Leap year edition

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Requesting a better drawing of my OC Neaux Yu

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Fuck off

No u

dancing request.

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Fuck off

Requesting Neko soup, her inside a cauldron with a wolf dude tasting her feet or swallowing her while licking her pussy.

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Kinda like this. Alternatively her getting fucked while licked, can be other species if you prefer.

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gimme 2 pokemon to fuse in mspaint

riolu and purrloin

Fucking cringe alert

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clefairy and mr. mime

Ralts and Hatterene

Gengar and Wailord


i'll see what i can do
i think i tried this one but it didn't really work
hatterene doesn't have a sprite ya dip

maractus and lopunny

Stop saying fuck off to everything on this thread.

Let's post no drawings so we cant get told to fuck off

Check mate hater

also, the animal crossing dude is done

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Fuck off

Requesting Re-draw this image of this hyena Girl and This Cheetah Girl in the drawing (art) style of joe murray / let's go luna! / Camp Lazlo / Rocko's Modern Life

hyena and cheetah: thebarchive.com/data/b/image/1577/37/1577376642823.jpg

console: live.staticflickr.com/4200/35067267711_f4f48e8993_b.jpg



Soda Can: cloud10.todocoleccion.online/coleccionismo-coca-cola/tc/2018/02/20/23/113029407.jpg

lay's: i.pinimg.com/originals/f8/aa/9b/f8aa9b277fe4d8da629e8eb9e887d74a.png

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hot!! thankies

I would like Trixie Tang to sexually harass Luna as in the picture.

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Requesting Monster Musume's Liz (left) riding the cock of a lizardman monster guy (like what Liz is) shota and getting impregnated by him.
Front ref if it's needed: imgur.com/qvYnfL1

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Fuck off Fernando
Fuck off
Umbreon and Scyther

Requesting Ronal and Alibert from the danish animated movie "Ronal the Barbarian" wearing those loincloths/ jockstraps/ g-strings like the ones in the movie (the ones that show off a bulge in the front and expose the butt a little in the back). Keep it safe, and no trolling please.

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Requesting her giving birth. What she births is up to you.

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draw him jacking off

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Can someone draw a clown? I have a deep sexual lust and desire for female clowns.

if still taking requests, I'm requesting a draw of her actually pulling down her panties and an user taking a picture of her rear

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Requesting Ruri getting lovingly knotted and impregnated by a dog

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Requestin' this girl, entirely nude and hypnotized, coerced into getting fucked and eatenn alive by a large snake.
>She's riding the snake's dick cowgirl style, the snake cumming inside her
>The snake is coils up around her legs; its mouth open ready to swallow her head first
>Her head is inside the snake's mouth as the snake continues to swallow her
>The majority of her body is now inside the snake, only her feet are sticking out of his mouth
>The snake now has a bulging belly from where he swallowed her
>Same as last pic, except it's an x-ray view that shows her inside the stomach
>A 2-day later pic showing the snake with a slightly less bulging belly
>A week later pic showing the snake back to normal, no bulging belly, and with her remains shit out

Snek voore references: imgbox.com/g/RkqJY4UaWl

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Fuck off

Have a shitty drawing of your grill

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If you feel like it, could I get my Satyr Giselle being knotted by a big dick while winking and kissing a small dick?

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draw a mom getting bugged by her kid while she's trying to take a shit

Whoa, pretty hot

This girl playing with a worm on a string please.

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Anything of this girl. Your choice. Would prefer if cone covers entire head tho

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Awww yeah she looks so good!

requesting her doing pole dance

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Would you be up for some fetishy request?


Also, do you have sauce on her?

an user drew her, so idk

Ah, I see. Looks like Frankie’s work.

Fuck, I miss our thicc alien goddess.

Requesting the proper colors for this Hippo Model from Legend of Zelda.

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Requesting a chubby punk girl with a fat ass

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Here are Her proper colors and include the polka dots on Her hairbow.

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requesting her trying to fit her guy into an old leather jacket instead


depends. I don't do loli, scat or vore.

maid user here i didnt get to thank you the last thread so thank you

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What's your request, soldier?

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a twitter and Newgrounds. both I rarely update,

Fuck off


ill see what I can do. but I'm just taking care of IRL stuff at the moment

No u
Go back to /trash/

still how do i find you?

rickymortice on newgrounds and
/RickyMortice on twitter

me when i see your mom

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Did you draw that?

Fuck off

also i have a new request that you might like, our oc's doing a heart with their hands

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ye what do u want

damn, I thought I drew big cocks.

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Fuck off

beautiful, thank you so much

If you're taking requests:

Draw Yotsuba wearing an MF DOOM mask, if you haven't already done so before

Please and thank you. God bless

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Yotsuba guy I dont think I ever did your requesto before...I want to add to your mega collection. How many u got so far?

Draw her gangrape pls papa

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324 total

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underage spotted

>that number
jethuth fuckin cwithe that's 4x more than I ever gotten of my own oc

Why do you assume that?

I'm almost 27 lmao

Well I've been asking on and off since early 2013. Holy fuck, it's been 7 years

Where can I view trinket’s lewd art

welcome my dude

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Up my ass.

twitter and newgrounds

Pls just ONE it's all I ask.

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WHOOPS, wrong file

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You have literal hundreds you greedy nigger

Nothing wrong with repeat requests tbh

No I dont. I got about 120 or less

Can you upload your more of your lewd art to newgrounds or twitter?

I meant for

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is suck that bunch of anons at least reply repeat requester but not me

requesting teemo spreading his asshole

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I don’t care about repeats I care about niggers pretending like they don’t have plenty already
168 in the /i/ thread, not counting all the ones you’ve gotten here
You’re not me nigger

I just like seeing all these different styles, is all. I'm not forcing them to draw it for me

Hi, how you doing?

I never pretended to not have as many as I do. Someone asks how many I have, and just like I did tonight, I show 'em my imgur links or the folder size

You don’t pretend to have fewer than you do and don’t bitch for more. You’re fine. I wasn’t talking about you.

Ah, gotchu. God bless

Would you draw something with this fat scaly bitch from one of the most mediocre direct to video “kid’s” movies of all time wearing a bra that doesn’t fit? No vag.

I’m just a /trash/man. Show me mercy

Have another ref

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Fuck off

I can try. but I often purge my files like twice a year so I may not have many to post.

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Fuck off

Many thanks!

Draw a clown

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Just 1 more.

still up for /r/‘s?


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Fuck off

thangs uuu

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Go away sheep fucker

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Older drawing that I always wanted to see someone's interpretation. Any takers?

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Fuck off

No u

/r/ing a thicc chubby girl trying to fit her ass into jeans.

Requesting Jojo from Jojo's circus giving a foot job. Or at least nude. For fucks sake I'm desperate for my first ever waifu. No hentai of her.

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requesting this ant milf seducing an user

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requesting long aron

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Fuck off


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Thank you, Frankie!

yor welcom

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Fuck off

tHeSe ThReAd Is DaNgErOuS! See that how you sound like!

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Fuck off


/r/ Soliera getting dicked

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Would you try this, m8?

Fucking legend

oh shit forgot about this one

Requesting her cosplaying as Jacket from hotline miami

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requesting deimos from madness combat laughing at some user corpse on the floor

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Requesting the 3 girls on the bottom chasing the crusader girl while the crusader girl yells "BEGONE HEATHENS"

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Hey Trinket, if you get the chance this time around, could I get her worshipping a ganger's balls while she gets bukaked on by some others? Torn clothes and running makeup is a plus. If you've got too many others, no worries

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Can we get cone girl giving a handjob, with cum on the cone?

Her fully nude masturbating?

this actually sounds right up what I'm in the mood for. sounds fun

Tell me the joys of a life without back pain

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can you make trinket apreciate a normal sized penis why is it always big dongers i just wanna self insert with my 6 inch pecker

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Btw, do you take commissions?

Requesting Road cuddles

thank you, kind user! I love it!

fo sho user. how you wanna see it?

Requesting hugs!

what? tits too fat?

Oh yeah? Neat, well feel free to make it as messy as you want, lipstick marks, dripping orifices, whatever

requesting her in a lewd mini bikini

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Thanks trinket any way you would like also just a lil extra if you could make the dude with pecker chubby and with long shoulder length hair would be nice that way i have maximum self insert material

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an user drew it

Hi road. Can I get a lewd of cone girl? Having the cone cover her entire head would be preferred if you can

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You want in on the blanket to user?
Ye ok
Sorry, too much for me atm
I'll pass, sorry dude. I don't do lewds often and I gotta be in the right mode for em


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and no sry but feel free 2 reqosdt

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Fuck off

>You want in on the blanket to user?


thank you for this cutie!

how chubby we talking?
like heavy set or a lil pudgy?

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Hello road how are you? Are you doing requests? Maybe consider doing this one?

Wait, you’re here?

I got some commissions done that I wanted to show ya on discord. Hopefully you’ll come back.

Can you draw Gwen Tennyson with her pants down and her ass exposed while Ben spanks it?


Give me the strength to go on ples

Skinny fat and thank you Trinket

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fancy underpants

Requesting a remake of the image on the left using as base the new designs of the characters on the right

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Fuck off

no ty

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Fuck off

ty! wich program do you use?

Naw I've already delivered to you before
We're gonna have so much fun in the pillow fort fuck yeah!!
Maaaybe... Idk if I'm gonna do requests really. I just wanna doodle rn. But I'll keep your req in mind!
Oh? Who's this? Sorry I've been kinda dead socially... I don't really wanna go into it.
Bro this pillow for is gonna be so crowded...

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I don't doubt you, but was it possibly before you used the name Road? I don't see any under that name in the folder

Fuck off

Thanks Trinket, looks great!

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Fuck off

I’m the former repeat requester. I also commission drawfags whenever I can!

As a faggot I gotta say unironically that text is super true.

There are multiple of those

Thanks for having it in mind

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yo can I get

Do you take requests for OCs?

sure thing I do lol

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requesting this lizard girl having lesbian sex with trinket

Attached: 1568037272145.png (900x1100, 345K)

Anything with this muscular snake dude.

Attached: 87AF9CD5-C84A-47ED-8E49-79908EE0C51B.jpg (1000x1300, 97K)

Sauce on that pic?

Requesting my boy ddoing something wholesome

Attached: Edward.jpg (600x800, 83K)

Fuck off

maybe in a bit. imma let my eyes take a break.

Oh fuck she sucking the fourth wall too

Today was a good day i can cooom to an apropiate picture

You have the best haircut

Requesting Trinket suddenly realizing that she is starting to ovulate, and trying to repress her urge to breed with the first man she sees.

i luv 2 drew mussles

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Trinket that is literally me thank you very much now i can imagine a goblin girl is sucking my pecker

Attached: 1582454820764.png (160x160, 18K)

Whoa, thank you!

You drew him perfect!

Draw WetFat from the Hunger Games thread

Fuck off

You fuck off

Probably won't hang much longer... Kinda got a headache
Yuppers. I don't plan to say who I was, but I assure you I did one. A few years ago, sure, but I did it
Oooh I think I remember who you are.. You had the snake OC right? Glad you're helping artists out still!!
Heeellll yeeee. Hime cut so cute!!

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Fuck off

That handwriting. You're not helly, are you?

Actually I'mma dip now. Feelin barfy now too so I'mma just go chill and doodle before bed. Night night thread. Love ya

Nope. I don't know who that is either, tbh. And the handwriting for the pic is a little different than my usual cuz I too some time on it.

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Its sicklr

Can you do something cute with her?

Attached: Satc3.png (435x573, 68K)

Oh and here's an alt version to this one

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Need some non lewds of my precious Hitloli (lewds appreciated too)

Attached: HitlerGirl02.png (1000x1200, 120K)

we sucken in 4D now muhfugga
you're welcome
glad you liked it!

If you do draw lewds remember she has a swastika shaped pussy

Attached: SwastikaPussy01.png (1600x1200, 514K)

Fuck off

Cute gote.

>Requesting a hobgoblin with plated light weight metal armor
>ice enchanted crossbow with something like an icy mist floating around it

Attached: 61vUGmTB6BL._AC_UX385_.jpg (385x527, 25K)

Sicklr fucking sucks

>ignore the cape

Attached: 59e29cfc95608acf0aa7d1d85afc14f7.jpg (792x952, 124K)

Belinda Christen

Attached: Screenshot_20200223-154800_Gallery.jpg (720x1480, 769K)

he maek flowr crown
u wot

Attached: xdrfchbhfgmnj.png (300x300, 7K)

The more simplified, the better

Forgot picture

Attached: 3_grande_421ebfab-fce6-4b72-b265-0bc2b891ea74_300x300.jpg (300x300, 8K)

hella cute! thankies

Fuck off

Requesting anything lewd with Goku

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Attached: dooop.png (583x849, 152K)

Requesting uh
anything with this alien loli

Attached: tumblr_ph7lkwv4A01tjw0rpo8_r1_1280.png (1280x720, 133K)

Adult Goku please
Kid Goku is pure

Attached: 1582787153859.png (1248x702, 713K)

Fuck off

its probably GT goku,

requesting art of this guy but a teen with the same umbrella

Attached: 55A3A877-4B7E-4E3B-B67C-45EAF437E41C.jpg (1448x2048, 645K)

papa pls don't ignore me
I'm forever alone

Requesting her getting spanked

Attached: 1582093717428.png (2894x2039, 710K)

Attached: face.png (706x630, 58K)

Attached: le nazi elsa and jew spiderman.png (634x666, 20K)

I don't get why I still remember that show. I barely saw shit of it and it has been stuck in my head all these years.

Requesting the addition of a pussy.

Attached: 1557104558820.jpg (1080x1920, 153K)

Ready for spring?

I did a thing, tell me how bad it is and pls follow my @ , k thx

Attached: Untitled419_20200229223318.png (1600x2560, 898K)

Fuck off

reported for advertising.

Looks better than your usual stuff

Why must you hurt me this way

I will in a few


Attached: shocked shounen.gif (187x186, 212K)

Fuck off

Most of your stuff looks pretty bland and unappealing, this one just happens to be an exception


Th-thats it user, you've hit the spot

Attached: SmartSelect_20200229-230056_ibisPaint X.jpg (1019x1019, 94K)

Fuck off

Attached: dissu298.png (892x992, 31K)

Requesting Inui defeated/fucked by something or a lewd or fetishy situation

Attached: Inui.png (1448x892, 1004K)

Requesting Alice as futanari after got a blowjob from Anna from frozen. I'm going to try to describe an image of the scene I want:

-Alice as futanari with an already circumcised dick. Draw her with a shota dick, erect.
-Draw Alice in this same pose and angle(1)
-Draw Alice just with her skirt lifted and without panties
-Draw the tip of Alice's penis a bit red, irritated, you know, like when you get a hardcore blowjob, just a bit red(2) It would be great a tiny thread of semen-salive linking Alice's glans and Anna's mouth
-Anna in toplessness with her nipples erect(3), with a semen-saliva thread hanghing from her mouth. Draw her smilling. I would like Anna cropped like in reference(4) only showing her smile and part of her pigtails
-Draw Alice looking at the viewer with a disgust face(5)
-Draw Anna putting her whole weight over Alice's thighs(6) to keep Alice's legs open(in order to suck her dick) and have a direct access to Alice's genitals.

Attached: 1582436348263.jpg (2664x1032, 388K)


Attached: hehehhohoho.png (474x390, 15K)


Attached: SmartSelect_20200229-233628_ibisPaint X.jpg (1328x1153, 179K)


Attached: Untitled-1.png (942x846, 249K)

Fuck off

Requesting loli futa anal vore

Attached: 1582983748734m.jpg (576x1024, 67K)

Requesting lewds of that which shouldn’t be lewded

Attached: 1471119291296.png (1254x1208, 1.04M)

Attached: 1471119711375.jpg (640x934, 123K)

Attached: 1471483785538.png (952x1060, 199K)

Attached: 1471620906619.jpg (640x713, 119K)

Attached: 1471625941780.png (568x1096, 191K)

Attached: 1471626693471.jpg (640x832, 125K)

Attached: 1471627895297.jpg (640x656, 131K)

Attached: 1471629436932.jpg (640x656, 87K)

Attached: 1471632900593.png (798x626, 166K)

Attached: 1471634199663.png (541x581, 200K)

Attached: 1471635819076.jpg (640x640, 145K)

Attached: 1471637430523.png (644x640, 287K)

Attached: 1471646758837.jpg (640x656, 122K)

Attached: 1471647286213.jpg (596x471, 60K)

Attached: 1471650551021.jpg (562x570, 106K)

Attached: 1471651663318.png (671x592, 219K)

Attached: 1471653270710.jpg (640x656, 100K)

Attached: 1471654496265.png (974x892, 195K)

Attached: 1471654569058.png (974x892, 187K)

Attached: 1471655237955.png (974x892, 193K)

Attached: 1471655381278.png (974x892, 187K)

Attached: 1471655882236.png (974x892, 183K)

Attached: 1471655983871.png (547x581, 156K)

Attached: 1473577113660.jpg (788x675, 118K)

Attached: 1473577752213.jpg (540x488, 16K)

Attached: 1473577843320.png (742x839, 311K)

Attached: 1474300824906.jpg (720x936, 83K)

Attached: 1474666696016.png (890x876, 351K)

Attached: 1479262161517.png (822x885, 377K)

Attached: 1479325799848.png (587x532, 144K)

Attached: 1479515691545.jpg (434x425, 40K)

Attached: 1487734798765.jpg (881x578, 91K)

Attached: 1487855476881.png (624x567, 180K)

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Attached: 1487934781528.jpg (640x620, 165K)

Attached: 1502356736235.jpg (856x1200, 133K)

Attached: 1502356965870.jpg (856x1200, 128K)

Attached: 1502357318626.jpg (596x464, 33K)

Attached: 1502358219397.png (457x469, 243K)