A man died in Washington

A man died in Washington.
What have you done to prep?

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Whacked off

I stay away from all people.

bought food enough for 1 month

Nones die in EEUU for coronachan get, liar

I live in Washington and I'm in and out of hotels and airports all the time for work. If I get it I get it; there is no sense in worrying about it.

That should be easy for 80% of Cred Forums

Wiped your mom down with Purell.

purchased alcohol-containing handgel to clean my hands with 3x a day. wash my hands more often and proper than usual.

What else can I do? Germany fag, it's already broken out here

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Bought bullets
And food
I don't think much will happen but people should still buy food before it's gone
Even if you done believe in this shit others do and they're cleaning the stores out
Some guy died in Washington today and Costco became flooded one hour later.

fake news,
President Trump says it's a hoax
Nothing to see here, citizen.
You can't afford the vaccine anyway

29 deaths in Italy, Guido.

i hope it takes me im done with life

Get treated.
Let the bill go to collections.
Get garnished.
That's the murican way.

I work at a pharmacy distribution warehouse and man, this is real. We're stocking thousands of mask and sanitizer etc. This epidemic is making RX companies rich...

Isn’t it Guido, Italy? Couple miles from Goomba isn’t it?

Fake news,

do not feed the trolls-

Buying more puts

I fapped to furry porn.

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German medfag reporting in.
You just keep that personal hygiene and perhaps not let someone cough in your face and you should be fine.

Also, if you get nCoV, you will most likely feel a bit/lot sick, depending on your overall health.

If your health, especially your lungs are in a bad condition before catching nCoV, you're probably fucked.

To the rest of the western world: don't panic. Influenca is not any better and we're having pandemics almost every year.

Stocking up on teddy bears for all the vigils. Teddy bear stocks are on the rise.

Going to an amp later, think I’ll get the coronas?

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ah shit been smoking quite a bit lately. But I'm still young (20's). Hope I'm passing the natural selection test

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Shouldn't be a problem. Any pneumonia could fuck you up.
But having a serious lung problem like COPD III or already a lung infection or overall a crashed immune system, there is an actual problem when catching nCoV.

Just stay cool, wash your hands, don't stick your nasty fingers in your mouth and you should be fine.

Thank you medfag. This engineering fag will keep designing your medicine factories until I die.

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I work at a hospital at department of Infectious Diseases, on the ward next to ours a coworker was just diagnosed. I'm preparing to go to work Monday, you all are scaredy cats

no it's confirmed. No matter what your great president said...


Me and you both user

I bought a new video game

Posting cactaur threads

Trust me, Trumps says the true, we are American, we are untouchable

we will all die, the question is when

I've been on short term disability for almost 3 months now.
(3rd year, polymyalgia rheumatica)
The pain and stiffness makes me useless in the winter so I just lay around the house doing nothing but drinking until i pass out.

I just found out about all of this shit last Monday from here.
I'm not worried since I can't really leave the house but shit would suck for me if things got real. Lulz

>I am gonna be a dick now, if you can't handle this kind of stuff, please don't read the next sentence

>I am not joking, I maybe went too far

how do you feel about possibly being an asymptomatic vector to your family and friends?

I have severe asthma and have had recurrent prenomina. What should I do?

Yeah I've unironically taken a break from smoking pot since the outbreak. I know it probably shouldn't affect much but I figure if there's any time to take a break it's now lol

stay home if you can. better to lose your job and a semester in uni than your life?

but then, stay home until when?

perhaps just get a mask and alcohol gel, stay away from crowds as much as you can, don't diet or get cold or exercise too much; nothing to stress your immune system

stopped talking a whole bunch of shit


When someone coughs into the air there is a nice little virus cloud around for about five minutes. You don't want to walk through that little bitch.

What game?

Well I have worked with several infectious diseases before, it does give you the creeps sometimes when you think about how you might harm your love one's. But the world has to turn and this virus is not more dangerous than the influenza we had a few years ago. And nothing like the one we had 100 years ago which killed 5 % or so of the world's population. So far it seems fairly mild, but maybe next year it will come back with a vengeance and be a real killer. So better to get it now and become "vaccinated" if that will happen.

going back in time to 2012 hopefully I'll get it next time

Ok Zoomer

Stay at home
Don't order Chinese food

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Can you all fucking relax and sit? Dont stress me with your bullshit flu. Buy what you need for this week and stop buying in excess cause world will not end

Just bought 50 pounds of rice, 25 pounds of chick peas, and 2 gallon tubs of Optimal Nutrition protein powder. Shit is about to get real.

Paranoid fuck stop spreading hysteria

wish i lived in a country with a president who wasnt a rich daddys boy who rallys behind his anti vaxxer bible thumping fake conservatives

>bullshit flu

its more then just a bullshit flu idiot.this is what happens when you elect a president as stupid as the majority of his country

I'm not. You just wish I was because it would make you feel better about yourself.

Canuck here,

What would a good baseline for prepping be? Already have 14kg rice and a similar amount of canned beans and dry foods. What else would be handy food-wise?

Got some fresh water storage

Canned foods

I don't smoke, no lung problems, young and /fit/, and my immune system is amazing; I rarely get sick, and when I do it barely affects me

So I'm pretty much good. I got swine flu when it came through my college campus and it was just like a bad flu, nothing terrible. I played games and read when I wasn't tired, I was just mostly bored.

So I don't really care if I get it, I'm ready to take my chances.

stay away from america and move to a country with common sense(like one that didnt decide that giving paper towels to hurricane victims was a good idea)

Just came back from costco and had to fend off big black mommas from removing rice bags from my cart. Wtf is going on

how to fix china controller pls help

Animal fat maybe.
You can also make some meals and dehydrate them like vegetable stew.
You can make chili last forever if you keep it simple and greasy. I have a few edible flowers and plants I keep around the house for the fuck of it.
I can see them being helpful


I live about 50 miles from where he died, currently opening all my windows and attempting to contract aids

i thought costco was to upper class for niggers

put a whole bunch of level 2 tenacity materia in level 50 crafting gear before I sold it

I'm playing that shit right now
I bought the whale mount for prep

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I am already dead inside. Take me sweet corona

pls send me money

If Cred Forums were the only people who survive the pandemic what great hell would this world turn into

trust me, most of Cred Forums could not run down to the end of their street without being winded, let alone have the sense to do anything useful during a doomsday scenario

Its already here, and chances are youll get it out prepping... So congrats lol

Nothing. It's the elderly and those with underlying illness who are dying. The average person will be fine.

imagine how fucked you are, if you believe the president of the US has something to do with a flu that started half way around the world? Pathetic, lol.

More people have died due to police brutality than this silly virus

I have done nothing to prepare because I am invincible and it will never happen to me.

My teacher said you can get coronavirus from a toilet seat. Is she lying to me?

I mean it's free time off work

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I live in Santa Clara where a few cases are. People are buying fucking bottled water like it's going out of fashion. I don't know what people are expecting to happen but it won't involve loss of public utilities. If I could get it now I would just to be done with it and go on with my life. Seriously not worried about the virus but the stupid people.

Pretty much any disinfecting spray kills the virus. Even if it were true, there’s that.

I cant prep cause im broke wut do? Honest now im really broke i could go through my room and maybe get 5 bucks together and nothing on bank. Next paycheck in 14th march. Am i fucked? Still have 23 packs of ramen and some gras. What can i do?

People always buy water in bulk when they think a crisis is about to happen.