This was popular when I started browsing Cred Forums

This was popular when I started browsing Cred Forums.

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As was this.

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Goatse was also well-liked and admired.

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REAL CP was popular when I started browsing Cred Forums

Corm was popular.

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Remember gmask?

Then, presumably you have been browsed longer than I have.

This comic appeared fairly early in my Cred Forums days as well.

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Now the Pizzamen use Wickr

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This was a particular favorite of my era

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Yeah, but I found it never worked as advertised.

I have never heard the band, but I found this image amusing and so I saved it.
Apparently it stems originally from a commercial, later shooped by an user.

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I seem to recall Longcat also having an opposite number called Tacgnol.

I got so many shit saved from 2007 /b

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Reaction Guys (also known as Gaijin 4 Koma) would occasionally appear.

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Dolan generated some laughter too.

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I cannot find my "Habeeb It"-comic, I'm sad to say.


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Much obliged!

This dissatisfied gentleman of the negroid persuasion would occasionally crop up.

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Now that takes me back!

This film also began to make the rounds and regained some popular mention once more when Mr. Obama became president in USA.

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Variations of this panel would be posted on occasion.

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Yes, a simpler time. When memes were about making little jokes and having fun, instead of about pissing other people off and politics.

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I never found out where this clip was from, but it was posted on several occasions.

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I made collage books full of shit I liked back around 2006-2009, I think this book was 2009 memes and the other shit that was important to me back then.

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I concur.

Also, this cartoon girl called Mustard Seed would get her own threads now and then.
The artist was quite prolific.

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Very prudent!

There were also the jokes regarding the pool being closed, die to AIDS and of course the burning of furries. Sometimes combined.
And Habbo-raids.

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>This was popular when I started browsing Cred Forums.

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This set of images always were somewhat confusing but also caused me to smile.

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I chuckled heartily.

Cats were always popular.

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I loved that pear with a mouth, and I figure plenty of other people did too because it survived as a meme better than most things of the era, like it's been years since I've heard a "do you liek mudkipz" meme pop up.

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Wasn't the mudkip joke related to some sort of incident involving a retarded person?

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Do those get insta-banned now?

Ah yes, best nigras.

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What was her name, again?

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this shit was pure cancer

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remember magibon?

Ah, Our Queen

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Did this type of meme not originate somewhere else but would later manifest on Cred Forums?
I did like the trollface one.

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Alas, no.

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Of course, just staring into your soul

There was absolutely a story involving a retarded person, not sure which came first.

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Allison, my aim is true

I wonder what she does now?
Is she still alive?
Was she ever aware of her status on Cred Forums?

>This was popular when I started browsing Cred Forums.

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You know the meme, but were you there for the raid?

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No, I was not.

Captcha used to have these weird words/letters as well.

I was here for these raids

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all dis bread

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Now shes shacked up with Armoured Skeptic the youtuber

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Too soon girl was my time, where does it go Cred Forumsros?

I'm sure she was, but no one would admit to that stuff anymore

Early Cred Forums made great, simple memes with vivid backstories.

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Zoey is the only queen of Cred Forums

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She visited r9k a few months ago, old and fat and pretty much out of her mind. I didn't save any pics.

Happy Negro, yes?

>, old and fat and pretty much out of her mind

So, like most of us?

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okay meme

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Doesn't rule the skies.

Cracky-chan is obviously superior.

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angry daddy

Must’ve been the golden age

Did we ever find out who the post-it note glasses girl was?

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as was raiding people's livestreams until they killed themselfs
+ good 'ol noko




Also holy hell, midnight snacks still exist.

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OP here. I am now out of older images.

DONT like at the time when rage comics came out everyone loved them, I still love them, they’re nostalgic to me

Well sir, luckily enough you are not the only older denizen still around.

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og rage comics were much more simplistic and usually only relied on the pre-made faces on the last panel

this new type of rage comic is a what spawned from the original ones after reddit and 9gag popularized them.

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And then she grew up

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You need to let Raptor Jesus into your heart.

He went extinct for our sins.

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Cant get much older than this

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I like turtles

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It's from a Jet Li movie called The Contract Killer

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When I first joined Cred Forums
Memes had a black border with bottom and top text around them

Most fortunate. indeed, my good man!

I am indebted to you, kind Sir!

I miss the overall feel of old Cred Forums, it felt like a crazy place where anything could happen and you could witness magic. So much has changed, I used to get so excited when I saw a big red (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) attached to something, but the entire concept of tagging ban-worthy posts is gone now, right? They simply ban you and remove the post completely, unless I'm wrong, because those red tags have been missing for years.



I could never stand Matsuri. Nobue was the best girl on the show, but if I had to be creepy, I'd say Chika.

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I saw a happening earlier this month but it didn't get big at all

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This is the only time I have been saddened by a lack of a rickroll.


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what happening?

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Yes, but the old chan was kinda horrible. CP was RAMPANT. It was literally everywhere even with the reporting button.

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You say that like that's a bad thing

I got my old folder from 2007 with old memes n shiet will dump

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Normally you should follow up your opinion that something is horrible by giving an example of how it is horrible.

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just some dude gettin banned with the red and such and the thread goin wild with spam from mods and others

Hahaha it's great being an oldfag, am i rite fellow shitposters?

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I like those memes.

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It was literally the only good thing about this shithole.
Now triforce has suffered the same fate.
Good things never last :'(

Out of curiosity what is it you like about this dead shithole?

Bro I come back to /b every couple months hoping it goes back to the old way but I always get disappointed

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Member the spaceprograms?

The era we once knew and loved is over cause company sticked their noses in this shir and knew they could make money which the era of the Wild West was killed around 2010

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Classic. Still loose to it.

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Always something different. The appeal of this dead shit hole is it reflects the state of the internet hive mind which is much more kind and caring than it used to be.

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Cred Forums used to be the place to get away from life for a bit, you could enjoy your strange sense of humour with short-lived friendships that didn't require effort. Nowdays everyone is on the internet, most of the original guys here left or changed with the times I guess, and annoying fucking faggots on the mainstream websites think it's cool to go on Cred Forums, and the media uses it as a scapegoat for the real digital threats.

Oh fuck I'm late for the oldfag thread.

Those were better times.

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Relevant on so many levels.

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O shit i i remember those
Lemme dump real quick

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I love the number of random people that still act like Cred Forums is some big troublemaker with its fingers in everything like it was a decade ago.
Motherfuckers stub their toes, "fucking Cred Forums put this chair here. fuck Cred Forums"
we've reached devil levels of boogeymanning, but struggle to push the average thread to image limit in less than a days time.

I still remember when they made a fur board

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remember when spiderman threads weren't CP deterrent?

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Nothing but straight facts here

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It makes me kinda sad when people blame Cred Forums and I just think “I wish it was Cred Forums”

Psst...youve just been.

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Is anybody even still on this thread or is it just me

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Its funni but it attracts the wrong crowd that cooms and come for the COOLness it brings cancer..

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Anyone have the post it note girl?

better times, memes used to be something not everybody used

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nostalgia overload



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different chick, dude, they just look similar, do a side by side though and it's obvious june and catie are not the same person.

I wonder how many originalfags still hang out here.

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None here.

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I interject this into random conversations to this day and i'll never stop.

Cronch'n it down in my pad tho

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This is November; Echo, Whiskey, Foxtrot, Alpha, Golf, requesting immediate lore assistance on this post, over.

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They look nothing like each other.
June just leached of her popularity by doing her make up the same and wearing a wig that made her hair look same.
And awful vid quality helped.
Boxxy was fit, June not so much(still would)

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You just lost it.~

Attached: k083.jpg (685x964, 107K) died as well. Shame.

Nibbas dont know what The Game is? I learned that before Cred Forums


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Change entry to school game

So this yots is a newfag yots? Neat!~ it's like having a twin sister!!!!1111

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This guy started the whole rage comic meme

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I just wanna talk to old fags, this is the longest I’ve stayed on Cred Forums in one sitting in the last year

That trashcan changed his life.

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Hello hoihiiiihoohoihoi

Oh god, yeah !!!!!!!

I remember that meme from the old days !!!!

It was shit.

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Seriously though, why can't I find the girl in glass with the post-it note on the frame?

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Attached: 1555075639059.gif (395x272, 1.83M)

How old are you fellow old fag? I’m 21 started growing Cred Forums cause I had an edgy brother that was 6 years older

More card crusher

I was too young to post when my sister would attention whore in '03 and encouraged me to start posting too. I went into a thread and said i was new and was met with multiple people calling me a newfag but praised my honesty and i was sent this pic as a welcome.

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But do you remember /Z/? Buzz Buzz motherfucker.

My sister eventually met a guy off Cred Forums by the name of p. and they would hang out after school at our house and chat on AIM and he was so cool! He headed to the military and their relationship frayed.

Waiting for some fucker to knock over that card stand.

I've enjoyed this thread, but it's really made me miss the way things were when Cred Forums was still uncivilized. I remember when summer was summer... now it's summer all the time.

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I didn’t say I was a newfag and got a diff welcoming lol

I just lost The Game.

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motherfucking fenslerfilms were the shit

I thought this was a 7chan meme.

She really freaked out the idiot Tyra Banks. And good for her.


"Im the Juggernaut bitch" was more my go to. Juggs gon gitchu

That or Charlie Brown's Kwanzaa

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Guessing it was a migrating user or i posted in some spoop shit

i dunno much about computers other than the one we got at my house my mom put a couple of games on there and i play em'.

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old porn vids that are still up on youtube

Attached: 4chan dead.png (800x1333, 831K)

Been here since 05. Am I an originalchan yet?

Lol I totally forgot about that

Ur n oldfeg ate lest

Attached: orly.jpg (413x384, 22K)

Old fag

I have earlier stuff too. Oh well.

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OGs are 03' if you go further back you get into ancientfag territory

if you go further back you're on a different website, dumbass
>don't care that you're pretending

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Also the game

ceiling cat is watching you masturbate

Hope you got 10 bux

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Who was here for the Cred Forums civil war?

It could have been, but I saw this on Cred Forums several times back in the day.

Personally, I've always admired it and held it with the utmost respect and highest regard.

No dude they spelled it like this "KoRn" with a "K" and a backwards "R". I know it's been a long time, but come on man.

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Matsuri is adorable

Attached: [LIME]_Ichigo_Mashimaro_11_[DVD][800x450] 2.38.825.jpg (800x450, 225K)

remember hidden .rars?

I was just farking around back then. an everyday memer and photophop contestant, unaware I'd soon be delving into this asshole for fifteen years

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they're all cute

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Did i fucking say on Cred Forums you nigtard

Fuck ye I remember that shit

something with an owl mfers



Attached: 3 4vt.jpg (675x448, 63K)

They're such treasures.

Attached: [LIME]_Ichigo_Mashimaro_10_[DVD][800x450] 21.28.330.jpg (800x450, 415K)

Attached: d324t.jpg (600x600, 29K)

You're not supposed to, idiot.

Attached: [LIME]_Ichigo_Mashimaro_12_[DVD][800x450] 21.44.137.jpg (800x450, 289K)

This wasn't popular when I started.

Attached: Millhouse.jpg (407x405, 21K)

Attached: q3afds.jpg (474x423, 10K)

Remember that time when Fox News did a story on Anonymous.

Attached: Z.jpg (229x220, 12K)

that kid with the guitar looked a lot like my nephew at the time

Attached: fluffy.png (600x600, 163K)

one of my first memories of Cred Forums was this image in literally every thread for pages and pages

Attached: TEHREI.jpg (640x480, 45K)

Attached: memebooks.jpg (1877x3205, 1.29M)

Attached: 1378096432278.jpg (413x960, 100K)

>Why are so many people masturbating to ceiling cat?


Attached: Found_392653200_35823.jpg (450x412, 35K)

Same. Where has the time gone?

This place was always home to me, I love that pic

I miss invasions or even just coordinated trolling...also remember when you couldn't 7 or peanut butter

Attached: TyWlzze.jpg (479x361, 12K)

Attached: 1143388147504.jpg (600x552, 48K)

I miss


Matsuri a best

Attached: matsuri 125.png (1280x1194, 742K)

did someone say cancer? Completely fucking run into the ground in and outside of Cred Forums

Attached: epicfail07.jpg (749x597, 39K)

before Cred Forums and 10bux

Attached: mrtatemyballs.jpg (261x207, 61K)