Didn't Trump say he was going to "Win" the war on terror...

Didn't Trump say he was going to "Win" the war on terror, and that the Obama Administration didn't do enough in Afghanistan? Well looks like your god emperor is making a peace treaty with those Terrorists now, not to be confused with the other Brown People you are all scared of.

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You're fucking retarded. He said he was going to destroy the 'caliphate' of ISIS. Guess what, it's gone. He said he would end our endless war in Afganistan. Looks like he's working to do that. Get out of mommys' basement and grow the fuck up fucktard.

Yes, we were supposed to win the war on terror
Mexico would pay for it
The market would only go up
No collusion
So much wiining

He thinks ISIS is gone and that TALIBAN is significantly different... how can one person be wrong twice in such a short statement.

fuck you idiot

Great rebuttal. Should join a debate team or something. You are still in high school right? I sure hope so.


seethe more rabbi, or get your own people to die for once in a war.

Though getting dumb americas to die for your country over and over is pretty funny which we need to support for the Lulz.

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and fuck you idiot

This is the same person, President Sheets.

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Triggered zoomer

and fuck you too idiot

Weren't you fucking pussies crying for years about the middle east? Now suddenly you fags love war?

We shouldn't have ever been in Afghanistan in the first place back in the Bush administration, that doesn't change the fact that your God Emperor holds his commitments about as well as a shot up bucket in Afghanistan holds water. Difference is atleast the afgani would be smart enough to get rid of the bucket.

I'm happy we are out, that doesn't change the fact he can't hold a commitment. Unlike you I don't just start praising someone the first time they do or say something in my interests, and you know... also would like a leader with even the tiniest bit of ability to follow through on a single promise? How's that wall coming? Mexico invade us yet?

The wall is being built, retard. Just because your team stopped talking about it doesn't mean it's not happening. Let's be completely clear though, you are going to bitch and complain no matter what Trump does. Bottom line is you idiots cried for years about the middle east, and now suddenly you're complaining that Trump is pulling out. Fucking joke.

Seething zoomer spotted. Bet a big black kid beat you up and fucked your girlfriend huh? I'm sorry kid.

>>The wall is being built


Exactly, you're just gonna cry and be an ignorant child, waiting for the slave masters to tell you what to think next

I fucking hate Trump.

But leaving Afghanistan completely is a good thing. Granted, it's the ONLY good thing he has done so far besides withdraw from TPP, but it is a good thing.

Why waste more money, time, and lives on a pointless endeavor?

That's sure the pot calling the kettle nigger if I've ever seen it lol.

Obama campaign promise was to get us out of Afghanistan. You upset about that?

Kid, just delete this terrible thread and go back to playing fortnite. Leave the politics to the grown ups.

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not him but fuck you too idiot

Cubicle dwelling low wage low skill unimportant plebs getting worked up about shit that is 8 miles over their head.

I feel like most adults like me think people should be expected to atleast follow through with the promises they have made in at least some capacity? Instead of their brains just being void of any thoughts outside of "BROWN AND BLACK MANS BAD, ORANGE MAN GOOD! WHITE MANS OPPRESSED". So, more then likely, the only "kid" here is you, incel.

Ah, I see you're one of those dancing faggots. Leading the pride parade with joy. So tell me, kiddo, which promise did Trump break? And as for your muh pets are good and nice people argument, which they aren't by the way, why is every fucking place they live in a complete shithole? Why is there so much crime and violence? But I know you won't answer that. Those type of questions aren't allowed as you lead the pride parade.


It's even got pictures, so a retard like you can understand. Sadly it won't be able to make you understand how retarded you are, but at least it will help you understand how incorrect you are.

Do you assume everyone who doesn't hate everything that isint white like you is gay? If that were the case, I don't think the population in most places would be as high as it is.

There are bad people of every color, creed, and sexuality. 99% of them arnt the source of your problems, only the target of your frustration because you were groomed to think that way and you are an angry sad person who doesn't understand how to hold yourself or the people you trust accountable for anything. Its always someone else's fault. Its always the muslims or the blacks or the gays. You maybe older than 18, but you clearly never grew up, and are still stuck in that victim phase.

And for the record I'm a straight white male lol.

Well it's funny you say that when your pets literally, and I do mean LITERALLY do nothing but blame all of those fucking failures and problems on everyone else. With all this bullshit about hur dur I can't afford daycare as if anybody forced their monkey asses to have kids they don't even bother to raise right. And then people like you wanna point fingers at trump. What the fuck do the Democrats bring to the table? More taxes and more bullshit laws that the monkeys don't follow anyway, but anyone points that out the Klan members wanna play stupid. But I have to give up more rights so fags like you can virtue signal on jewbook? Nah I don't fucking think so.

Wow you really are just a sad angry person lol, I can see I struck the nail right on the head and set you off. You going to be ok?

You are clearly so indoctrinated that there is almost no reason to even try to enlighten you. Maybe one day you will stop seething and actually come to a point where people can reason with you.

In other words you have no argument. Also, just because someone doesn't fall in line with your bullshit, doesn't mean they're "sad" and "angry". When your balls drop and you graduate high school, you'll see for yourself. Even better if you move to the fucking ghetto so you can live with those pets you love so much. See how long you fucking last there.

I have an argument, but the real question is would you even listen. Considering how angry and aggressive your post is, along side with the fact you literally admit to thinking the dems and "my pets" are the source of every single thing that ails you, the likely answer is no. The only reason you are even responding right now is because i hit the nail on the head so hard that you feel victimized and again, need to lash out.

Actually I'm responding because I am enjoying embarrassing the shit out of you, in your own thread. But given that this thread sucks and no one is replying to it I'm done here. Have fun voting for the slavery party. When they jack up your taxes again and allow your pets to rob you blind, do us a favor and don't fucking complain. Fags like you vote for that bullshit.

>>embarrassing the shit out of me

Man, you really have a weird perspective. But I guess it aligns with pretty much everything I said earlier. You have actually created your own reality within your perspective to help you cope. I really hope nothing arises to challenge that reality, I doubt your psyche could handle the trauma. I hope you will make it through user, if it gets too hard, seek help, even though I know that it's hard for you to do.

Whatever you do, don't let your anger and sadness get to the point where you act out on it like all those other incel/right wing domestic terrorists we have had in the past few years. You know, the ones that are more frequent then any other type of terrorist attacks. Seek help, you don't have to be an uncle if you can start working on yourself instead of blaming others.

An incel, not uncle lol. Auto correct.

cadet bone spurs talking about the military again

lol,another failed war just like ISIS.this is what happens when a spineless pussy run the countrys