Time for a cringe thread

Time for a cringe thread.
Show me your worst.

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COTUS (cuck of ...)

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I love you user.

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>not using dark mode

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I thought this was a cringe thread

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If you want cringe then just go browse the furry threads

I wanna cringe, not die of cringe.

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Stop it, we got a winner

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The cringe is in the Photoshop of the guy when the wound split his skull open and actually killed him. That wound is much bigger than its been photoshopped.

Fucking shut the fuck up

> wasting valuable data on an isreali data mining forum

I'm not using nigger mode newfag


Prove it

>>If you want this just go do that and not this.
Fucking Zoomers always have a shit hindsite solution

Everyone knows dark mode on a screen is easier on the eyes we ain't talking about darkies

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you win


imagine having a cock so small that the thought of using the dark mode has anything to do with niggers makes you mad

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hope it helps

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please photoshop that gash onto the cunt of a woman

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fucking rekt

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Image not knowing you're a Newfag.
Calling it nigger mode is as old as nigger mode. Zoomer.

Is that all?
You didn't even try to defend yourself.

ITT phonefags

sent from my iPhone

didn't need to, that spelling is obviously retarded