Do guys get 'intimidated' by feminine girls? I see a ton of cute guys walking around with girls like pic related...

Do guys get 'intimidated' by feminine girls? I see a ton of cute guys walking around with girls like pic related... Boring, straight, hair, jeans, act like men, often pretty chubby as if that wasn't enough. I wear dresses; spend a lot of time on my make-up, take care of myself, and try to act approachable as I can, and even though a lot of guys seem interested, they don't ever come up to me :(

Is there some kind of negative behaviour they expect from me, or are they just scared of rejection / intimidated? Because FYI, being feminine doesn't mean you can't provide for yourself or you expect someone else to do it for you.

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It's probably because you're ugly.

I'm not ugly, bro. If you knew me you wouldn't be saying this.

pic and timestamp, and uh, the fact we don't know you is why we'll give honest feedback..... welcome to the internet

Obligatory boobs of get the fuck out.

I prefer very feminine women. But would definitely fuck pic related

probably because proper looking girls, probably wont suck your dick in the bathroom at a truck stop, the pic you posted however...

No they don't like bitches that call themselves 'feminine' but have butt-ugly tattoos and a chip on their shoulder

I would know if I was ugly. Girls are very self-critical. I'm not saying I'm a 10 or anything but I'm at least like a 6. 7 or 8 in full makeup

nah, we love feminine girls
it's like a breath of fresh air

i don't believe you unless you post proof

Not being rude, but like 90% of people are here to masturbate. Even if you don't have that motivation... a lot of people do.

>spend a lot of time on my make-up
How much do you wear? Most girls I see with makeup look like clowns. Makeup should compliment a face not hide it behind a fake one.

if you really were pretty people would masturbate and fantasize about you all the time and it wouldn't bother you

No yeah I mean they all want Stacys.

If what you say is true then you probably fall in the category of being too hot for less attractive or mediocre men to approach but too ugly for chads to care. It's a hard Knock knock life.

In that case, shit, what can I do? Make myself uglier?

The hot girls I know aren't exactly exhibitionists. They keep their Facebook profiles on lockdown to avoid creeps. There are some thirsty sluts but they're few and far between.

Post pic of urself and we can judge them ?

a random dude just has to see your face as you pass in public to rub one out later... are you full bakalava? if not, it's gonna happen
what the fuck is anyone doing in this thread anyway... this is Cred Forums, TITS OR GTFO

This man has point only way of getting a real answer

Hot girls are not only likely bigger sluts than the average bitch because of how many guys want to pop them but they're also probably more crazy than the average bitch.

At least all your samefagging is bumping the thread :P

Is this, like, typical male behavior? The erotic fixation?

Uh, not always. The hot girls I know have steady boyfriends. You're probably thinking of like a 1 or 2 per cent of chicks who are on instagram and trying to 'make it'. And that's primarily for money, not because of narcissism or craziness.

Which kind of takes us away from the main question, btw.

>see a face
>erotic fixation
I think I know what your problem is... you're just dense, and it manifests in being slightly irritating

Oh fuck off. You come here asking if your appearance puts off guys and then don't show the appearance so people can actually judge

It's literally impossible for us to give any kind of considered response. Face or gtfo

No I actually speak from experience. Years ago I was friends with this depressed girl and I didn't know what she looked like. But eventually she sent a picture of herself to me and she literally looked like a model, I had assumed she was fat before seeing what she looked like. So she ends up flirting with me over the course of months and during calls she'll go from being happy to talking about killing herself within a very short amount of time, no doubt bipolar. She had also been raped when she was a kid but she never said who. Eventually she was going to get married and while she was wearing the ring she was still flirting with me and offering to send nudes and videos of her getting fucked. From what I've heard and seen from other guys experiences with hot girls there's a hard to ignore trend of crazy. Look at Amber the bitch who was with Johnny Depp, she shit in his bed and physically/emotionally abused him while smearing his name claiming she was the one being abused.

Only slightly irritating? That's actually pretty sweet of you, user.

And yeah, I think harassing the same girl 4 or 5 times asking her to post her face is a sign of fixation.

Men get a boner from attitude, not from sheer beauty.
If you're boring, bitchy, overly self-conscious or just plain bland you won't be attractive, no matter how much you spend in clothes, beautician and hairdressing.

If you're clever with a good willing smile, even with under average features you attract people.

but to answer your question before i close the tab... it's because you have a penis

There is an issue with your perception if you think the pic in OP doesn't display a very feminine girl.
Tits or gtfo.

Post a picture similar enough to the type of guy you expect to come up to you.

Tattoos in general are trashy and there's something off about her face. Guys will fuck much uglier girls though.

Come on OP show me your cute face o

U fat nigger I wouldn’t samefag unless there was porn on the line fucking jew

Don't get what you mean by that.

Here's my eyes btw.

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What kind of guy do you want to hit on you? Also, the answer is simple; boyish girls are more approachable.

Those girls have all the same holes you have and they are likely more fun to be around and more interesting to talk to. Spending time on your make-up is a negative, not a positive. Make-up and hair and fashion are things that women are interested in, not men. They should be pretty handy for attracting gay guys, though.

Basically this. If you're the type to seem high maintenance, you might be short term eye candy, but most men who've been in relationships know that those women tend to be a hassle and a lot of work. Also tend to complain about the smallest shit.

Basically this is what I mean What kind of guy do you actually want to come up to you? You can afford to be honest since you're anonymous, just don't post your whole face.

Fit guys making six figures a year :)

Realistically just reasonably attractive, not a loser, not a wimp. I guess my views skew more Republican so that would be cool.

Why are boyish girls more approachable?

They don't seem to take themselves too seriously.

Yeah, the OP pic is a solid 8.5 without the hat

Getting hit on gets boring after a while.

>No time stamped pics.
They treat you like that not because you're feminine, but because you have a penis.

I'm trans too btw, if that matters.

They spend less time fretting about their looks and getting ready, so they are likely less vain. The best thing is a beautiful girl who doesn't know it. The worst is a girl who thinks she is much more beautiful than she is. It's easy to guess which one someone is if she's dressed up like a princess.

Very funny...


Dude, you almost were believable, but you went tried too hard here.
AT best, you're a trap. You'll never be a real woman, so neck yourself and join your 41% destiny.


This. Is Not. You.

Fuck your cropped image bullshit, go back to larping in your parent's basement

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>I'm trans too btw, if that matters.
Then you're not feminine. Because you're a guy.
Seriously, why are we humoring and putting up with this trans nonsense instead of getting these people the psychiatric help they need?

>Fit guys making six figures a year
Kek no wonder you have a problem with guys not coming up to you, the vast majority aren't good enough for you by your own standards. Mystery solved Scoob.

> Being feminine doesn't mean you expect someone else to take care of you
Well apparently it means expecting someone else to ask you out.
Why don't you nut up and be the one to ask for a change?

>Boring, straight, hair, jeans, act like men
>act like men
How is that 'feminine?'

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OP has been outted Thread is kil. Stop giving them s/him attention.

If you're making six figures as well a year then you actually have a chance with guys who also make six figs, but if that's your target demographic then you're a fucking idiot for expecting anyone to just "walk up" to you.

As someone who works for a company who all make that kind of money, or more, we all meet people in specific networking social events, or club (a real club, not a dance club) not at the fucking supermarket or on the street.

That's just a dumbfuck playing tricks you tard

What job do you have that makes six figures?

Felt kinda obvious when he/she said me and a couple other people were same fagging when we said post pics, plus didnt they say they were trans lol

Pharmaceutical Research

Quit taking the bait