Anybody ever had any real life experience with government spooks or shady government operative types?

Anybody ever had any real life experience with government spooks or shady government operative types?

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As much as this is gonna sound like a shit post, it isn't.

I was in the Army around some high ranking leadership. Got out a couple years ago because I got pretty fucked up (medical). Got to see lots of 2 and 3 stars, briefly got to meet the Chief of Staff (not current, it was GEN Milley at the time). VP Pence was speaking, and the secret service was going around to the barracks for security sweeps I'm assuming. My roommates and I were just hanging out when they walk in unannounced. No big deal, we don't really give a shit. My roommate gets up and introduces himself, asks if he can help them with anything. Secret service dude (around 6' white guy, shaved head, black suit, ear piece. Looked like a stereotype) tells us to get out of our room because they were using our room as a vantage point. We told them there was roof access nearby if they needed it and we'd show them. Nope. Didn't want to be outside, and they tried taking over our room for the entire day. We told them to fuck off and that didn't go well. I called a one star that I had a good relationship with because things were heating up. He sorted it out and got them out of our shit but yeah don't fuck with secret service. They're ill tempered motherfuckers and they think they can do what ever the fuck they want.

Holy shit

I know they are out there, but probably couldn't give two shits about me. In any case, this reminds me of a theory I have -

Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you went in there? I propose that you entered the room and saw an extraterrestrial being. The men in black arrived and captured the alien at which point they erased your short term memory before discreetly leaving, leaving you standing clueless in the room when you finally snap out of your daze.

I've got plenty more. I've been to the Pentagon as well. Honestly the only people I've ever had issues with would be secret service. Generally speaking government agents aren't bad. FBI, CIA, they're mostly just regular people. They'll fuck your shit up if you're a criminal sure, but if you just run in to them in a professional capacity they're pretty relaxed.

I saw Joe Biden's secret service detail at a private hangar in Dallas. They looked exactly like all the movie tropes, tough and no nonsense. Pretty fucking cool. I've got nothing but respect for them.

Yep. They will, no shit, throw themselves in front of whoever they are protecting if they're in danger. 0 hesitation. I know that doesn't sound "cool" but if you take one look at them or talk to them you'll know that it's no bullshit.

That's a pretty plausible theory if you believe in that kind of shit

What's the craziest thing you've ever seen or heard about?

Airman reporting in. Every junior enlisted guy I know who ended up with an assignment to the Pentagon are some paranoid mother fuckers. Even after 10+ years. They frequently complain about being tailed and shit.

I watched the original Men in Black in theaters, thats about it.

What are they paranoid about? A buddy of mine retired from the air force about five years ago and he won't say jack shit about anything. Just changes the subject when I ask him anything directly.

Had illegal/unregistered guns and some other shit.Was arrested and in front of the judge i got exonerated learned that my dad knows someone in the secret service from his years in the army. Bad english im french

Most of them dont have smart phones and social media. They don't buy stuff like alexa or get cars with blu tooth. They move around every six months or so and never drive the same route to and from work more than half a dozen times. i dunno what they saw but that shit must have spooked them hard.

Primarily the stalking. So remember something like 4 years ago when madonna said she was going to blow up the White House or some stupid shit like that? Well when people do that, or you say something like that inciting violence against the VP or Pres, you will followed. Once you make that type of threat all the laws protecting you against government surveillance are all gone. They'll follow you irl, monitor your communications, if you leave or come back into the country. Scary shit. That's one of the ways the government gets around privacy laws. There are other ways they get around privacy laws but those are reserved for actual criminals that they don't have enough evidence against to put in jail yet.

Yeah, I don't think I was followed because I was never "assigned" to the Pentagon but that's very true. I've seen very compelling evidence that people with sensitive info who get out of government work are closely monitored.

Damn!!! After something like that are you on their radar forever after or does some legal statute of limitations kick in?

As a side note (I've posted quite a few things in this thread) but the paranoia surrounding things like amazon Alexa and Google Home and AI that "listens" to you, yeah I believe it. The things I've seen that the government is capable of and the loopholes available to them for exploiting privacy laws are pretty extensive. If they really want to listen in on you they can. Now it's very true that 99.99% of the time they don't give a shit, and you have nothing to worry about because even if you are committing crimes you won't be of interest to them. National government are more concerned with threats to national security than crimes like drugs or even murder.

For many service members there's a time that things they were involved with become unclassified. An example would be satellite technology. Back in the 90's it was all hush hush but now if someone who was involved with the space program 20 years ago writes a book or something no one will care because it's all publically available. So eventually they'll leave you alone, but let's pretend someone like Obama goes off the grid entirely. He has access to a ton of things that will be classified for decades to come. Obama (and pretty much any other high ranking government official) will be kept on a short leash for the rest of their lives. If they make any sudden moves to leave the country or start communicating with foreign countries, they would likely be detained.

My best friend works for a private security firm. He’s been a private military contractor for a little over 12 years. He mainly operates in Israel, but a couple of years ago he was on the Zuckerberg detail. So, fun facts about the Zuck, 1) despite the memes based on certain reports, the Zuck does not allow his guards to be armed when they are at his residence. 2) the guards you see him jogging with aren’t actually carrying. Only the guards who shadow them in the vehicle are carrying. 3) he’s a cheap piece of shit, who gave his guards $100 each as a Christmas bonus.

Not really a spook story. Just seemed like a cool thread to drop the story in.

FYI, my bff is an aggressive asshole. These dudes don’t fuck around.

How does one go about becoming a contractor like that?

Have the proper experience, and just apply. Of course, it definitely helps to know people. He started at Academi, formerly the infamous Blackwater. I think it was Xe Services then. I think.

Ex-military members have it the easiest. Law enforcement, members of swat teams, and agents of the government have a pretty easy in too. Aside from that I didn't know anyone who was a private contractor that got into it in any other way. I'm sure there are other ways though.

Most cops who get into contracting don’t last long. They get in it for the wrong reasons.

If you speak 2-3 Middle Eastern languages you can get hired on quick as a translator. No military experience needs. My boy tried to talk me into it. But fuck that. Lol.

Oh sorry, to answer about the madonna thing. You'll be on their radar until they determine if you're a legit threat. Madonna obviously wasnt a real threat so it wouldn't surprise me if she was off their radar within a few months. For more serious individuals who manage to land themselves on their radar, yeah they'll watch until you're no longer a threat.

Yeah for sure, don't have to be military just makes it easier. Had a friend who did some really sketchy undercover shit for 2 years, pay was great but he said he should've died a million times over. Not worth it


What kind of undercover?

kill 5'6 russian

He never goes into specifics. I know that he did explosive ordinance when he was in the army so I'm assuming something pertaining to that.

Yeah, my boy did some sketchy shit in Iraq. He even executed a guy. Which is a big no no. That stuff may seem cool in the movies and on TV. But when it’s up close, it’s far from cool. And most people who talk a big game would piss themselves.

The most successful contractors I've met are legit psychopaths who would likely be in jail if it weren't for their line of work. Shit fucks you up if you're just a normal person

I'm an engineer and worked on an aircraft hanger right next to a government joint task force hanger. It had an 18 or 20 foot tall concrete screening wall all the way around the perimeter of it. What few times I could get a glimpse inside there were a bunch of all blacked out choppers and airplanes inside. If you looked up the land ownership records on the county clerk's land records database all the information was completely redacted. That is extremely unusual. I research a lot of land records and this was the first time I've ever seen that.

Just so you know, user, any active duty person undercover still gets paid based on their rate. Maybe with a $200 a month hazardous duty pay allotment. They absolutely don't get some of the black budget payday.

generally you can spot them a mile away, unless they using cutouts which makes things more interesting because then they look like generally anyone. its not fun being under surveilance and can create mental instability more so if you already have underlying issues.

For sure. It’s definitely a lifestyle more than a job. My boys pretty fucked in the head, and he’s one of the more normal ones. I got to hang with him and his work buddies in Israel once. Shit was crazy.


He was a civilian contractor at the time though

Thy are my buddies

>he’s a cheap piece of shit, who gave his guards $100 each as a Christmas bonus.
Moar. The inside stuff about top creeps is always fascinating.

user, why would an extra terrestrial just be “in a room” you happen to walk into.

Think about it for a second.

>not knowing how to lose a tail

You airforce guys need some counter surveillance training

Ok, user. I have another inside story, this one is about Obama.

When Obama went to Israel, they got the contractors into a room shortly before Air Force One landed. The boss man told the contractors that the POTUS wanted to do a handshake photo op along the red carpet, and asked who wanted to volunteer to shake hands with the Prez. All the contractors laughed, got up, and walked out. Boss dude had to call the consulate generals office, who then phoned Air Force One, and told Obama that none of the contractors wanted to meet him.

I always thought this story was hilarious.

i've had encounters with spooks

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His friend Sean Parker is better. My bro works there and his security team chief gives 1k XMAS bonus. And the people who come over to his house are ok, he gets some big fuckin’ ballers too.
One of the days my bro was there, Elon visited and he got to park his car(hes ex police and works as guard there, but they also let him park the cars because he’s the only one they trust not to sperg out at the famous guests) He mentioned that Elon is actually introverted/awkward in social conversations.

Sounds about right, given the personality type of those guys. My only sighting of a world famous politician was when Hillary came to do a whistle-stop appearance in front of a fire station two blocks from where I lived, in '08. Although it was outdoors, and all the news footage & photos were from angles that made it look open-air, it might as well have been indoors for all the huge trucks & buses very carefully parked to ring the space tightly as can be. It's something I think about every time I see news footage of a politician at an outdoor speaking event--the way the press cooperates in creating the illusion of yesteryear's normal.