You literally have no excuse for being single

You literally have no excuse for being single

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I mean honestly, there is some truth in this. Unless your purposefully trying to live your life in hardcore mode.

if i really wanted a girlfriend i wouldn’t have an issue finding one. it’s just a matter of me wanting to wait for someone i find very attractive when considering both personality and looks. i don’t mind filling the space between finding that person with girls who don’t really stack up to my standards

Face it user, your not a good catch yourself

not really when it comes to personality but i’m cute enough to be able to convince girls in the short term while i work on myself

When you have to say it

mental illness

It should be either virgin or married. Simple stuff yet hard to maintain.

Sorry you can’t get laid.

I'm sorry did you just fucking assume I wanted to get laid?
Fucking prejudice!

Dear white people,
Having sex with your family members does not count hillbilly Bob

this is exactly why you're single, "your standards" oh fucking please, you guys have such big egos this is why women don't like asses like you

Back the fuck off dick nigga

My excuse is that I hate people, and if I could afford a tract of land somewhere out in the mountains then I'd build a cabin there and none of you assholes would ever see me again until I got in a shootout with the Feds.

no excuses, just terrible at talking to women

i really don't, do i

[email protected]

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She left me.
You're literally the fucking devil!

dick nigga? this is a new one

Nigga fuck u

Funny how I was just reading another thread about how marriage is a nightmare and all the guys there were miserable.

Your personality likely wasn't good enough

i’m not really too alone. i understand that i don’t meet what i want right now and i’ve been putting a lot of effort into working on myself so i do. gym, eating right, reading, learning new things.

You're right. I'm a loser :(

Okay that's fine. Fuck me. I am whatever negative attributes you decide to push on to me. It's all true.

Now, what is a dick-nigga?

I'm maxing out at every machine and at the dumbell press at the gym and am learning a 5th language...

...America has the worst imprisonment record in history, a pathetic divorce rate, a pathetic STD rate, an absurd murder rate, an absurd STD rate...

...the moment that the Drug war cools down I am moving down to South America or am moving to Canada...

... America is awful. People are miserable, imposing, retarded and exploit the 911 call center by being pests and threatening to call 911 when people get fed up with their shit...

... Heaven forbid that I curse kids into an existence in this God Damned country...

...Also, the orphanages are full. Those people probably think that they are saints for having opened that bitches twat and having spawned senselessly into this over-populated, decadent, world.

Anti-soocial Gen-X is gone... Between the retards that have kids and act like retards because they think that it's "cute", instead of imposing intellectual effort while separating the kids from that very retardation and the federal currency loving criminal retards- an enigmatic package of mental retardation- I HATE this fucking stupid population.

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What's a dick to you?

Seethe less Torvesta

Nah, I was being antagonistic because of your aggressive stance. If things don't work out between you and another person then your personalities just didn't mesh well enough. There are plenty of reasons why it could have failed. They don't matter though. What's important to remember is that there are other people out there who you mesh better with. Find someone you can stand being around on a daily basis. Really, I should say enjoy being around on a daily basis. But stand is a good start. Love isn't easy and it takes time and learning from your mistakes.

ehhhh id rather be single and do whatever the fuck i want and have no kids than be stuck with a disgusting annoying cow

You're right. I don't deserve to live.

A penis. Male genitalia. A nigga in this context seems to be synonymous with a man. Hence, my understanding that dick in this case is used as an adjective to describe the noun nigga.

I wonder why you'd use the phrase. It seems like a repetitive statement. Was it just an accident? What did you mean to put besides dick?

Not white

>incest bad
Why should we be literally the only animal that doesn't have incest? I'm an only child. People ask me if I would have sex with my sister. I reply, "It depends. Is she cute? Does she have a nice personality?" It would help that we already have a lot in common -- like having the same parents, the same values, the same address. Having a sister is like God spotting you your first girlfriend. Like Greg and Marcia Brady.

>You literally have no excuse to not wed a slampig with a body count over 100


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I'm glad I could convince you to see things from my point of view. I'm also glad that we had this civil conversation.

You don't exist down there!

That is gross. Instinctually, I'm preloaded with a bodily rejection towards my siblings. Our genetics are too similar and my DNA strives for genetic diversity in offsprings.

Yet, you did anyways. Good for you, bud.

du hast wohl nicht mehr alle tassen im schrank, du hässliche fotze!

Did you know that song was inspired by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche? His views on christianity were negative. People speculate that he viewed christianity as a moral guideline for people and that it justified the evilness in the world. Further speculation says that without that as a held belief morality is subjective and things have no universal right or wrong value attached to them.

Which some may view as pessimistic but I would like to think that just because something isn't universally bad it's still bad to me. I define my own values and morals. Because I'm a big boy and I can do it.

I don't speak Spanish.

>You literally have no excuse for being single
can't get a gf if you never try to get a gf

I hate other human beings. Period. That's my excuse.

what if i am an anti-social incel? i mean, i'm posting on Cred Forums. that should tell you something...

What about childhood abuse? Physical, sexual... any sort of abuse in childhood affects your descision making in partners throughout your entire life. My mother was beaten and neglected redneck style when she was little, and to this very day she cannot find a stable partner and a stable relationship. My father was her first, and it was an abusive relationship, he neglected me heaps too.

Abuse carries through generations. If your grandma was abused, its likely you will suffer froms of abuse too. Sometimes its better being alone to not expose kids to the evils of humankind by being with the wrong person because you dont know how to choose the right one

Ok white knight

>implying white people are more insestuous than blacks

Doesnt like every black person lose their virginity to their cousin? This is a real question too because most black people ive talked to said that they lost their virginity to a family member, some more distant than others but almost every time...

>please take my roastie daughter user
LMFAO no thanks I'm making bank and doing what ever I want and when I want.

my argumentation is

ya i do i cant get wit a whitelady i wuz tole they all go 4 big nigga diks like mine but they rather go for microdik whitebois.

My reasons To being single are

>i've never had a crush on anyone so i feel like the feeling of love doesn't exist In me
>don't want anyone To be telling me what To do and trying To get into my shit
>don't care