What is wrong with redditors? Why everybody on hates them so much? It's funny how everybody shits on them all the time...

What is wrong with redditors? Why everybody on hates them so much? It's funny how everybody shits on them all the time. Redpill me Cred Forums.

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It's a socialist hivemind. If you even slightly disagree with UBI, M4A and Bernie Sanders, you get downvoted to hell and called a shill. If you don't follow the herd you get cannibalized.

Fuck off, kid.

They were essentially seen as a rival site to 4chin before completely passing us a blowing us out the water

In reality reddit not only has much better and faster content to whatever the hell you're after but also much more of it

The only issues are too many normies and not anonymous posting

so is Cred Forums.

Half of you are redditors, and half of them are Cred Forumstards.

Reddit sucks, tumblr sucks, Cred Forums sucks, people suck.

Your group hates another group because of some core beliefs.

Their karma system is a joke, I'll admit. You see plenty of reposts once you're used to the site (but it's a nice break from the same shitposting you see on Cred Forums.)

Lurk in both places, make an informed opinion based on your own experiences.

People hate them here so much because they just think "that's what oldfags do, they hate reddit, and I don't want to look like a newfag so I'll hate reddit too!"

Reddit first started like 12 years ago, and when Cred Forums was one of a few major chans, they would antagonize this place with posts talking shit. Nothing more than a rapper beef: shit talking. That's it.

I could explain more, if needed, but I don't think most of you read past the first paragraph.

pros of Cred Forums:
>freedom to spout unmitigated hatred at someone you will never see again
>perfect place to unload toxicity on another human being
>sometimes porn

Cons of Cred Forums:
>same shit every single day
>same threads posting the same porn
>same idiots posting the same stories, same threads
>captcha not working half the time

Pros of reddit:
>more OC porn than you will ever know what to do with
>the ability to handpick your own feed- whether you want all porn for every bizarre fetish you have, or if you want decent hobby-related subs with GOOD feedback

Seriously, just as a test: next time you're looking for an answer to something, add +reddit to the google search, and go to the links. You're very likely to find the answer without having to scour autistic forums or Indian youtube videos.

Cons of reddit:
>karmawhoring reposts of pictures. Not done on the same frequency as Cred Forums, but the point system shows how many people fall for it or don't care. You have the option to remove that sub from your feed though.
>hivemind linked to karmawhoring. every site has a group and a network of like-minded people. Not one website is innocent of that.

>I don't think most of you read past the first paragraph
>first paragraph
>so is Cred Forums.

Does that really count as a paragraph?

nobody's gonna read what you wrote

nobody worth redeeming will read it, and that's fine with me.

People that take the time to listen are the ones who are decent enough to make an informed decision.

I'm not trying to win an argument or tell some libtards to get rekt or some stupid shit like that.

Reddit was great back in the day when we had r/niggers, r/spacedicks, etc.

full of 12 y/o retarded kids, and actual manchildren, who can't take a joke themselves, but are trying too hard to be funny

>Cred Forums
Full of 50 y/o no-life toxic loosers, rapists, and pedos.

I like Cred Forums more tho. Sometimes you can find actually good people here who really helped me a lot of times, while faggots on reddit never even replied to my post, just got few random upvotes. So, fuck reddit.

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Cred Forums has gone to shit too. remember /rs/? That was one of the greatest boards this place had. Now you get banned for posting a string of numbers and letters with a certain hashtag on it.

Redeeming? You want me to unironically lurk Leddit. You stupid fucking faggot, I hate Leddit because it's predominately the reason that everything is shit.

>Hey world look at this funny meme I found
>echo chamber central
>mainstream censorship
>virtually redeeming qualities depend on your ability to comb through shit and XD
Eat shit.

so because one post on reddit is a good summation of every person and community that uses reddit?

And because someone was nice to you on Cred Forums, Cred Forums is better?

I've had people on both sites help me, and I've had people on both sites leave me praying that they'd kill themselves.

Why not use both? You can eat with a fork and a spoon. Just because one does one job doesn't mean the other is worthless.

I don't spend my days swearing at a fork because I couldn't eat soup with it.

I want you to stop being a fucking retard. That's my only motive here.

If all you are capable of us mistrust and suspicion, then I feel so sorry for you and for the people that are forced to be a part of your life.

It's full of pseudo intellectuals that are set up to never get called out by others. Be an expert at something and then try to argue something you know for a fact is true and 99% of the time your comment will be hidden because you lost too many brownie points. If you ask questions against the overall narritive you get banned and they only allow discussion within the brackets of their leftist beliefs. They are elitists without cause to be and they are basically a corporate culture when it comes to humor.

>In reality reddit not only has much better and faster content to whatever the hell you're after but also much more of it
You are retarded if you believe this

I can't be a fucking retard if you just implied that those
>worth redeeming will read it
because people who take the time to fucking listen are the ones who are decent enough to make an informed decision.

Guess what. I've made an informed decision: you're a faggot for thinking that an informed decision can only include things you like. Echo chambers have fucked your brain, to the point at which everyone who disagrees with you is somehow a terrible human being that forces everyone to endure their terror- because.

One of my groupmates is redditnigger, and already being this bad, he's also phone poster. And, all of the bad things that were ever said about redditors on this site, its all true about him. And worst thing about that, he's not only that bad on internet, but irl too. And he's always sending me these stupid fucking cringe ass meme links from r/funny, makes want to beat him to death. And he looks like pic related. This is what all redditors look like i think.

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So discord tranny redditors are raiding the chans again

you really are fucking retarded. I clearly won't be able to help you.

Waste of trips.

if it was something you agreed with you'd be pissing yourself trying to find the right reaction pic and posting "TRUTH"

Tumblr migration hit them hard. I used to use the site pretty heavily, and I recall the exact moment I realized everyone there was a huge pussy. Some chick typed out a story, and there was an essay length edit at the end apologizing for some offensive phrase she had used, and subsequently removed. I went "wow, what the fuck did she say?" So I open up the hundred or so replies. Most of them offer no insight, and are just bashing the storyteller for her offensive phrase. Finally, I stumble upon her phrase, quoted. All she did was describe someone in her story as a "sassy black woman." That was it. That was the phrase that made a hundred total pussies come crawling out of the woodwork to chastise a stranger on the internet for her choice of words, and then SHE gave enough of a shit about these strangers to edit her story and apologize to them. It was just fucking sad

Fuck no, you goose-stepping toadie.

No one is gonna read your fucking essay on why retardit is better than 4chin faggot

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This. Cred Forums is one of few places on internet left in 2020 where you can openly call someone a nigger and he wont be offended and start shitting himself

Plebbit spacing

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I'm aware that nobody on Cred Forums reads. If they could, they wouldn't be on Cred Forums. They just scan for key words they like and if they don't find them they just talk shit

so you DO use reddit.

he's literally saying they're both good, you fuckign NPC

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Go back to getting cucked by a nigger and watching blacked porn then come back When youre less of faggot

personally i just remember when reddit was first created and the creators endlessly spammed Cred Forums, desperate to build a community.

could never bring myself to go to the site after that bullshit.

go look at the Catalog and tell me where to go back to again

I can't go back to Cred Forums, I'm already here.

if you use discord, after all the spamming of discord posts you see TODAY on Cred Forums, then shut the fuck up.

Also, that's something I already said, that nobody apparently read because Cred Forums is hostile towards lengthy posts that aren't incest fiction

Get the fuck off your high horse fantasy world.

>I don't spend my days swearing at a fork because I couldn't eat soup with it.


Because your a nigger op

i don't.

If you have to ask there is no point in explaining it to your faggot ass

Checked, but stop posting.

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4han has unfiltered discussion, thanks to anonymity you can say what you want. reddit is full of PC bland status quo comments. I have a hard enough time hiding my power level in my day to day life, why would I spend my freetime doing it more to get upvotes?

>do what I say

I like how these people will defend reddit to their last fucking breath like it's their religion. "How dare they have different opinions? HEATHENS!"

Explain it to my brain. My faggot ass won't listen.

The only good reply on here, everyone else is arguing over the 2 most retarded sites ever used

literally read the thread god dammit I've run out of ways to spell it out to you simps

>Reddit sucks, tumblr sucks, Cred Forums sucks, people suck.

Redditors are confident in their belief that they know everything, when in reality they hardly know anything. I had an employee who was big into Reddit who thought it was necessary to explain to me how touch screens work literally a week after I graduated from tech school. That interaction sums up everything wrong with them

You are just a liberal pussy trying to blame everything on Trump.

The Trips have spoken

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>make an informed opinion based on your own experiences
You're a faggot and you're wasting trips again. Leddit sucks less than Cumblr, but it sucks more than people.

Reddit sucks because of censorship. And every admin/Mod of a reddit is a shill fagging for their thing. If you argue against them it's impossible on reddit because then you are being toxic and you get banned from the sub. And there is always some sissy little bitch that will report or tag an admin.

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Based dubs

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based on what?

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Reddit is good for those niche subreddits for like a hobby. Like aquariums or some shit. The main subreddits like r/politics are just echo chambers that try to promote an agenda rather than promote discussion. Cred Forums is better for discussion imo because of the anonymity and you don’t get some fag sifting through your post history to try and get dirt on you. Also freedom of speech on Cred Forums is light years ahead of reddit.

Rule of thumb for reddit: any sub above 50k subscribers should be avoided

Based singles

Why, never in my life!
..you made me shit myself!

This is the answer.

The site is set up to create spaces where everyone must agree or be completely erased, their posts being downvoted to the point where they are unseen and a dissenting opinion never sees the light of day. Furthermore, individual subreddits add rules such as posting limits for those without a certain amount of karma points or posts in that particular sub. So you can only speak unless your opinions have been approved by the mob. If not, you may literally have to post things that are acceptable to gain the points necessary to have an actual discussion at which point you lose your points and return to square one. As a bonus, some subs automatically ban you if you have ever posted in subs that they dislike.

There is no discussion is this type of atmosphere which makes you wonder why bother posting to begin with? You can't disagree and your agreement would have already been stated time and again. There's nothing to contribute aside from an acceptable opinion for more meaningless karma points. This is why the term "hivemind" is used every time the subject of reddit is brought up.

The site owners have made their intentions clear, choosing to purposely ban, quarantine, and silence subs that are conservative or right leaning. So one can't even eek out a space to agree with other like minded people if their political opinions run contrary to what is deemed acceptable. It comes as no surprise that the entire site is run the way individual subs are structured.

This is why people who say things like are dead wrong. Cred Forums is known as a hellhole of constant bickering and fighting specifically because people can disagree without being wiped from the sites existence. You can't unperson someone here, so you're forced to at least hear what they have to say, even if much of it is drivel.