Tzatziki on Gyros edition.

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Akame's claimer is now claimed ^^

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Most of it was eaten yesterday.

oki oki..
soooo will you add me now :)
I also do shitty yt vids every now and then, is fun
I'd really like to talk more openly, not here tho

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Is that your discord?

They're pretty but that's about it.

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You're not afraid of some scary stalker finding you and knifing you?

I don't think my bf would like that...

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It is scientifically proven that farting spreads the covid-19. This is Hitler's dream come true. He always said that traps are gay.

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>cucumber yoghurt on a greek kebab

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And it's delicious.

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cute azusa
that would go great with my coffee
how goes
who dis

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That's cool at least you guys can meet up again.
What kind of timeline is this?

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Oh you meant to say cute Ui ^^

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Its almost as if cucumber in yoghurt is a Greek invention

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it's fine~
I known you for so long now, I want to talk more in private with you my fren :)

only gyros left... I forgot the cake got eaten yesterday :(

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traps are the best kind of gay imo :3

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But why is everyone so tilted about it? Is it like cereal and water?

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That made me frown.
It goes, bored, might play MGS V.

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a weapon to surpass metal gear

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Image limit reached
Still peeking?
Didn't think Sop had nice thighs

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how's the weather? cold too?

dun dun duuuuunn

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both maybe
I never had one
wouldn't be so bored if you had a sip
give cute
oh alright hi I guess

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Yes, yes. add me on that. totally wanna be your brainless orbiter.



sure. yeah. mostly hanged. but I do agree.

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I dont know. People just dont know taste.

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those have been banned, too powerful



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hanging around freezing temps

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[email protected]

send all spam, phishing, malicious emails to this account. specially designed to handle them. testing out vulnerabilities that will never be broken.

Bruh, I've been downing beers since 9 am.

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i must run... akame is going to kill me... and you too...


mmmmh okay... Ui is perfect tho

yay :)

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My waifus cute and strong

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well I'm sorry :(
I remember to wait for you next time...

new season when...
I don't want no mango >~<

ohhh.. sucks
well it did snow here too just yesterday and the day before.. had to shovel snow four times on one day was rough =_=

Nothing but rain today, weather has been so shit this week
are you playing anything these days? for me it's all been vr stuff, it'S weird I can't even remember the last time I played -anything- on pc haha

I should listen to my frens and stop talking to you blood.
All you do is... eh.. bye.

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having feelings for a psychopath was your only mistake.

I can see why they're dangerous.
ree EU scum

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Why do people still insist on speaking to Blood?

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that's so cute
early drunk
its fine I'll try a gyro if I have a chance they look tasty
how goes

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celebration tiem




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hey man that's a strong word.
I believe everyone is at least worth conversing with, I welcome all kinds of people.

even him ^

because read above

how are you doing?
Is it okay now again or still nature stuff going on
also, I'd like to talk to you too more in private you're interesting person with same medical thing going on and also can cook! that means I can ask you about stuff I'm messing up, like my over done meats >.<

It really is.... hmm.. wanna eat the other one now actually but I must resist >.

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Beep beep. Hello!
How day be, nerd? I hope it be good!

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>Tzatziki on Gyros
As if there was an alternative, faggot.

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I miss chen.

exactly. I mean mine had it on and practically all I ever had had it on sooooo ya.

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The early bird gets the worm.

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Shits and giggles would be my guess.
Pretty good, might bake some turkey later.
Hows you?
I'm not much better in California.

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Who is blood?

Hirasawa Yui
Relm Relm Relm!
nerd boop beep hello
i like your waifu a lot
i miss Chen, too, but i never really conversed with Chen that much, so i don't really know anything.

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No. Just no. Psychopaths are not worth anyone's time.

Oh hey Astolfo!
Hi Yui!

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they were more active in the past :(
I hope the chen blesses us once more with their presence the coming week!

...or someone gets shot in the back of their head by accident (((the man))) wills it.

you don't even know them outside the breds.
Not a fan of badmouthing people, makes me sad.

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You'd be amazed.

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hey Relm!
is your life doing well? are you okay today?
you can probably talk to Chen on D*scord if you're so adamant about it.
six shots. more than enough to kill anything that moves.

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Shouldnt even be that. He wants that attention.

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sounds tasty
goes well so far

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Yeah! Im just ate a cake with strawberry jelly, it was pretty damn good, Im a bit sleepy because I didnt sleep well yesterday making this pic, but it was worth every second for sure, Im now wondering what should I draw next.

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You're nerd, nerd.

how you be?

Art nerd! Heya!

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I never asked tbh.



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oh! right, I'll ask them next time they are here :3
no, too loud... I see you are not as well versed as myself when it comes to these kinda things =w=

>He wants that attention.
I know!
still try tho.

because I won't have any left tomorrow then :

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Post the waitress one.

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yummy, cake!
that's a nice picture. are you a cultist?
nerd nerd nerd nerd
i'm okay. kinda hungry, so i'll eat some foos
that sounds like a good idea, maybe.
i'm gonna get shot in the back of my head?

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Just chilling, enjoying of the not hot weather for a change and you?
Nah, Its because a thing that happened to me like two years ago, since that its like an internal joke that I think only Earth and I remember.

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Hello, afraid have ti leave, be back later.
He must thrive off that. Others must not realize or care.

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Oh, well, see ya!

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maybe we can arrange something?
dm me about this on disc if you serious.

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buy more tomorrow
just for you

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Thanks, I love that one.
Woaaah Astolfo is a BOY, what are you, GAY or something?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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I don't wanna, it's too far away >.<
and also! you get fat if you eat too many gyro! tho I should be putting on weight a little bit...
but gyros is not the right thing to eat often, it should be something you eat rarely, it's fast food after all.

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ah, come on, you just had to jog my memory... i remember, too...

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you are either not the real yui, or just confused
which is it

think fast, time's ticking John

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I didnt remember that you remember lol sorry.
Hey there!

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Dont. He wont change. You wont change him.

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Dicking about because yes.
It's pretty fun.

nerd x8
better eat food! that's like, a good thing!

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you're gonna shoot me in the back of my head?
it's okay!
was your day well, by the way?
nerdy-two bits
sometimes food is good. other times, it makes my skin really squishy. i don't know why.

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Nice lip.

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Never said anything about change. people can be quite stubborn so why try at all.

I honestly wanted to talk with them, is all.
Just like I want to converse with you more, as I said, I think you are a interesting person :)

I love writing.

that confirms it "yui"
I was always suspicious about the fact your filenames being just post numbers.

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its a nice one

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I can't follow
where did you go
it's dark

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Is she from some lovecraftian game/anime?
Yeah, was less hot that normal, which is good, and yours? did you felt good today?

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Take me out to the back of the shed, and shoot me in the back of the head, I'm ol' yeller, yelling at the top of my lungs.

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her name is Shaddoll Construct and she's a Yugioh boss monster

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Ohh, thats explains everything! stats?

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my filenames are timestamps. Cred Forums format and whatever
i've also been trying to accrue more Pixiv files, though
less hot is good!
today was okay. i've been downloading a lot of books lately.
okay, i'm waiting for the punchline

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ok )))))

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Do you like to read?
Shit I misread! I though it was a card that you could use! sorry!

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Kicking cats is fun

Attached: SabeR987.jpg (3252x2416, 857K)

She is and a good one at that

Attached: 51hF3jq3mzL._AC_.jpg (310x450, 33K)

its dark already and cold
that one is the best

Attached: krc191273521.png (391x596, 197K)

That's it. That's the punchline.
Stepping on pussies is better.

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Attached: vjzwafdbpzg31.jpg (826x1169, 148K)

Ah... Ok... ;-;
but wait, if it is a boss, how can be a card at the same time?

Attached: I feel flatered.png (572x546, 10K)

Attached: TheLadyinWight-TF04-JP-VG.jpg (544x544, 60K)

she is the main card to use in her archetype or deck which is why she's considered the boss monster

Y-y-you t-too, punk.

Attached: 20191003_215302.jpg (530x656, 128K)

Wouldn't that kill the bussy?

Attached: SabeR294.jpg (942x700, 78K)

I thought she was a character who had a boss fight.

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Kapow! 2
kind of not really...
that's not very cool
oh, okay

Attached: 1579278555259.jpg (1200x969, 301K)

it is dark here too.. and cold...
are you my neighbor.

ok ok ok :(

buuuut... what should I use to do it?
how about a M1911A1 youtu.be/pJRK9zey48A
or maybe a Kar98k ? youtu.be/TI6CW3jE6xM

I would also have a revolver but not sure if you can take that...

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Attached: 3dc270ae9c98a4337e67e7960d1f4cbe.jpg (685x900, 97K)

Then why...?

Attached: This would a good portrait.jpg (800x667, 73K)

oh, cool videos!
your reloading and rechambering could be enhanced
you should probably bring the Kar98k, because it's easier to transport in NY
i thought it'd be fun to read more
i want something to do when i eventually take another vacation in the future.

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Hello yui

Attached: Kao12.png (700x983, 574K)

u ain't cool anymore

Attached: SabeR97.jpg (711x1052, 389K)

unless you are the old guy always shooting at stuff

Attached: krc191681416.gif (640x640, 209K)

Gang Gang

Attached: ER8NJLIUEAA_DEl.jpg (800x1280, 107K)

heh... ya was just testing stuff out playing around no "competitive gamer" here lol
was just doing shooting stuff as a refresh from shitsaber, single saber shit is also fun youtu.be/hbOoNJd2Fk4

or you know, we could just eat pizza?
I know there is a really gud pizza place where you live, that would be fun I bet :)

you are cool...

you don't want me as neighbor? :(
I would let you use my vr stuff... we could eat pizza :3

Attached: tp6u68_a.gif (614x768, 1.89M)

bitch burger nyaa~

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Attached: Kao23.gif (500x281, 746K)

hello Kaolao
if being a good person is not being cool, then i'd gladly be the most uncool person
bang bang
that's fine, it seems fun.
Beat Saber is cool
pizza is also good. i like cheese pizza. fun things are fun (:
you are pretty cool, too.

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Oh, I though you owned that books because reasons, I thought you wouldnt read them.

Attached: Gambling in the Blackjack.jpg (600x551, 84K)

This isn't even close to lewd son. :3

Attached: 1575193604699.jpg (856x962, 118K)

I burned my fucking mouth eating pizza too hot.

Attached: 1572760197543.jpg (3377x4904, 539K)

Jesus christ.. how did u go from racist pol tard, everyone loved, to pussy ass bitch

Attached: SabeR88.jpg (850x1202, 119K)

oh, no. they're all GNU/free copies i found off the Internet.
i might not read them, so that's why i'm downloading digital copies and using them for my potential vacation in the future.
i'm the same person, just not as outspoken

Attached: 1581358835263.jpg (849x600, 305K)

this pic make me feel weird.
you mean margarita, for me it's usually just napoli or prosciutto and arugula

Attached: ufdv.png (1350x760, 1.81M)

How are you fren

just because other things are more lewd doesn't mean it isn't

Attached: Kao1.jpg (850x1008, 151K)

Attached: 23.jpg (707x1000, 158K)

I didn't say that
vr stuff sounds cool but no jump scare games
big mouth

Attached: krc1912147.png (1024x1024, 473K)

Mmm.. being nice in here to get on the good side of the guys, eh.
why are u whoring around in here and not with me?

Attached: SabeR392.jpg (850x1202, 185K)

I'm always with you

Attached: Kao32.jpg (850x595, 239K)

So many of you are lost, let me help.

Attached: C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_1432740796221.png (640x360, 50K)

Exactly, what I've posted thus far isn't too lewd, maybe a bit. But nothing compared to a lot of stuff I've got saved, nyaa~

Attached: 9564328bad3bd51ec0aed0054fabad62.png (482x1116, 366K)

yay! so neighbors now! hallo neighbor! ^w^
ya I don't like those either °~°
I played the zombies mode of that one shooting game and I got so cared when they were all in my face I just pt the headset off and never played that again.

Attached: uzu4rdsg4.png (1280x791, 1.81M)


Attached: 20181122_163818.jpg (706x998, 454K)

the picture makes me wonder if Yui was real
pizza is cool, regardless of flavor
alright fren
are you alright, amigo? want to maybe do a thing together?
i guess, yeah.
i'd like for people to be happy
thanks for redirecting me

Attached: 78879372_p10.jpg (1487x1069, 1.59M)

Is that why u never chat me up in here?

Attached: SabeR196.png (1145x1852, 1.67M)

And where are you going for vacation?

Attached: Relm and Celes.jpg (550x756, 136K)

How's the fag group? Left cause fuck the fags.

Attached: SabeR127.jpg (1280x720, 60K)


Attached: 67972cfd762f23af46e1ecc895edea98.png (559x705, 245K)

i don't know. i was thinking Canada, but that might not happen. just somewhere away, to visit some friends.
what fag group?
i left the Yuuki server because i got upset

Attached: IMG_20200218_223739.jpg (900x1200, 125K)


Attached: 1581453837633.jpg (847x576, 258K)

no no no, there is def. some pizza that's shit, like who puts pineapples on there? surely you agree that's shit, regardless of flavor.

Attached: wut2z4.png (427x366, 150K)


Gonna play some squids in a bit

Most of the time I just claim and don't really discuss

I'm here now though

Attached: Kao7.jpg (850x1340, 337K)

And why to take vacations? are you tired of the routine?

Attached: Looking down with curious eyes.png (450x807, 270K)

I'm not gay. You're gay! Nyaa~

Attached: Felix.Argyle.full.2078124.jpg (1300x1708, 999K)

pineapple pizza can be nice
people always put so much greasy garbage on pizza. fruit is a nice change to the routine. nothing wrong with trying new things, anyway
i'll check it out hopefully soon
yeah, i'm tired of the routine. i'm tired of being online and wasting my life doing nothing. i want to leave and become a human, even for just a temporary moment.

Attached: 1580650180797.jpg (564x584, 83K)

u know gei?
U afraid of chattin me up, ain't ya

Attached: SabeR756.png (2000x1414, 1.31M)

how much did you spend on it anyways?

Attached: krc1912074.jpg (1024x576, 32K)

Big wink.

Attached: 1579094162854.jpg (1417x1417, 137K)

Thats an excelent way of thinking Yui! and when you will start?

Attached: Portrait of a grumpy.jpg (1024x998, 108K)


It's not like I would even want you to talk to me


Attached: Kao31.jpg (850x1202, 452K)

hell no.
if you want fruit, eat it on it's own, or at least just not with some thing savory that's wrong.

Attached: wutjj5dh.png (782x686, 206K)

gipsy king

Attached: 1582252937431.jpg (1680x946, 364K)