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Shark feet? Shark feet.

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wish i had a condom to cum into

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I thought condoms were uncomfortable?

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with lube it isn't

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They're not necessarily uncomfortable, just not nearly as good as a nice wet pussy... or so I imagine

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less mess I guess

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let me cum into your cannon hole

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I'm so fucking lonely. I just want to die already.

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Why "no"? I'll never get anywhere in life anyway, and nobody can love a fucking degenerate loser like me.

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i like you and i think you're fun

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and this is what me and sunshine want to do to you

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What could you possibly like about me? I'm nobody, just a fucking loser on the internet with a shit personality. What is likeable about someone who just wants to die, and does nothing but argue with other people to the point that people antagonize me even when I'm minding my own business, just to make me suffer more?

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yeah whatever

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Anyone knows the artist of this image?

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Not 100% sure, but it kinda looks like Delicious's art style. He's on inkbunny but got a funny feeling he changes his name a while back.

Surprisingly self aware my friend, but it won't stop me.

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I want to fucking cut myself, or shoot heroin or something, literally anything just to fucking feel something but rage and hatred for my pointless existence in this life I didn't choose. I want to die already, god I just want to fucking end it all.

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Woo! It's the furry spammer! :3

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What a fucking pathetic waste of resources you are. I wish everyone would just drop dead already.

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Glad you can laugh at that because I certainly can't

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Why not, just smile.

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Requesting Krystal

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Wait a sec, who are you?

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I wish more people would report every spam post and mods would their jobs against people breaking these rules.
>No spamming or flooding of any kind. No intentionally evading spam or post filters.

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Already reported, and did so yesterday too, nothing happened :(

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Reporting once or twice doesn't get any janitor/mod attention. You have to report every one you can to do something. At this point I'm sick of letting this bullshit ruin these threads.

Go fuck yourselves

Yeah fuck furries
You get what you fucking deserve

Fuck you furry trash.


Ouch, ma feelings! Hurt by some anonymous person on the interrne... Oh, nvm.


Then kys already, you attention-seeking faggot waste of oxygen

Uhhh.. you good ?

Fuck me that’s good who made it?

Thirding, for the love of God sauce

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This was drawn by a girl whose never actually handled a dick.

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i think
its nearly plain lame raman
for the 3rd night in a row....

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I need a hug, but even then I don't think it would make me feel better, they never really do....

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Have you ever thought of joining any community based organizations that interests you based on your hobbies / interests. Or done volunteering on a regular basis? If you feel terrible why not focus on things that go beyond yourself and give purpose in your life?

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This spamming shit never works. The furs always persist.

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No because I have extreme social anxiety, and couldn't participate in anything with no driver's license to go places anyway. Nothing gives me purpose in life, everything feels hollow and pointless because we're all going to die one day, and I'm hoping I die ASAP.

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cry more
fix your problem yourself

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his only purpose in life is to incubate semen

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You can start by working towards a driver's license. Why also suffer from extreme social anxiety? THIS could be the reason for your misery! You are isolated because of it and it prevents you from establishing meaningful fellowships with a group of people. Look what I posted to you in the last thread. Why do you suffer from it?

Also yes everyone dies. But that doesn't mean life doesn't have a meaning. People wish they could live! I lost so many family members from ethnic cleansing! Their neighbors killed them! Not everyone is so fortunate to live life. Its so short to despair over it!

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the fact that you don't deny it makes my penis angry

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>I'm hoping I die ASAP.

Why are you telling me things I already know? Thanks, but I didn't ask for your advice.

I'd rather die as a virgin than live as a slut

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Attached: 1483834700.carat_lilth___cheetah_babe_requestssml.png (1280x990, 610K)

Mm that would be good mine pile ran out :3


God I wanna fuck thoses paws so badly and I’m madly :3

Meow :3


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>I'd rather die as a virgin than live as a slut

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I bet she likes it “rough” :3


Please keep shooting Judy

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Mmmgood kiss :)

No, I'd probably be a bit of a slut if I were a girl tbh, but I'm too ugly and autistic to be a slut as a guy

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Is it not intuitive to give care, support, and advice to someone who posts publicly that they desire to end their life and is miserable? Its a social cue for me!

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you just have to be down to fuck ugly girls then

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Care and support, sure, but I already know everything I need to know to better myself. Advice means nothing if I don't have the opportunity to take it.

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sometimes i forget that normies have to use condoms, unlike us true furries.

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I don't want to fuck sluts anyway. I want a gf to cuddle, love and cherish, and I have little hope for that.

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A dirty blonde :)


bait harder feralfag

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Would you go so far as to say that, despite all your rage, you're still just a rat in a cage?

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Mmmm :3 tits

Purrr :3

I love these threads :3 ty all furs out there


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scariest scene

Just start completely letting loose deep inside dog pussy. Daily. Worked for me.

While high as fuck to some music. Just totally let go as deep as you can.

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you're the faggot that got banned aren't you?

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i like paws


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paw prints


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The whole point is using that advice to put yourself in the position to exploit having opportunities and opening new doors to further that reach in a realistic manner. Life is not a straight road, it is all twists and turns. Expect to fail repeatedly before reaching success. Sometimes you have to be reminded on what you already know because everyone forgets, especially in the heat of the moment. I definitely am guilty as charged. I might already know things, but it is good that people tell me anyway because you know you're in hot water once people stop telling you. I keep quiet and humble myself so they can say it anyway. My two cents. I definitely don't want to regret anything.

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I do too fur fren :3

Niice :)

the entire album is one long song and its good!

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If I was banned I’d be sad cause no more floof floof posts with you furrys :3

Hope you all are having a good Saturday night

i wouln't know where the fuck to go on this shitty internet if i got vanned

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Yeah, I know. Thank you. I'm just not really in a position right now where I can change much, but I will be soon.

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Sexy abs

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it would almost be worth it to cancel my ISP if i got banned
at least it's not the bad kind of average where the good is being weighed down by something bad.

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Excellent you furrys are on the par. :3 :3 :3 :3

Floof floof and more floof is there nothing it can’t help with :)

your method of trolling amuses me

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“Detective the dog is not rabid, hoister your gun away.” :3

Niice even with Constant praise I’m an evil furry(NOT) >:3

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So random XD

there are too many people into this stuff, they should be wiped out

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There is nothing wrong with bestiality. Animals are sexual beings and sexually mature if not mutilated by neutering.

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if i fits i sits

Attached: 19606.gif (512x512, 320K)

satan trips of truth

Mrrrr :3

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>Adolf Hitler working on his latest Panzer variant. - 1943 (colorized)

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Good, I'm glad to hear that. I'll be heading off to let my mind wander in darkness. Communications through Cred Forums is inefficient for these types of conversations. I have much to finish for the coming days. Good night.

Attached: source-70.gif (500x375, 1.92M)

Good night

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siudyufghlwijyeur iyusweghrfdfliuyuggwuier liywgrdiuryufg liygwliu liuygqwerliufghlwqi!!!!


Why are her nipples shining?