Be me

>Be me
>was a radical Christian who memorized chunks of the bible
>smart and handsome as hell
>Accidently commits apostasy, which is unforgivable
>Going to the lake of fire which burneth with sulfur

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so you do porn now?

Yes, with your mom.

The blood of Jesus forgives all.


> accidentally commits apostasy

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Except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and apostasy.

Got into an argument with my dad. I was insulting him. He asked if I was a Christian, and I, in a moment of anger, said I was not a Christian anymore. In my head I was thinking that a real Christian would not dishonor their parents, so I said no.

> accidental
> apostasy
> you can lose your salvation

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Easy believism is gay.

Act like a mature adult. Be kind to people. Let the bad stuff go when it makes sense. Help others and yourself. Think before you do.

There. Follow those rules and you are now just as moral as any Christian. I’ve saved you countless early Sundays, attendance at unnecessary events, and 10% of your lifetime income.

Why the hell would I be kind if I am still going to hell? I used to be kind because I wanted a reward, heaven.

Because kindness begets kindness. And happiness begets happiness. Besides, you aren’t going to hell, so don’t worry about it.

Are Christians really that moral if they're only acting like kind human beings because they're expecting a reward for it? Like acting like a good little boy right before Christmas so Santa brings you more presents, and then turning right back into a little shit the next day? That doesn't seem moral to me...

Yeah like if I represented all Christians. GTFOH you stupid bitch.

The ridiculous shit that people worry about and makes living so complex is astounding. Humans seem to enjoy creating personal anxieties,

Heh, you are not moral if you are only good for a reward. You are just a whore.

So we should be moral for what other reason dumbshit?

>Got into an argument with my dad. I was insulting him. He asked if I was a Christian, and I, in a moment of anger, said I was not a Christian anymore. In my head I was thinking that a real Christian would not dishonor their parents, so I said no.

Cunt you can't get out that easily. Literally only one way to lose your salvation is blasphemy of the holy spirit. Power of the blood too strong; to say anything else is to minimize Christ's sacrifice.

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Hell does not exist. The wages of sin is death (not eternal torment). The gift of God is eternal life (therefore we do not currently have an eternal soul).

It is impossible to 'accidentally' commit apostasy.

You're story is lame.

Yeah worrying about an omnipotent God that wants to burn you for eternity is no biggie.

Show your workings...

Ananias and his wife lied and God killed them. He didn't give a crap about blood. You dont know shit about Christianity.

Meaning that I didnt commit apostasy because of cowardice. Just out of sheer stupidiness and pride

>Killing the same as losing salvation

The lake of fire is the second death, you smarfuck.

The bigger problem is your unfounded fear of some supernatural being which never shows itself. Nothing even remotely supernatural has ever been witnessed, god exists in your mind only.

Wtf are you saying

So you don't fail at humanity? If you can't extend your feeling of self-worth to other people, perhaps you should just kys.

Ever seen Hacksaw Ridge motherfucker. Lol if you are so delusional if you think the guy rescued 70+ soilders because of luck and chance.

as opposed to what, hard workism?

Really? That's your proof of god's existence? There's no point in continuing this.

You so gay.

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GTFO triggered snowflake. Continue believing that the universe and the world appeared out of nowhere delusional fuck.

>we shouldn't be moral except for to get a reward
This is legitimately how psychopaths think. Morality is a burden only worth bearing because others will treat you more favorably

You're fucked up.

Lordship Salvation is the truth.

Better a snowflake than an imbecile...

Cringe af

I bet you believe the earth is 6000 years old or some retarded shit

Bet you are the kind of guy who is too scared to read the bible lol. Pussy. At leas if you dont Believe it, read it as fiction, it is a good book.

About 7000 years old.


thank you so much you just made my fuckin day

psychopaths dont exist. Psychology is bullshit and a waste of student loans.


I was raised in a very religious family and went to a Catholic grade school. We had religion drummed into us and at age 15 I realized it was an absolute crock of shit. I never felt the presence of a supposed god, prayers were never really answered, life was the same as if I had no religion. My parents grudgingly accepted this. 23 years later and I still don't give a shit - only discuss in dumbass threads like this one.


>Accidently commits apostasy

Cause Catholicism is fake you idiot. If you only knew how to fucking read and understand basic metaphors in the bible, uneducated fool. Lordship Salvation is the truth.

Why is a good Christian like yourself lurking on Cred Forums?



There should be no metaphors In the Bible. There shouldn't be the thousands of confusing interpretations. Everyone should be able to read it and come to the same conclusions, after all it's god's words, is it not?

>believes earth is 7000 years old and bible is literal

so everything every scientist has proven through thousands of years of research and experimentation is... what, fake? made up? And the random ass book written a bunch of idiots who just copied swaths of the Roman law code with some pretty fairy tales is utter, indisputable truth? That makes sense

The bible is easy to understand unless you are a total moron.

>There should be no metaphors In the Bible
Why not?
>There shouldn't be the thousands of confusing interpretations
OT was written originally in Hebrew. Then translated to Greek. NT and OT were then translated from Greek to Latin. From Latin to other languages. You can imagine that the original meanings of Ancient Hebrew words after dozen translations and thousands of years might've been changed and misinterpreted by human error.

There is zero evidence for the earth being 'hundreds of millions of years old'. Sorry.

How ignorant and uneducated you are on the origins of the bible, that even a 7 year old sunday boy would embarass you. Go buy some books about it and learn fool.

People can't do that with fucking math and you think they should be able to with the Bible?

ahhaha inb4 trigerred atheist with daddy issues come.

Are you retarded? Fuck, I guess carbon dating doesn't exist. And fossils? Yeah no god just put those there to test our faith because why not.

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If it's so easy to understand why are there countless interpretations? God should have had no trouble writing a coherent, completely understandable tome that would not lead to asking questions. Why would god author such an incoherent mess?

Carbon dating is inaccurate. Are you dumb? Animals die, that's where you get fossils. Don't be daft.

People would have problems, an almighty god shouldn't...

I praise you Father Lord of heaven and earth. for you have hidden this things from the wise and intelligent and have reveales them to children. Yes, Father, for this way was pleasing in your sight.
So that smart pretencious lazy narrow minded wicked people like you dont understand and go to hell.

Because if a god’s existence was fact, we would HAVE to follow him. If he wants you to love him, you must be free to abandon him. Otherwise, that’s just slavery.

You have no real answer and you know it, and I know it.

my mom is a very nice lady

There is no proof Carbon Dating is reliable. GTFO with that fairy tale shit.

Was not the Bible written to prove god's existence?

Unless you've seen the Resurrected Savior and are now denying it, you are good. Whoever told you. You can accidentally become a apostate is an idiot.

Inaccurate? Yes. More than 10,000 years off inaccurate? Hell fucking no.


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There’s 0 evidence YOU are reliable.

I see how easy that was to type.

Academic source or GTFO

Was not your syntax written to be archaic?

Read Matthew 25 again, The Sheep and The Goats. Jesus says if you are kind to people you go to heaven. Doesn't say anything else is required. Not even belief in his divinity!

As one famous teacher said: Love each other. The rest of the Bible is commentary.

All women are whores. your mom likes to suck dick also. she aint no deborah or ester.

I‘m sorry you‘re the son of a whore user

Troll 1/10

I know... that's what I said...

Magnetic strata in oceanic floors being consistent with fossil record on all accounts. Hell, there is even evidence of a great flood that had occurred should you follow the geostructural record in that sense. Bible contradicts self in many many ways and has been relatively unmoving (with exception to various versions further contradicting as well). Do you understand the concept of incest? How breeding with family years and years and years will cause mutations? Tell me how all of humanity was berthed from a single couple. Even if metaphorical, how would this be possible without some MAJOR genetic fuckery. Sadly there is a bit of proof in the genetic pudding on your side though: you sound like a retarded inbred when you dismiss actual documents yet can’t prove beyond all reasonable doubt that your scripture is absolute.

WTF are you

Before the flood in the times of Noah, we had the genome that allowed us to breed with our family members with no problems. Please cite the verses where the Bible contradicts itself. You are full of shit.

You're fine just ask forgiveness, all is not lost.

Take my word for it. I know what I'm talking about.

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Easy one early on. Genesis 1:25-27 then genesis 2:18-22. Animals created of nothing and both man and woman out of nothing, then in 2:18-22 man was alone again needing a rib removed for some odd reason despite woman already having been created a chapter before. Why would the creation of woman differ than that of man, and why did woman need to be created twice over.

>doesn’t deny that he sounds inbred and retarded kek

tired of this thread not answering further posts


Here are some articles addressing the recent concerns over the accuracy of carbon dating, which is what I assume you're referring to when you say it's completely unreliable. It's worth noting all of these sources support the assertion that the inaccuracies of carbon dating are not nearly enough to justify a belief that the earth may be 7000 fucking years old.

also, here's the wiki