Whatever happened to them? Is there any followup?

Whatever happened to them? Is there any followup?

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he went to prison, she hung herself

whut, no impossible

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I read it on Cred Forums, so it must be true

>Is there any followup?

Can someone tell me their situation

Balls were shaved.

apparently she's not very happy about the whole ordeal


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What's their story?

so she tried to cash in, did she get mucho dineros?

Only in the US a 17 year old is not expected to know what sex is. And to make cirminal case of it.

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Damn shame and a travesty of justice what happened to him

to be fair, he was a teacher and most other countries have stricter laws for that too

and he's christian, so i don't pity him

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Nothing. He got off and then got off.

He held a position of power over her, it's rape.

how? she did understand consent, she's not retarded. she didn't get grades or anything, she wasn't coerced. she understood what is happening and consented to it. it's not rape.

Balls were shaved.

Item 4, shave balls.
B-rad pretends he doesn't miss her. Cries himself to sleep nightly

God I’m in love with her

he was charged then let go because they refused to cooperate

Eventually they broke up and she went after the school district for a check because they didn't do anything to stop it

According to linkedin she is a nanny now