit at this specific moment till i get my license back ;( But once I have that back Ill man up, I promise