No rate thread?

>No rate thread?

Rate thread

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wow, thanks :D

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Of course, it looks great :)

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Are you mixed or do you just have a dark as fuck dick? 8/10


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What's going on in this picture? Do you have half a foreskin?

Mixed lel

Damn do you have kik?

Ah, I'm usually not huge on black dicks but mixed ones seem to end up super hot looking a lot of the time. Post more if you've got it.

Posting if I get dubs

Wasn't actually expecting dubs but I guess now I gotta deliver

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That is what a normal retracted foreskin looks like.

Damn. Got Kik? Looking for someone to trib my gf

How fucking gay do you have to be to post your dick on Cred Forums?


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Not as gay as someone who looks at other guys dicks without posting their own


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thanks a lot. is this really your dick? looks like a professional pic made forcsome gay magazine. 9 to me

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ruh roh raggy

8.5/10, do you have any different angles? Or possibly anything of you cumming? Your dick shape is like my ideal. So fucking hot.


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7/10, points for being unique.

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Rate me b/

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I think I’d let you slide that in my girls mouth

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If anyone wants to cum to my gfs Asian tits , add my snap.

thank you. sharing is caring ;]

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Very true , want me to send some pics of my girl to you on snap ?

I don't use snap or kik or anything else. :/ but I'm still glad you'd allow me to be with her :)

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I can post some here , any request ?

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tits would be nice

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Moar pls

I can show more on snap

Here's a pic from the other day. It was after 2 weeks without fapping

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got dis, enjoy ;P

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like this?

as I said, I don't have snapchat :/

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Diamonds. Need more

Ty, great cock. Take one of the bottom angle too next time. I bet the underside of your big head looks amazing, must be a wonderful view. I'd love to shove all of you down my throat.

Add me on kik - rhailowguitar

Any idea what that pimple looking thing is and how i can remove it?

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It's a skin tag. It's a leftover from your circumcision. Don't try to remove it yourself. Seriously don't.

Not it isn't...

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Ill do camera only dick rate on kik and I know it says ive been there for 1 Day But its because someone got my nudes and they shared to my People at my school, But camera only rhailowguitar

But it wasn't there when i was younger? I thought it was some sort of wart like HPV?

what this guy says

now post pix liek dis for rate

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Nice balls and thick thighs.

Would fuck and give a reach around/10


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i love your dick so much

post moar rn

Reminds me of mine. 6.5/10

That being said, I have the same looking bunched up skin when I pull it back. Is there a way to get rid of that? Stretching it more? Uncut cocks in porn pull back flawlessly without that red turtleneck skin

What would u do to me ;)

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rate pls

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8.5/10, more pls.

yeah, it's just my dick lubed up lol

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Add me on kik, rhailowguitar


you look amazing jfc


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Be honest please

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