ITT we invent a cure for the corona virus

ITT we invent a cure for the corona virus

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Just rub some peppermint oil in between your toes.


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first of all we need to sequence nigger DNA

Mash up 2 Oreos, 2 aspirin. Your dad (only) chews it up. Then puts a straw in your asshole blows it in. Next he disowns you and beats your mom. Cured.

Six logs of Sixx.

Don't need to invent a cure when it's already available.


Shoot chinks

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Yo, check it out.

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kill all the rats, flies, mosquitoes and sparrows

grow tf up


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Can you cure my chink flu? I'll set you free afterwards, promise.

just dont get sick, there is your cure

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But I'm addicted to yellow pussy.

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Wash your fucking hands you fucking dirty autists everyone of you need to stop leaving the public bathroom without taking a wash it disgusts me

People in my country have no manners, they cough and sneeze on your face. Just today I was jogging and an old guy pass me just to spit. Thats why I'm moving.

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Unprotected butt sex

Some dude told me that in times like these we should start washing our hands, not out brains.

Also, checked.


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Black pill.

Hey, I saw that movie the other day.

It was fucking awesome tbh

It's not even carbon based. It's using sugars as a bait.